My Granny

I was angry with my granny yesterday. Recently she had been complaining about her lower back pain. So before i rush out at nite, I want her to go toilet and lie on bed. At least i am at home and i can make sure she dun slip and fall or what. But elderly is sometimes very 铁齿. She dun want! So i just left the house.

But today, my mum admits her to hospital after going to polyclinic. Anyway, just long story… But human body is really complex, especially the older bodies. Back pain may not be due to orthopedics issues, but some intestinal obstructions.

是修来的福分可以在同一个 family. 可能我的外婆不像别人的外婆那么独立, 行动自如, 跟儿孙关系密切, 有说有笑的. She is very 麻烦 at times, dun say i 不孝, but i do hope nothing serious is happening.

This Is How Message Is Never Accurate

Today i have a very good demonstration of how a communication can and will always be inaccurate.

Wayne told me Chun Wee passed away. I double checked with him whether is he the one in the same camp with Lester and him. I remember he says ‘yes’. So Bong tells me again but she says Chee Wee. I din take a good notice and assume it is Bong’s typo. I messaged Karen to ask her to check with her click. It is rather funny that she messaged Chun Hwee, who we thought is Chee Wee, and he replied. Till the very end, we realise Wayne is the culprit for typo error.

But anyway, we did not have a recollection of him still. God bless him and may he rest in peace~


Taken from Bao’s blog, i guess this best describe me now:


Digging Old Stuff

Our class’s favorite Jules and Jim movie. I drew this back in last semester.

I am doing some research on handwriting and photo montage. Photography + Scribbing = Personality.

Forsenic Science

I did something stewpig today. I stick post-it notes on my forensic science notes. Purpose? To cover the ugly insects. I dun even dare to turn my notes…

My fear come about when i am primary 5. I still remember my science text book has a chapter all about pests. This is a torture. I only dare to flip the pages with long ruler.


Redo my relay image. Bong, the one i take with you cannot make it. I have fillet-o for breakfast. Waste my mum’s money.

The color part is the submitted part. Trying to be funny, i flipped other side and turns it black and white. Looks like some alien bird?

Anyway, good morning lah~

Lester gives me a surprise visit in the morning. I have more food to eat, to say. Prima Deli’s waffle in peanut butter and blueberry and Fishball soup. Yummy~ Have to gave up my fillet-o to my younger sister. Hmm…

My Father Just Love To Tell Stories

My dad fetched me home again. We went to a frame-making shop near my secondary school to get my mirrors ready for the kaleidoscope. Whoo~ I can’t wait.

He started story telling when i remarked that the uncle didn’t want to do my business. The mirror i wanted is probably small and hard to cut. So he continued, the carpenters and marble cutters had to pray to the ruler (尺) and 墨斗, their tools. It is called 鲁班 day or something something. People show their appreciation by worshiping this person and the tools.

My dad says: back in the 唐山 times, the 墨斗 will cut through marble if you spring the thread. On one occasion, a master instructed his disciple to add water to the 墨斗 for more ink. The notorious disciple pee in it instead. After which, this magical 墨斗 can no longer function like a cutting tool. In present days, it is only use for marks making. It’s hilarious~ But it will make you listen like a child.

He tells me more, something about 三宝公 and crocodiles. But i can’t put them grammatically correct in English nor Chinese. You gotta hear them in Hokkien lah.

My childhood is full of “unbelievable” stories. I can remember something about 虎姑婆, my aunt relates 虎姑婆 eating little children’s finger to crunchy peanuts. My uncles will threaten us if we were to swallow fruit seeds, a tree will grow from your head. Then you ended up staying outside because you can’t come into the house.

I thought all these are interesting to blog about, maybe i can tell my children in future.