Sex & The City 2 Gala Premiere

HP hosted the Gala Premiere for Sex & The City 2 in Golden Village Vivo City yesterday night. We are very honored to be invited. I am super duper excited because I’m a big fan ever since the drama serial time. The stories just touches me as though “I am Carrie!”. I’m glad the 2nd movie didn’t make us wait that long!

The premiere is very organized, there are several activities going on after you collected your tickets. We have pictures taking with the Sex & The City’s backdrop, launch of SJP NYP perfumes, early bird special, HP Mini on display and even manicure for some privilege guests. Lester and me both draw all 3 different gifts from the lucky draw: bag charm, button mirror and note pad.

Here comes the movie! Sex & The City 1 refreshes audience’s memories about: fashion, new york, love and singles while movie 2 works around with a more complete story plot, like an episode. This time the story revolves around the girls’ life after marriage, especially Carrie’s. This is a lot more funnier. Story comes first then the fashion, which is ain’t bad, because I can finally take a good look at these girls!

You still can expect all the labels being shown in the movie, YSL earrings, Hermes Birkin Bag (Samantha like to call it Birkin instead of “handbag” or “bag”), Dior clothes, LV clothes, Channel scarf and more! I spotted the HP Mini 210 – Vivienne Tam Edition towards the end of the movie, it is like finding Wally in Where’s Wally? It is camouflage with the piles of clothes and bags.

A definite movie hit in town. Catch Sex & The City 2 in theaters, opening 27 May 2010.

Sex & The City 2 Theatre 8
Wall of Digital Posters
Sarah Jessica Parker’s Perfume – SJP NYC
Nice Smell
These are her perfume bottles, like her fashion so colourful.
Ingrid asks me to kiss her boobs.
The Girls
The Boys
Manicure For Some
HP Laptops On Display
Just Before The Movie
Door Gifts
Button Mirror
Bag Charm

HP Mini By Studio Tord Boontje

HP recently launchs a HP Mini, a netbook. This is collaborated with a world-renowned industrial designer Tord Boontje.

I shall not address on the technical specifications of the netbook. Instead, we are very privileged to meet Tord personally last night at Gallery Hotel’s Bar 84.

Bar 84 at Gallery Hotel

This is his first time in Singapore, specially for HP Mini launch. His works are mainly nature inspired and highly stylised partly because his mum teaches art and textiles. He also bring this continuous theme into the netbook design. The white HP Mini is covered with white flora and fauna prints design by Tord. Embedded within the intertwining prints are more than 30 endangered animals. Tord also realises that HP has been greatly involved in environmental programs, therefore he suggests an added message, an awareness to be more environmentally responsible for these endangered species.

HP Mini
HP Mini Separate Bundle

HP Mini
HP Mini Outside

HP Mini Inside
HP Mini Inside

HP Mini Mouse
HP Mouse

Tord also works with several materials such as paper, fabric, glass and pottery. I personally fall in love with the delicacy of his work and the experimentation of the medium. So lovely.

I get to pop a question in Q & A session. The question goes like this: Being that your design is so organic and experimental, do you classified yourself as more craft inclined or technology inclined designer? One of his design philosophies is to be socially and environmentally responsible, he answers that he engages craftsmen from the Africa to work on some of his projects. In this way, he keeps the human interaction in a loop and expose these people to outside world too.

We each have an umbrella with Tord’s print to take away. Yes, he autographed for us!

HP Mini UmbrellaUmbrella

Lay Hiang Umbrella
Me & Tord

Lay Hiang Umbrella Autographed
My Autographed Umbrella

Lester Umbrella
Lester & Tord

Lester Umbrella Autographed
Lester Autographed Umbrella

And crazily, I took all the animals I can find on the umbrella.






Polar Bear
Polar Bear

Bird (Pardon me, I don’t the species)



HP’s City of Dreams

A long due post. Since Lester has blogged about most of the aspects, my points shall just add on.

HP has an exhibition, City of Dreams, at Orchard ION Basement 4 last week. ‘City of Dreams’ is a special HP Initiative supported by ION Orchard and Siggraph. It starts on 7th August with a blogger event at night and lasted through the week till 13th August.  We are very glad to be invited. HP has also made a special selection to the attending bloggers. They are mainly people who are interested in Technology, Design and Art. This is probably why I enjoyed my conversations with them and not lost in geeky’s 101010.

The exhibition showcases 4 new workstations with customizable specifications and on another side HP’s DesignJet Z3200 Photo Printer. I remembered doing a research back in my Polytechnic days about HP. HP has a long and established history about printing. Therefore, their R&Ds have led to high quality prints and brilliant colors.  A little insight, the HP floor decal is also printed by HP z3200 Photo Printer. Cool right?

The blogger event starts with a prize giving ceremony to HP Lightropolis competition winners. Entries are displayed at Lightropolis, the LED walls at Orchard MRT exit to ION. I kinda like this space whenever I take the escalator up. You need not have advertising posters all the time. Light display is a great medium to transform spaces too.

The respective bloggers are then split into 3 groups for a mini competition, aim is to experience the use of the HP workstations by constructing a wallpaper of our ideal City of Dreams. We have this uber big monitor to work on and the latest Adobe CS4.  I’ve not try CS4 yet. For those who may not know, CS4 opens documents in tab format. I can’t remember what I’ve actually done in the 20 to 30 minutes, but I have fun. Indeed, launching new IT products is all about testing and using them. Below is my team’s final product and us at work. Hahaha~

We ended the session with photograph taking with Ben 10 mascot. Feel like a child again.

More images on Lester’s facebook and HP’s Flickr album.