Lester Is Dead

Lester and I have a boutique opening at IMM. I dunno what i am selling though but the shop is weirdly decorated with black and devil red. Guests-of-honors are from the hei she hui, all well-dressed with thick fur coat.

I remembered asking Lester to check out the radiator, making sure the temperature is alright for our guests while i go home to prepare dinner for suqin and serene (their birthday celebration). Lester, in the shop, recognises his cousin who he hasn’t met for long and followed him to the back door, leading to a staircase. There he finds his elder brother and his cousin leaving the function through this stairs. But before he can response, they turn and walk back towards his direction, leaving him alone in the staircase. Lots of policemen running upwards. He is mistakenly shot by the policemen.

On my side, all my friends did not turn up for the birthday that i have scheduled. But i waited patiently. A phone call, from Lester’s buddy, breaking his death news to me instead. I believe i am too lost at that instance, i don’t really know how to cry.

The next scene has brought me into my bedroom the next day, where suqin, laily and serene all gathered in my room. I started to question them, “Why you all are not there with me yesterday?” (as in the birthday). Then i break the death news to them. I realise i can’t hold my tears anymore.

I wake up with fright from this dream, realising i am at Lester’s house sleeping beside him. I am probably too confused with what’s real and what’s not but i woke him up and started crying. It takes me sometime before i am really calmed. But the feeling of being parted still sustain in my brain.







I have a gathering with my gang yesterday at clarke quay. I think they are so far those who are closer to my heart. That song is dedicated for you people. Muackie~

[PS: To my dear, dun bio other gals alreadi~ And Happy 23rd months~]

International Standard Of Me

I realise it is almost impossible to an IS (International Standard) of me. Your family sees a different side of me, my lover sees another side of me and different groups of friends see another sides of myself.

It is not about how true I am, but about how much you are to me to see my true self.

Protect Your Charcoal Artwork

Did a search online to find out how to protect my charcoal artwork. They have been smudging and i have to put a lot of papers in between each painting to prevent staining onto one another. I thought of using lacquer, but seems like there is this great invention called fixative.

“After you finish your charcoal drawing, use fixative to preserve and protect your artwork. Fixative is a clear protective spray that should be imperceptible if applied correctly. It comes in an aerosol can and can be found at most art stores. Follow the directions on the can. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area!”

[Credits to TeachingArts.org]

First Class Outing

We had our first “effective” class outing with 7 to turn up (class size of 17). Probably this is good for a small start. I don’t want to ever ever get into this obligated feeling to get everyone to participate, it does not feel good. So i am damn lazy to organise anything after poly (unless i miss u ppl very much). Other than further trouble and amendments to time, date and venue to accommodate every single kind soul, i am going to stay out of matter. Moral support for whoever the committee will be adequate effort from me.

Had our dinner at N.Y.D.C., it’s been so long with good food. Caught Monster House at Cineleisure cinema. Thumbs up for the movie. Can’t get used to watching movie with others, except Lester. Weird feeling i discovered that day. Dose off a few seconds in the movie, plain too tired. No choice have to go home immediately after the movie. Hope it is not spoilt sport for the others, personal quality sleep is the ultimate priority over any others.

Miss the poly gang where my comfort zone lies. Hope to meet them during my term break and forgive my busy schedule for the past weeks. A lot of self discipline and attention has to be given to my school work.

Next week tiramisu for ah dear…


Have been doing a series of “horny” stuff in school:

  • Foundation Drawing – drawing nudes
  • 4D Design – watching erotic and passionate kissing foreign movies
  • Literature – all stories are about flirting
  • Western Art History – study of the transformations of statues over centuries (mainly nude statues)

Quoted from my Matrix project: The Matrix offers bliss via ignorance. I wish to be ignorant again.