Freaky Thursday

I decided to guai guai take porridge for yesterday’s lunch. Bought white porridge and packet the ingredient separately, dine-in in the office pantry. Took a few spoonfuls and was too disgusted to find a marrgot inside the porridge. Yucks… I tried all my might to puck everything out to the sink. Unbearable~

I started to pick up the bottle of nuts is sitting on the pantry table. About to pop 1 into my mouth and my colleague stopped me. The nuts are EXPIRED. No wonder i fall sick after that “nuts-eating” day. Duh~ Till then, Fanny told me a lot of our “dearest colleagues” brought food that are on the verge of expiring to the office for sharing. Kao~ So inhuman…

I also tam jia lah… Everything on the table i just grab and eat. Duh~ I won’t dare to next time round.

Dinner with Xing Cai at Suntec’s N.Y.D.C.. He had his last paper and time for him to celebrate. Slack around at the fountain of wealth and esplande before heading home. The food was not right again for today. Baked rice’s standards dropped, and the mushroom chowder at esplande tastes ashy. Arghh… No good food for the whole day. By the time we finished all our craps, we have missed all our last buses and got to take a cab home. Totally tired and drained by then.