I Created: The Rain + The Girl + The Loneliness

Sometimes i get too emotional with the mood i set for my paintings (usually the the very very sad type), i feel myself out of breathe + depressed. In the midst of creating this “Rain + Girl + Loneliness” painting for tomorrow.

No wonder most of the artists suffered from depression.

I’d Really Love To See You Tonight

Hello, yeah it’s been awhile
Not much, how ’bout you
I’m not sure why i’d called
I guess I really just wanted
To talk to you

And i was thinking maybe later on
We could be together for a while
It’s been such a long time
and i really do miss your smile

I’m not talking about the movin in
And i don’t want to change your life
But there’s a ward wind blowin the stars around
And i really love to see you tonight

We could go walkin to the windy park
Take a drive along the beach
Or stay home and watch tv
I see it really doesn’t matter much to me


I’ll hold out for promises
But you don’t have to lie
We both played the game before
Say i love you then say goodbye


Came across this song when i am rushing for my 4D assignment. Earlier, someone made a special pillow delivery trip for me. I miss my pillow. Thank you… (^_^)


I still can’t get over what has happened. The more i write about that, talk about that, think about that, the more i need to agree with my classmate: “唯有爱情是友情不可替代的”.








曹格 – 保护你




First Chawamushi

My first attempt on Chawamushi… I ate a few spoonful before remembering to take photo. The appearance is ugly, a lot of potholes. Taste is exactly the same, not too watery. But the edge of the Chawamushi seems to shrink, like over-heated. The bottom have the residue of the fish stock, light brown, rather unsightly. Still cannot figure out if the aluminium foil should be shinning side on the outside or the non-shinning on the outside. I think it does make a difference, coz i did one of that each and my sister’s one turn out to be a little more watery. So, dunno which is which…


Spend most of my day in National Library for my Art History research next week. Dun really like group work, a waste of time. There is a lot of 迁就 (dunno correct anot) here and there, very 麻烦. 可能就是我有点怪,不喜欢过团体生活。Each leads a very different life which makes the coordination even tougher. Sian…

Meet Bong and Chan in Orchard to do some chines new year shopping. Try quite a few pieces and realise i put on quite a bit of weight around my tummy, hands and legs. There is a few top that i am trying on, can’t even zip or pull down. Worst of all, they are free size. Damn, my bust size increase meh? 不可能的! So tempted to buy this kind of tights called legging (if i’m not wrong), to be wear with longer top de. Scare they will make my legs look fatter. Somemore no trying lor. Haiz… More sian…

Yesterday’s school bag broke. Not my day… But anyway, waiting to wash my old bag and used them again. Life when school starts, exhausted… Mood is low as i’m disgusted with most of the people around me. Just wanna lead a simple life. Love it! Hate it!