My poor dog got cut once in his eye lid last week. As usual lar, my mum can’t see and she never wear her glasses.

Today she says my dog got dandruff. I happily commented that maybe the shampoo does not suit. But my sister protested, she told me she washed Pi Pi with washing powder.

Ok… If she wants to end my dog’s life earlier, i would rather kill him myself. I think i need more time with my dog. It’s really very frustrating.

True Yoga

Had 2 free trial sessions at True Yoga together with my ex-colleague. Nope… I do not have any intention to sign up any packages from them, i noe they will be expensive. And luckily me, they didn’t have time to talk to me yet, but the general manager offers me another free session. You can imagine how they can psycho you after your exhausted lesson.

Anyway, thursday i went for their yoga and friday i went for their combat lesson. They are all my first time. I feel like bursting into laughter when i see everyone’s legs wobbling when attempting to those posture. This yoga lesson is rather serious. Oh my goodness, they are killing me. I don’t think i like yoga very much because they are rather boring.

Friday combat lesson is really fast, sweating and fun. Loud techno music, legs hands punches and kicking help to distress. But it kinda suck to me coz i haf serious problem with left right coordination. 1 left leg kick and 1 right hand punch is enuff to get my limbs entangle.

But the toilet is WHOA~ It does make you feel great like a star – a whole stretch of mirror with hair dryers, cotton butts, tissue provided. I only attempt to take a quick shower on friday. But don’t be surprise seeing women braless, panty-less wrap with towels walking around, changing in front of the lockers. You just gotta get used of this kind of view. Hahaha~

Oh So Random

Spiderman 3
It is so badly done and too draggy. Yawns… Thanks to Bernard’s team Shaw free movie tickets, we caught it for free. And it is really nice to meet up with my classmates too.

Star Virgo
Lester’s mum got free tickets to visit Star Virgo on a Tuesday afternoon. It’s definitely my first time on this ship too bad it doesn’t sail. The itinerary goes like this: greetings by the staff on board, welcoming performance, visitors split into groups and are brought around to various decks of the ship and rooms, lastly the refreshment which ain’t taste good.

While in the evening, i joined Lester with his university classmates for birthday celebration. His friend asked if i do feel weird to join in since i dun really know most of them. But i guess i’m quite cool with it, since Lester is closer to my classmate than i do. Hahaha~

Jurong Bird Park
It was out of an impulse thing that we can’t wait for Wayne to get us the Bird Park tickets. Visited Jurong Bird Park after it’s major revamp. Yeah… It’s better than what i remembered in the past. But the shows are more or less the same. Nevertheless, i find the MCs for each show brilliant and friendly.

Our favorite place is Lory Loft where you can get as close to the birds. However, to the last part of us trip, we kinda get a bit bore down. I was screaming “I don’t wanna walk anymore!” You can imagine how poor stamina we have.

Secondary School
A supper craving has led to an acquaintance with Wei Xiang and Chia Wee. It’s kinda strange becoz i just browsed Wei Xiang’s friendster profile and somehow i was expecting to see him in that week. Tata~ I blurted out “Chia Wee, don’t eat already huh. You getting fatter again.” Opps~ But it was nice to see these 2 jokers again.

Terry’s Belated Birthday
Celebrated Terry’s belated birthday at Settlers Cafe Holland Village. It was mad to wait for bus 61 for an hour and plus mosquitoes bites worsen my mood. But once i see that bunch of clowns, i can’t deny they lighten my day a little.

It’s always talking at the top of our voices, trying to “fight” with the other tables. It’s nice to listen to Terry’s diving experience. And that Saboteur board game is killing our brain cells initially, but we acted professionally according to the given roles. Damn… These bunch of people are great liars. Fun and laughters all the way. Hohoho~

Got a part time job last week at IQPC, an event organising company doing customer service and admin. Duh… They are really messy. Feel like cleaning their shelves for them too. So dusty. My colleagues are a bunch of friendly people who love their job so much that i have been packeting their food for dunno how many days. They eat on their desk which somehow i find uncomfortable. The post Alexander Forbes Syndrome (no eating at your workstation). They can go down La Teh too. So relax right?

Roller Blading
Yes… I am going to learn that once Lester gets his blades. Gotta try out my protective gears and my blades. I am glad i moved that piece of pork to the sun.

After listening to Terry’s diving experience, i am so tempted to learn my swimming and overcome my fear. It could be my lack of stamina, shortness of breathe and the lack of trapping water skill that make me fear about sinking right in the middle of deep pool. But pork’s nose is having mensuration. His nose bleeds…

Porky Smell

Don’t you agree that everyone has this one smell that distinguishes you from the other? My porky has this smell which disappear at the same time when i am ill. So i thought maybe i have not recover from my illness or my nose is not breathing in his “scent”.

It is quite a miserable period for me, coz you seem to miss something that you can’t possibly identify. I found his “scent” by accident yesterday. Oh my goodness, it’s his hair that i like… *Faint*

I lub my porky… But i’m unsure if i want to stick my nose and smell his hair every now and then. Hahaha~

A Day As Receptionist

An one day assignment at Kraft Foods as their receptionist. Damn boring… Read Camera Lucida till chapter 11. Can’t really concentrate also. Still freak out when there is a phone call like can never find their names. They have a dispenser filled with mini Toblerone near my desk. Slurp~

Chan accompany me for lunch. First time in my life ate a guo tie, with no pork filing. Nice~


It’s due to the reason that i fall sick recently, i can’t help to think of Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy installation.

Medicine that heals and kills. It so ironic. And the nature of it has been packaged by the profession of doctor. Fuck the prestige doctors and the advance of science.

The Return of Fever

My fever has subsided the last 2 days. I happily discontinued the fever tablets and the temperature rise back to 38.2°C in the nite. Lalala… Serve me right.

Chan visits me with a bag of apples and 2 red dragon fruits. (o.O) And a new crumpler bag!!!

Pig Ear

My right ear swells like a pig. Yar… Red and swollen. But it ain’t painful or itchy. Neither can the doctor figure out what’s wrong. Anyway, need to sleep again. Still very weak. Buaiz~