Went around shopping for Banana’s birthday present. Din really have anything in mind actually. What she wants, her boyfriend will buy her or she will get it herself. What i can think of, she has all of them lying in her room. Haha~ Getting difficult to buy gifts each year. Finally got her a sheep and a matching cushion for her. Shall be going up to her house later.

We watch Cellular at Marina. This is the first time i encounter such cock up situation. We bought the 6:35pm slot but the ticket man gave us the 4pm one. We din check the ticket until the one couple telling us we took their seats. Manage to shift to the front becoz there isn’t much people in the cinema.

Cellular has a good plot. Because of the random numbers generated, Jessica is able to get help from someone she dunno. Ryan is her only help source. And the story majority surrounding between Ryan and Jessica. You will only got to realise what are the kidnapper’s real identity and the purpose for doing so at the later stage of the story. Quite cool… And of coz, storys that end with a happy ending is a good story… Hahaha~

Din realise yesterday was a Halloween Nite. A lot of restaurants are decorated with halloween decorations and packed with people. Settled our dinner at Esplande a garlic restaurant then.

My Weekends

Satuday is a gathering with yimei and chenhui. This is chenhui’s second book out. Rather excited to see him. Same old usual crappy chap who never seem to be worry of anything. Damn lot to catch up, but time is never lenient to us. Touching remarks by chenhui “I never know when exactly we had bond up our relationship. We dun talk much in school.”

Watched Ladder 49 with Lester at GV Grand. We were too early and had to settle in front of the projector screen for a soccer match. Chelsea vs Blackburn. Cool~ The roaring, the high spirit and the squeeziness in the stadium is definitely something i wish i could experience. Both of us are laughing at one of the Chelsea’s players. Wonder how would you pronounce “Lampard”? Ahem~ Not vulgarity… The actual pronounciation is “Land-park”. Hahaha~

Ladder 49… Veri different approach of starting a movie. But some how you will feel more than a story that works on the story-telling style. Dun quite like the ending. Rather snappy. Touching though, but too long and draggy. Funny though but saddness and fear flow. 4 stars out of 5. Hahaha~

Sunday visited that 38. I miss her so much. Too much to catch up as well. Actually, everyone is facing some kind of problems and pressures. But no matter what, after the heavy rain, there is always sunshine. If you are not going to think positive and make yourself strong, you will continue to be weakling. There isn’t any problem that it can’t be solved.

I’m tired and pressurized though… But sleep is my best cure of medicine. Hahaha~ So dun awake me. I will chop you up~ Hahaha~


This week is kinda overloaded with design work. Did a few report layouts, powerpoint presentation layouts, and christmas ecards. A bit sian because inspirations and ideas dun flow when i’m confine in the office. If they would let me out to the nearby libraries or cafe, let me sit in and listen to the music, den hou seh liao…

Next week will be rather free. But i noe i din do well in the contact list and the brochure layout. Will think of something to surprise them. Hopefully lah~ Den i better dun play so xiong over the weekends. Everytime dread myself out. Do more ecards or even prepare for Chinese New Year and Birthday ones. They are rather demanding.

Time for me to go to sleep again… Bye~

Catherine Gave Birth Liao

My colleague, Catherine gave birth to a baby girl yesterday afternoon. So we pay a visit to her at Raffles Hospital after work.

She looks very fine, not tired, not dread out. We were asking about her delivery process. It was a smooth quick one, around 2 hrs and she only exerts 2 pushes. The baby is pushed to the room. So small and cute. She is very responsive to our voices. Keep blinking and looking at us. Must be a smart girl next time.

Today is also Bernard’s birthday. Happy birthday, sweetie~ Poor thing, he is celebrating his birthday in camp. All the best lah. He just complaint his commandor’s life to me. Got time must meet up again… Maybe with Zijian as well.

Life Is So Fragile

Well~ My problem is definitely not a problem.

Once again, life is a natural course where you go through birth, old, sick and death. Incidents after incidents remind me that life is so fragile.

May everyone has a pink health.

Johnson’s First Book Out

Meet up with the click in the evening because this is Johnson’s first book out day. Had our dinner at Suntec’s N.Y.D.C.. Johnson also suffered from the so-called “Tekong cough”. It shall take him some time to recover then. But his botak hair cut is cute, like a little boy. Hahaha~

Over the dinner table, the guys are on this endless ns topic. Duh~ Went walk walk to the Sky Garden at the top floor, before settling down at the Pacific Coffee. Though they are still on their very ns topics, but it started to interest me after they brought in the creepy stories in Tekong. Nothing but hair stands and wild imagination. Heez~

I’m too much like a kid, too ren xing. I believe: ‘I control my life’. But it is definitely not this way in reality. I lost the fearless spirit to fight for what i really want. I should have prove you people wrong instead of retreating. My life is under another round of regeneration…

New Hair Cut

I have gotten a new hair cut yesterday. I’m very very very satisfied with my new look. Tonight i will be going back to the salon to do the coloring. Thank you Xing Cai for your recommendation and companion. I did hair relaxing and a total new hair cut.

Had dinner at Harbour Front’s Noodle Hut. Food is so so. But we are basically too hungry to be picky. Settle in and talk while eating. Xing Cai pointed out that i’m less zhu guan (objective) compare to what i am in primary school. Well… I guess i’m just not too much of ‘right is right, wrong is wrong’ tone of speaking and thinking. “You are in your transition period.” he mentioned. Hmm… Sounds positive and encouraging.

I told him i’m not sure when people asked around for opinions, do they:

1. Ask for their personal references or

2. They are looking for a voice that acknowledge them and their decision made in prior.

But the point is: if people do ask for references, aren’t they have set their mind already set? Isn’t this equivalent to point 2? And they just want to hear different voices, or are they hunting for a certain reply from peers? Then why still ask? But he does make me understand that no one asks for references. Ultimately, you will be spinning round and round, looking for voices whom sing in unison with you. This is what human are all about.


Memory Landscape II

An Advanced Birthday Greeting

Received an advanced birthday greeting from Wirna last nite. My dearest blurred gal, she gave me a greeting 1 month ahead. Indeed veri early… Haha~

Saw my 97 again after the dreadful 1 month. Somehow he take a earlier bus to work and knock off earlier. Bongy, my time to show off~ Your bus 75 leh? Wahaha~

Today is another dreadful day for me… The bus cocks up again. So i altogether took 3 buses, and i gave up. Ended myself in Clementi MRT Interchange. Pass by the central market and kopitiam, wanted to buy hum ji beng. Who is free huh? Long time never wear lok cok lok cok to market for breakfast. We go eat breakfast leh. Heez~

Later will be cutting my hair. Dunno how it will look like…

See all you dumbos on saturday…