New Horoscope

My sister told me about the new horoscope, Ophiuchus (蛇夫座), joining the existing 12 ones. This will cause a shift in dates, so you may no longer belong to the same horoscope anymore.

But currently Wikipedia says otherwise. Don’t know when this is last updated.


Sometimes i feel very tired to go the extra miles, make the extra effort. I can’t help it, but i just hate to see things not in place, not properly done. Yes, the nature of not trusting others is making a joke on me. If i dun do things myself or see it with my own eyes, i usually dun feel secure.

I will complain and grumble, no doubt. But i can’t stop myself from thinking too far and planning too far. The brain just keep running and running. I hate people who take shortcuts, having double standards between themselves and towards others. I’ve seen many.