Tired Saturday

I have a makeup class for Digital Darkroom this morning. Have to do shootings within school compound. Today focuses on exposures and reading the histogram. My hands aren’t working well for me, keep shaking, therefore 90% of the pictures are not focused.

Pipi is sick. He has quite a serious eye infection. Doctor makes him wear a plastic head-gear to prevent him from rubbing his eyes on surfaces for 2 weeks. My heart breaks when i realise he has problem adjusting to his lifestyle with that thing on. He can’t walk properly, he bangs his head against the wall due to the proturding plastic, he can’t eat or drink properly. And worst of all, tomorrow is his birthday!

Meet Serene and Laily at Causeway Point after my class. Stock up a lot of instant soups. Yum yum. Girls out day~

Never So Lost

I have never feel so lost and stucked before in my 2 years and 1 month university life. To me, it’s devastating. It is a disaster to start with my new semester. No ideas = bad time for design. Stuck in the process of thinking and worry about functionality just ain’t helping me to move on my datelines.

Innovative lost. Direction lost. Passion lost. Time really lost.

I need a little boost.

Less Motivated

Less and less motivated to come for class. I nearly skipped my Sociology today. Help!!! I’m really bored! But i am still listening in class.

2nd Attempt With SLR

This is my second attempt using a SLR. Weekends have been raining alot. Din have chance to practise much except the lighting below. Still a bit chicken feet and chicken hands with all the adjustments. And i’m not so good with the manual focus.

Taken with Sony’s point and shoot camera. Believe my mum is cooking delicious dinner later.


Can you figure out what chinese character is it?

Rubber stamping by me (fish) and Shu Hui (goose). We also did a nonsensical story writing during graphic design class. Shall wait for her to scan the image.

Digital Darkroom & 12 Lotus

Digital Darkroom
Took a digital darkroom module this semester. It’s a photography module and it’s really interesting. 2nd week in school, i have already learn how to handle a SLR camera, some tips and tricks to tackle my shaky hands syndrome, some technical aspect of camera settings. Saving in RAW file format is really cool, the kind of details collected is especially handy when you need to do digital imaging. But file size is really big~

Karen is my model for this week’s assignment. Tata~

12 Lotus
Caught 12 Lotus with my classmates after Friday’s class. I shall summarise in short about this movie.

Movie background: Getai
Story development: Is a romance plot, nothing to do with getai
Sequel: Definitely a no
Songs: Spamming of 12 Lotus song (this particular one only) throughout the movie because there are 12 sections to this song and it is to tie with the pitiful life of this female lead + remixes of old hokkien songs (and most of them are heard from 881)+ new never-heard-before hokkien songs
Languages: Hokkien and Mandarin
Cinematography: Very antique and nice old Singapore scenes, framing of the scenes and colors are good
Transition between scenes: Damn good, smooth and less cut scenes
Amount of time i spend dazing and talk with my classmate: 30%, over some weird long pauses and unnecessary scenes
Humorous level: Definitely not as much as 881
Actor Qi Yiwu: He has that 70s look, perfect candidate for his role. He lip sync very well with the songs, can dance also. But i dun see his internal struggles and emotions that ought to bring out leh. That explains why i spend time dazing, trying to read the emotions.
Actoress Mindee Ong: Buay pai lah… I don’t know what to expect. But she is a singer leh, why they don’t let her use her own voice to sing?
Actoress Liu Lingling: Less funny juices from her, showing more her serious side. Just weird for me because she is always very funny on getai.
Ending of the movie: I was talking to myself, “Don’t tell me the movie is going to end like that”. A very rush conclusion to sum up everything.
My take: It is a wrong move to shoot this in the first place. Royston Tan might have lost his head with the fundings pumped into his project, the movie objective is like hanging and floating somewhere.

Add Drop Modules

Haven’t been feeling so bad about semester modules before. Either i am really needing a companion in class or the modules left are less interesting to me. But one thing i am sure is that i am more cautious, not to overload myself with too many studios or paper writing modules that kill me.

For my very first time, i tried add drop modules for my first 2 weeks of school. Ideally is to plan for a day break, the other is to kick out 1 boring module: Eco-Architecture. Omg… I am suffering through the night lecture with Lincoln and Kairong today. I totally switched off. And Contemporary Graphic Design Theory seems a bit dead too. Haiyah~ Stress with modules i dun quite enjoy.

Anyway, much of the complains and i just hope to get what i need.

School, Drawings, Books and Presents

Anyway, i thought i had my time-table wrong, nobody is in the lecture theatre where the class is suppose to commerce. Luckily Lester is at home and realise i am 30 minutes earlier than i need to be. Phew~

I hope to start sketching again, so i draw an imaginary character and this nerd in my class with his laptop. Tata~

I had a design book from my colleague, The Advertising Concept Book, as a farewell gift. She shouldn’t have bought me anything (it ain’t my first farewell) but i accept with gratitude. This is a very rare chance one can return to the previous company and work. As usual, she is a great buddy to me. I dun think i work as hard last time but i hope i done my best to sort out the work for her.

I also buy myself a design book, Meggs’ History of Graphic Design. This is my last semester’s course book but i try every bit to save, so i plainly rely on notes taking and powerpoint slides for exams. It is outrageous to find out that PageOne sell this at $150 or $180 while my school sells at $42.80. I bet it is worth while to buy and keep.

And i got presents all the way from Hong Kong Disneyland. Thank you Nana and Steve. I like them! This neighbor is so hard to meet. I only get to see her randomly at causeway custom when going Kukup, and on the eve before she flys to Hong Kong on Orchard Road. We are strange neighbors who dun see each other at home. Hahaha~

Laughing At The Technical Ones

I can’t help but laughing and giggling in front of my computer. I read 1 of Lester classmates’ blog and i realise all men who’s professions are very logical express their love very logically too.

I don’t how, as a girlfriend, how would you feel if your guy says “our love is like a mathematical equation” and some shit. So so so not romantic. Do they even have blood and flesh when they come up with so “funny” juxtapositions. While most of the time, we don’t need logics. Bleah~

Anyway, i’m stuck with an “if-else” statement man but sometimes he performs more complex “switch statements”. More feelings k? Hahaha~