My Health Rings Its Alarm

I’m sick today. Sore throat and flu. It could be due to the nuts that i ate yesterday. Ben dan~

Took leave to the neighbourhood doctor. I thought it was the normal consultation and diagnostic procedure. But he started to feel my neck area and asked a lot of questions.

Doctor: Do you feel that your neak area is exceptionally swelling than normal people? Do you feel that it is lumpy at times?

Me: Nope…

Doctor: Maybe you are used to it. Now, swallow your saliva.

(I did what he asked me to a few times…)

Me: It is because my wind pipe is infected?

Doctor: Nope… I think your neck is really bigger than the normal people. Erm… Did you tremble a lot?

Me: Erm… Yes i did. Expecially my hands.

Doctor: Put your hands straight up, open your hands.

(There we started to look at the hands. Little shivering and trembling.)

Doctor: Do you feel your heart beats very fast?

Me: Nope… (But actually i think it does sometimes even at those normal occassions.)

Doctor: How’s was your appetite? Normal? Eat very little? Or eat a lot?

Me: Normal… (Think back… What is normal to me is not normal to him. But to give it a deep thought, i do eat a lot.)

Doctor: Stand on the weighing machine.

Doctor: Hmm… You do gain some weight from the previous record.

Me: But my figures only fluctuates between these number and nothing higher.

(Later, he took my pulse and blood pressure. Everything is normal.)

Doctor: You swallow your saliva again…

So many questions asked and most of them hit ‘Bingo’. He told me some of the questions asked fall within the condition and some doesn’t. But if all fits, then my metabolism is too high. As for behavior wise, i will feel very gan jiong most of the times.

“How does it affects my heath?” I asked. What the doctor say was, I may tend to eat a lot and then still lost weight in the end. If condition gets worst, i will feel very weak, trip and fall very easily. Bascially, he was saying it is not normal, the body shan’t work this way.

He recommends me to take a blood test for this. If tests reflect positive result, i may need to do ultrascan in my neck area.

Well~ Well~ Well~ Maybe it isn’t that bad as described. Eat a lot still will slim down, not bad leh. Hahaha~