My Thinking Process

My thinking process when dealing with a design problem:

  • Mind mapping
  • Visiting the library
  • Flipping through books & magazines
  • Go shopping
  • Doodling nonsense
  • Finding my solutions in my dreams
    (equivalent to sleeping)

Not very useful at times. Creativity will come when it want to appear.

My Dog Bites

My 死 Pipi bites me again! Bite my left hand index finger when i attempt to clean his mouth after dinner. Arghhh…

My dad return home when i’m bathing in the toilet. Instead of asking how painful is it, he asks whether i got cry or not? Weird daddy!

Book Binding Workshop

I attended my major’s first workshop: book binding last saturday. Learnt several ways to put papers together. Accordion, grommet and stab binding are the easiest ones. Perfect bound, i believe the pages will come off if not well glued.

End of Hungry Ghost Festival

I come from a traditional chinese family. While many are using table calendar to tell you day, date, month and year, my house is still using the traditional chinese tearing calendar.

I discovered my youngest sister wrote this on today’s date: 关鬼门. It’s funny though…

2 Way Glue By ZIG Memory System

Found this glue at A”N”BC, a Japanese Bookstore, Parco Bugis.

For a permanent bond, use when the glue is wet (blue). For a temporary bond, where repositioning is possible, use after the adhesive has dried to clear.

It is ideal for glitter, embossing powder, confetti, sparkles, foil, flock, masking, etc. It’s also great for collages, stencils, gift wrapping, photo albums, graphic design, and more.

This glue is odorless, acid-free, non-toxic, and xylene free. The chisel-tip applicator helps for clean usage.

First Impressions

Today’s Graphic Design studio helps us to identify and learn more about ourself. Did i? But i still find myself contradicting.

Anyway, this is a piece of paper circulated within the class. My classmates will write down the first impressions of me. Any where does the heck MOTHERLY comes from?

Haji Lane

Saturday was rather an unpredictable afternoon. It was bright and scorching, it rained, and then it shine. Shu Hui and I went to Red Dot Museum for its monthly fashion bazaar.

There are about 20 to 25 participating stores, each selling designers’ product – from hand painted tee shirts to handmade accessories and hand sewed dolls.

Haji Lane is even more fantastic. A short alley hosted a number of boutique shops selling apparels and accessories. It’s a good place for unique barangs and photography~ I see TYPOGRAPHY everywhere, it’s crazy!

SHOW’s Concert
Out of impulse, me and bong booked the tickets for Show’s concert in December. Time spent on considerations: just within a few msn communications. Tata~