Went around shopping for Banana’s birthday present. Din really have anything in mind actually. What she wants, her boyfriend will buy her or she will get it herself. What i can think of, she has all of them lying in her room. Haha~ Getting difficult to buy gifts each year. Finally got her a sheep and a matching cushion for her. Shall be going up to her house later.

We watch Cellular at Marina. This is the first time i encounter such cock up situation. We bought the 6:35pm slot but the ticket man gave us the 4pm one. We din check the ticket until the one couple telling us we took their seats. Manage to shift to the front becoz there isn’t much people in the cinema.

Cellular has a good plot. Because of the random numbers generated, Jessica is able to get help from someone she dunno. Ryan is her only help source. And the story majority surrounding between Ryan and Jessica. You will only got to realise what are the kidnapper’s real identity and the purpose for doing so at the later stage of the story. Quite cool… And of coz, storys that end with a happy ending is a good story… Hahaha~

Din realise yesterday was a Halloween Nite. A lot of restaurants are decorated with halloween decorations and packed with people. Settled our dinner at Esplande a garlic restaurant then.