Little Updates

Peak of the Peak
Year 3 going year 4 is hell damn lot of stress. Seriously no time to do homework and also nua-ing most of the time. Weekend is almost like play time, out gathering with Lester’s secondary school friends and chilling sessions with my university. I can’t deny that i slept the more as the year progress.

The most worrying issue about year 3 going to year 4 is FYP. Second FYP of my entire life, but i hope i can do something i like this time. I got totally no recollection of what my contributions are back in poly days. Seeing the seniors’ work, some good, some chui, some very chim. We are all very worried because our professors all have different styles and they advice differently. Did you know, we are allow to have more than 3 mentors? Primary, secondary and tertiary mentors… I think the process will be messy. Chiam~

I am going taiwan again with my university friends this May 2009. Hmm…

Tom Peeking
Something serious happening on Monday this week. Somebody put a camera on the window glass panel (hand-free), video record my sister changing in her bedroom (which is along the corridor). Surprisingly, it is like 7:30am in the morning. Wonder who the hell will know that this particular household has a woman faithfully changing her clothes at the point of the time? We are terrified actually. I hope it’s not someone who stays in my block. We have left this case for police investigation liao.

My Bogus Monitor
My monitor gives me a big yellow smile when i want to do some serious work. It just turns yellow!!! Whole screen! I can’t do anything except black and white. But now i got a new 21.3″ Samsung monitor (model 2233) for $228. And strangely, when i just bought my new monitor, my old one is returning to normal. Duh~

Who still takes neoprints? Me and Chan are so sua-gu that we dunno some of the machines uses Japan’s coins. We are so blur that we dunno where to edit the pictures. We are so cock that we dunno where the prints will come out from. Hahahahaha~

Need To Pour Things Out

My jug of container has actually overflow long ago. It is recommended, as always, to empty every now and then so that you can stay psychologically healthy. But i can’t find my right channel.

Firstly, i don’t want to be a bugger, telling people my problems. Secondly, many people talk without knowing that what they say have a great impact on the other(s), they just ramble on stuff that aren’t beneficial to me. Thirdly, i dun talk for the seek of talking.

It’s not that i’ve chose to confine within myself, but seriously, i know myself best. I will talk eventually, with the right person and the right time.

Anyway, i just feel utmost unhappy this moment.

Photographers’ Stories Redux

Previously, my photography works are exhibited in AMK’s library for about 2 weeks. This time, it’s a group exhibition with the rest of the photographers in Bugis Central Public Library. The compilation is curated by Chris Yap, forming narratives using our works. People are recommended to visit level 7 then level 8. I’ve uploaded some images to facebook. Feel free to come.

I never thought i have a chance to explore on photography, partly due to no opportunity to own one. Because of one school module (digital darkroom), i start loaning out equipments from school and begin my photographer’s life. This pushes me to conquer the technical handling part of using a camera. Who the hell will let you touch his or her precious camera? I won’t also. Hahaha~

These few studying years have make me a more stubborn person. I don’t easily comply or agree with others, instead i will purposely go against the crowd. Even if i’m wrong, i’ll think i am right. I get very particular into details, almost feel disgusted when things are out of my control. Lester says i have split personalities, an angel (only when asleep) to a demon (most of my time).

Maybe these kind of altitudes work best for a photographer than a graphic designer. Photography is objective ultimately. It is a self-fish representation. The framings, colors and moods are already filtered by the photographer himself, what you see is what he wants you to.

The Rainy Seasons

I think this year’s Chinese New Year happens way too early, i kinda get mix up with the season. March is always raining because of qing ming. Raining is always a time to stay indoor, be quiet and reflective.

Took some pictures of the raindrops on glass yesterday. DSLR… I love u lah~