Today is my Ah Fat’s birthday… Happy birthday Ah Pi~ We bought him cakes and his snacks treats. But he ain’t too well to eat them. (-.-‘”)

Just finished chatting wif Wei Jyh. Good old memories from secondary 4. Too much to mention, too little time to talk on. If the clock was to turn around just for me, i’m sure i would haf made it up for all the related people, events, incidents, work and etc…

Can’t believe he still keeps the little note i hand over to him in sec 4. Can’t recall the content at all. But should be something heart-warming. It meant to console him. I keep a little note we used to pass around in class as well. It was about me failing my geography test and all the encouraging content. Hahaha~

Gana hit on the soft spot of sec 3 and 4. Din feel much anymore. But i dun wish to get any others into this ‘warfare’ like in the past. I’m happy with what i am now, so are they.

Suddenly recall and dig out several secrets from him. I din noe Tailin noe tat we haf been on the phone for quite sometime, and other relationship and academic thingy…

Another parcel of my life…

Movie time for every saturday. Me watched Alien Vs Predator with the click. I love Cathay’s cinema. Damn comfortable seats, cozy yet spacious. Movie wise so-so nia~ But the team members die too fast liao… One after another… Like a sucide mission. Hahaha~

Dinner at this Japanese restaurant at CitiLink. Not bad~ I enjoyed mine… Then i go buy my cushion, meant to be left in my office. Proceed to the Comex Fair, very crowded. Din go around much becoz the fair is closing soon. Last round of desert before heading back. Heez~

Hai~ There goes my saturday…

I read his updated profile in friendster…

About Me: nah~ simply lazy and insensitive.. does not make a good bf..

Feel like questioning him, “Are you sure you are insensitive?” You simply got all the situations controlled in your hands.

My initial intention wasn’t to confront you at all. Instead, to give both of us one last try. I have never stop renewing my last chance for you.

But anyway, I will be happy enuff if you bother to drop me your regards.

[edited: you finally drop me a message in friendster. hope to see you in the days to come. i miss ya~]

The Glory of Love – North

Tonight it’s very clear as we’re both lyin’ here

There’s so many things I wanna say

I will always love you, I would never leave you alone

Sometimes I just forget, say things I might regret

It breaks my heart to see you cryin’

I don’t wanna lose you, I could never make it alone

I am a man who will fight for your honor

I’ll be the hero you’re dreamin’ of

We’ll live forever, knowin’ together

That we did it all for the glory of love

You keep me standing tall, you help me through it all

I’m always strong when you’re beside me

I have always needed you, I could never make it alone

I am a man who will fight for your honor

I’ll be the hero you been dreamin’ of

We’ll live forever, knowin’ together

That we did it all for the glory of love

Like a knight in shining armor from a long time ago

Just in time I will save the day

Take you to my castle far away

I am a man who will fight for your honor

I’ll be the hero that you’re dreamin’ of

Gonna live forever, knowin’ together

That we did it all for the glory of love

We’ll live forever (we’ll live forever), knowin’ together (knowin’ together)

That we did it all for the glory of love

We did it all for love

We did it all for love

We did it all for love


We did it all for love

Ganasai~ Today my building got fire drill, i forgotten all about it. And my problem is: My company stays at 13th floor. Climb the staircase until i also giddy. Pengz~ But kinda fun. Heez~ We walk all the way to the open carpark 2 streets away to gather. So hot~

My company bought me the Adobe Creative Suite. Haha~ Fortunate liao wor~ Can do anything i want. It was delivered yesterday. Spend the whole afternoon installing and updating my windows service pack. Another half daygone.

Subsequently, i may have to work OT for the brochure, saturday oso need to come back. Dun really like the feeling of bringing office stuff back home, so i rather stay. Pray for me~ Hope i dun see ‘something’ that i shouldn’t. I dun need ‘xtra companion’… Niam~ Niam~ Niam~

Having a big headache to purchase stock images for the brochure.

I found my resource, Getty Images, for help. Quite friendly helpdesk, benefited real lot from the Sales Executives, Victor and Annie.

However, those images do sum up a lot to the production cost. Get to know that there are 2 category of stock images: Royalty-free images and Rights-managed images. Royalty-free images are cheaper. Once you bought it, you enjoy unlimited usage across different media, with no restriction to the period of your distribution. On the other hand, Rights-managed images you pay for the specific usage specified. Example:

– Over how long are these images will be used?

– If it is a printed media, the amount of print run you are doing?

– The size of the image that will be appearing with respect to the ratio of your paper?

– Your territory of your distribution? Local or worldwide?

– Industry your target audience fall?

And the list goes on~

Received 1 quotation from them… Erm… It shall cost up to SGD$700 for the image i chose. Expensive sial~

Can’t sleep at the moment… So i did a search through the web and randomly read through others’ blogs… …

Many seem to have tangled themselves in the crossroad of love. Came across this site, a guy meeting out with this gal in ikea. Had a lot of fun with her. But ultimately at the end of the day, the guy realised this gal still belongs to somebody else. Read his previous entries, he ton overnite at this gal’s hse. They slept so close to one another (of course without doing any other stuff). And i bet this guy feel being love. But i just ponder over the issue about BODY CONTACTS.

Body contacts~ Something that speaks a lot, just like a picture. Some abuse it. Many can’t resist it. Minority crave for it. I dunno whether ‘high’ or ‘excited’ are the words, but you definitely feel something when you establish this proximity with somebody else.

I often give harsh comments on this issue. To me, many just chuck away the principles and ethics stuff, head straight to what they want. Din they give a thought first? It may not be appropriate for the current relationship. It may cause unecessary misunderstanding. And many ‘it may’~

Obviously, you can define your own right-and-wrong. So long as it justifies the balance rule in u, my criticisms would be xtras.

But sad to say, i belong to the ‘can’t resist’ group. Hahaha~ I always struggle to balance my rule with my principles and ethics. Quite tiring and contradicting~ So far so good, din lost too much of a battle to temptation.

Wake up early in the morning to go back to school. Meet up with Leon regarding printing production. Well, require some of his knowledge on printing. Quite fortunate to join WSC the previous semster. At least i learnt something like: 5Cs by 4Cs, matt lamination, different gsm of the paper, the bleed lines and etc. Thank you Leon for your assistance.

Happen that Leon has to meet up with his first year DMMT students for their GDIT assignment. Man~ I never see my male classmates going to the lecturers for consultation regarding design before. A hardworking bunch of students. Leon introduces me to them, and they turn out to be real innocent and cute.

I was complaining that my account for login computer has been taken off after i graduate. Leon teases them to login the computer for me. Then just a moment later, they call their classmate for his login id and password for me. Damn cute ah~ I was onli joking around. This is why i always find younger guys cuter, sweeter, hen hao pian. So in return, i teach one of them how to use the smooth tool and the dash line thingy. Veri cute people lah~

Leon also showed me around to level 5 labs. Man~ You will definitely envy the present students. T2051 and T2052 are mac labs. Those long stretch of grey computer tables are taken off, replace with slightly lower, a stretch of white plain tables for the flat screens. Windows with curtains, flooring changes to wood. And currently, only 1 batch of students using it. Therefore, they are destinated to 1 person 1 computer. Kao~ See them put their bears, cushions and decorative items by the seats, what have we been doing for the past 3 years? The enivronment is like a design studio man~ Fortunate ones~

Then, T2053 is a drawing studio. Wooden flooring, renovated, veri cozy environment, drawings mounted everywhere on the walls. Now, the DMMT students have to clock 60 hours of drawing lessons with Ahmad and Huey Hoon (a new lecturer). And every Digital Media student (new course intake this july) have to clock 120 hours of drawing lessons with Wendy and another lecturer. Video production in T2055 are using mac computers as well.

Well~ Veri veri envy~

Whoo hoo~ Finally i ended my academic studies and gradute from Diploma in Mutimedia Technology. I shall remember this day, 19th August 2004.

Meet up with my click of frendz for lunch in fc6. I miss the food there. Proceed to the Conventional Hall. It shall be my first and last time there. Everything seems as though it happened so fast. A lot catching up going on throughout the ceremony. And i see many of you~ (^.^)

We take a long time for photo – shooting session. Pictures tell everything. I have pictures with my fyp grp, my clicks and buddies, individual selves and lots more. I shall be proud enuff to say: “You people are my frendz!” Cant bear to part, coz we shall go our separate ways… Will miss you~

Dinner at Holland Village’s Swensen. Gotta have a good treat for ourselves before Lester and Jackey booked in again for the coming field camp. Hahaha~ Huey Juan and Xiu Yu joined us as well. Hmm~ Marvelous…

After which, the click left with me, Laily and Johnson. We headed downtown to Taka’s Coffee Bean. Endless recalling for what we have done, the clicks that once we been with, how we get to noe each other.

Everyone feel special for certain ppl, certain event, certain environment. They formed the memories of one-self. Trying to recall, i will put a smile to every memory i had. Never thought this is what i had wif you people. I’m fortunate… (^.^)