In Search For Oral B Toothbrush-es

I found 3 oral b toothbrushes while packing my cardboard this week. I am thrilled. Just can’t imagine my life without this toothbrush model.

I somehow feel that it will phase out sooner or later, so i went searching for it. See what i haf bought today… 11 toothbrushes!!!

I will aim to buy more. Hopefully they can last me a lifetime.

Oral B Indicator

Feel like dying coz i can’t find anywhere selling Oral Indicator 35 soft toothbrush. I dun want to use other brands or models.

Please let me find you.

Cuckoo Biological Clock

I have my biological clock cuckoo-ed. So we ate porridge at Maxwell market 5am in the morning. Famous store according to Lester. They only operate from 5am to around 10am. After that, all porridge will be sold out. We are the first few customers of the day~

Then we went Mount Faber for sunrise. The atmosphere was ruined by a group of young girls who played team building game like 6am in the morning? Non-stop shouting and running about at the peak. Duh~

A group of photographers were gathering there too. Unfortunately, the sun din rise bright orangy like an egg yolk. Instead, the dawn just break. Haiz…

All photos are taken using Lester’s Nokia N93i mobile phone. Some publicity work here. Hahaha~

My Holidays So Far

Other than sleeping irregularly, catching up with friends, chionging movies that we have missed, i have been to 2 exhibitions so far.

Science Center Digital Art & Technology
Showcases many innovative and interactive technological stuff from all over the whole. Some are in installation form while others are something that you can hands-on.

Butterfly projected on steam and then on the wall.
Draw with ink and paper and you can create random animation.Some animation installation.Rectilinear planes with precise light projections.
Taking Neoprints? I can’t remember what this is. But it is rather interactive. After you take your picture, you can edit them like those Neoprint machines.Game cube that takes on your image if you stand in front of the green screen.Flip the books just with your hands. Motion sensor is fixed below.Multi touch screen that forms ripples.The color waves takes on the color of the objects. Isn’t this cool?Interactive game invented by NUS students.
Utterubbish is part of Singapore Design Festival 2007, located at the Old Parliament House. Recycling is the main theme while it focuses a collection of useless ideas, useless designs, useless products, useless fashion, useless space, useless objects, useless furniture, useless books, useless buildings, useless information, useless shop, useless film, useless food, useless technology.

Jonathan Harris’s We Feel Fine consists of both photographs and an interactive web portal. They come hand in hand displaying human emotions. The web portal is fun, as it searches the blogs in WWW to match the criteria you have narrowed down. It’s like reading random blogs. I particularly like the 2 photos.

There is a lot to say but i guess i will just post images. These are all i have taken before my camera battery went flat!!!

Rubbish collected from celebrities or reputable person’s trash bin.

Brooch made from measuring tape.

Lightings made from recycled plastics and bottle caps.

Recycled bins in Japan.
Punching bags made from recycled materials. And what fills the inside? Whatever paper you throw in your trash bin.
Who say recycling shopping bags must be green?

I Am Freaked Out

I am doing dirty stuff again. And the consequence is miserable. My clothes is wore by my sister’s friend. No wonder i cant find them in my wardrobe. Bong!!! You see she wears my clothes, the one you buy for me.

She still haunts me. I will never hesitate to say I HATE HER. I am going to cut her clothes.

发了福的 Lester

I am burning past photos for Suqin. Omgness… Lester is so thin last time. My dad asked “This is Lester meh?” You better do something about it…

SHOW On Stage 2007

I wish he could sing more, dance more, talk more… The concert started 20 minutes late and ended exactly at 10pm. Encore only once and sang only 2 songs. Ahhh…