Gathering At Mongolian Steamboat Restaurant
Located at Tan Gui Lan Street, we try for the very first time Mongolian steamboat. The steamboat is divided into 2 section, 1 spicy soup base the other clear soup base. Side dishes are pretty common ones. Some of them suggest that the soup may not be meant for drinking as it is not smooth. Probably…

Had little gossips here and there at MOS burger. Lalala~ And of course welcome Suqin back home and safe trip for Laily.

East Coast Blading
I fall down so much lesser compared to last week. Trying to learn how to brake with the help of Hui Min. Lalala~ Practice makes perfect. I just need to keep my knees closer and relax~

Roller Blading

Relearning my blade at my void deck with chan. My dad saw us late in the nite, come down to coach us.

Saturday went blading at East Coast Park. I sit on my bum thrice and to avoid major injuries i headed for the greens on the side of the road. Safe landing~ Phew~ Better learn how to stop…


After watching several lousy trilogies, Zodiac is the best movie i have watched in these 2 months. It’s a true story happened in San Fransisco during the late 1960s. A series of murder cases happen to lonely vehicles straying on the highway in the night.

Anyway, i really slimmed down (for those who are still not convinced). Many has commented on that. And i enjoy these compliments. Shall keep up the good work and fill my life with sweats and fats burning.

I am very disappointed with people in the adults circle. They often make simple things difficult. Trying to organise a gathering for the birthday ex-colleagues, in the end one don’t want to treat that particular birthday person, some not in the click thought it’s a simple makan session, ended up i need to rewrite my email to re-inform it’s a “normal” (on dutch) gathering which makes me look kinda stewpig (like slapping my own mouth). If i have the money, i will throw the money at them.

I believe everyone has some favorite friends and some not-so-favorite ones in a group. But with the amount of rice these adults feed on, it’s really shameful to hear from them the above childish comments. Nonsensical suggestions doesn’t make the situation better. I was looking forward to the gathering, but it just make me furious instead.

Yahoo! Pool

Lester intro Yahoo! Pool to me yesterday. Though this game has existed long time ago, but i have not try before. It’s kinda fun to play at the same time talk to him on the phone.

PS: He is not that pro too. My taigo-ness gives me better luck on the table.

Art Is In The Month

PC Show & World Book Fair
PC Show is so so so so pack. You hardly can walk. Contrast with the Book Fair, I think you can run in the lanes. I got a Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes fiction book.

Kader’s Birthday
Was late because i can’t finish Kader’s hip hop clothes. Anyway, we celebrated at Ken’s house with him cooking and bbqing at the laundry area. See a number of my friends but ain’t have time to catch up. Just plain tired.

Art Festival
It’s Arts Festival again. Have this sudden urge to go for exhibitions at National Museum. Lalala~ Going this weekend probably.

Royston Tan’s 881
I believe some of you have seen this trailer in cinema. The song damn catchy lah. I want to watch.

Jackie Cheung’s Concert
My dream is fulfilled. I am going to meet him. Thanks darling for travelling all the way up to Tampines to collect tickets.