Early Birthday Gifts

Despite much help from Wenxin and Foong Yee, we still did not manage to get out of Singapore for a birthday celebration this weekend. I actually planned a boutique hotel overnight stay or a Bintan spa retreat for Lester’s birthday. Hmm… We must really do this sometime!

I started spending money crazily this semester, thinking my money well will not dry up. But that’s beside the point. I dragged Lester for a project shopping anyway. Shopping for his OWN gifts, of course.

Tried Crocs, Pull & Bear, Esprite and finally FCUK. He likes a TWEET tee shirt. Tata~

Tweet Bird FCUK Tee Shirt
Tweet Bird FCUK Tee Shirt Overall
Model Pose

Happy bird-day in advance!

Chingay Parade 2010

Together with other bloggers, we are invited to the Chingay Parade 2010 by Singapore Tourism Board. The theme for this year parade is ImaginEast (东方奇想). This is also the very first time Chingay is paraded in the F1 Pit Building, beside Singapore Flyer. I thought the Pit Building is a good venue choice because it is near the sea, it gets breezes blowing to the land in the night. The Pit Building is divided into 3 sections, with parade starting from blue to red and lastly yellow. Spectators should also come dress according to the color section they are seated in.

A little background on Chingay Parade. This year is the 37th consecutive year Chingay has been run. Chingay used to be a celebration in Penang during Lunar New Year season, with men carrying Chinese decorated floats on their shoulders, dancers, jugglers and magicians entertain the crowd. It celebrates a beginning to a new year. But Chingay is introduced to Singapore in the 1972 as an substitute activity for the banned firecrackers during the festive season.

Most of the crowd walk by foot from Suntec and Marina Square to the F1 Pit Building. There isn’t much way-finding signs sadly, only ushers nearer to the event venue. Spectators are to be seated by 7pm and the recording will start from 8.15pm. Did I not say that Chingay Parade will be filmed and telecast on the following evening. Hmm…

Anyway, this is our first time watching Chingay live. I can’t tell you how great the experience is. You are immersed into a whole experiential performance with themes, exploding colors, extravagance costumes, beautifully composed music and spectacular performers. Watching TV is a sure no kick.

Chingay Parade 2010 is choreographed into 6 segments: Opening, Legendary Tales, Cultures of the East, Singapore Samba, Yellow River and Finale. Each presenting Asia in the most wondrous imagination.

There are a few highlights for the night. (1) Real firecrackers are lit with furious Chinese dragons and lions dances. You never know how ear deafening and smoky the firecrackers are unless you are there. But it makes a memorable opening for the parade. (2) We have Go Fly Kite participating in the Butterfly Lovers’ float. Their LEDs decorated butterflies fly up the air as the story progresses. (3) Egyptians from Joseph & his Multi-Coloured Coat throw bags of rice to the spectators. (4) MPs from Tampines GRC and HDB waved their hands from the HDB float. (5) Tallest and largest dream catcher follow suit. (6) Extremely long Yellow River scene is collaborated with Singapore renowned pianist, Mr Ong Lip Tat. (7) All kids favorite, float from Universal Studios Singapore. Parade ended with fireworks.

So which color section do you sit matter? I think it does. There are some positions where the floats make a complete stop, section like the red one where VIPs are sitting. These are excellent spots for photo taking. Else, most of the floats usually pass by very quickly.

We are looking forward to the Universal Studios float when the host announces at the start of the parade. But to our disappointment, the fireworks come just before the Universal Studios float, drawing all our attention to the fireworks. The Universal Studios float only stop by the red section and accelerates when it reaches our. I only manage to capture a few shots of it.

After the Chingay Parade, all spectators have to clear the spectator stands. A music party is prepared which lasted through 4am the next morning.

As a tradition, these Chingay floats will parade to our heartland HDB areas too. Check out the Chingay Heartlands schedule to get a closer proximity with them.

Chingay Parade 2010 Tickets
Color Sections & Directions
To Spectator Stand
Pong Pong
Promenade on the Opposite
Stilt Walkers
Firecracker Dragon of Binyang
Performer from Butterfly Lovers
LED Butterfly from Go Fly Kite
Egyptians with Rice
Celebrating 50 Years of Public Housing
Largest Dream Catcher
My Family, My Joy
Miss Singapore
Yellow River
Resorts World Sentosa “Come Ride The Movies”
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Fireworks Finale

Written by Li Xiang & Lester Chan

Glico Festive Gift Packs

In the recent few Chinese New Years,  Glico launches Pocky Chocolate and Strawberry in a festive gift pack. This year, they offer you with more choices.

You can now buy the all-time favourites, Collon and Pretz, in a festive pack too.

The festive packs tell an old Chinese folk tales, the Nian monster, in a series.

Collon festive pack is the first episode: Nian monster invading the village, forcing the villagers to run for their life with their valuables. Pretz festive pack is the second episode: Villagers realised that Nian monster is afraid of loud noises. So they raise the Pretz sticks to beat the drums for noise, chasing Nian away. Pocky festive pack is the finale: Celebrating the coming peaceful year.

Glico Collon Gift PackGlico Pretz Gift PackGlico Pocky Gift Pack

This year’s Chinese New Year coincides with the western Valentine Day. Another reason to give a gift? Probably.

Glico gives you Almond Crush and Almond Crush Bitter to sweeten up your family, friends or love ones’ day. Calories and weight control? Maybe another day…

Glico Valentine Almond Crush Gift Pack

But what I really want to say: ALL THESE ARE DESIGNED BY ME. Hahaha~ Support huh. Check out First Food Pte Ltd for more products and updates.

2010 New Year

Spent our first day in 2010 at Alvin and Jie Ling’s house. I kinda like their house, very near to Choa Chu Kang MRT and it is big!

Steamboat time! The hosts do all the choppings and cuttings, chasing me and the guests out of their kitchen.

The rest of the time, we are glued to their Starhub TV channels, Iron Man, Power Sunday and 麻辣天后宫. Talala~

IMG_3507Going to start.IMG_3508SoupIMG_3527Funny eh?IMG_3520Girls in the house. We all have some kind of red, i realise.IMG_3525Ah beis in the jail.

My new year resolution is to 减肥.

(^_^) I am going to eat some chocolate now~