Doggie Picnic

Today bring Pipi to Botanical Garden for the very first time. There are a lot of considerations and worries initially. Afraid that he won’t go out with me, afraid that he won’t behave when he is outside, afraid that he will disturb other children or dogs. But seems like my worries are never a problem anymore. My big boy has really mature. 🙂

Pipi is a little panic in the car ride, that is like usual and normal. And i also realise he likes to look out of the window, see the zoom-zoom cars. The picnic started with an heavy downpour. But soon, the sky gets clear.

I think i will bring my dog out more often. Will be a little busy though, keeping a look out on Pipi, make sure no insects bite, make sure the children don’t ga-jiao him by pulling his tails. But i still think it worth it.

First Secondary School Wedding

My first secondary school galfriend’s wedding. Everything is quite simple and down to earth. And dinner finishes like within 2 hours.

Here are the girls unite! These are friends from sec 1 despite we go to different class in the last 2 years, we still sit at the back of the quadrangle (outside art room) waiting for flag raising every morning.

We are discussing: who’s wedding are we attending next?