Competition is finally over!!! Hurray…

Tat 6 hours is a real stress. Tat NYP guy… Kaoz… Gif me the yan shen like saying ‘hi’ when he see me first thing in the morning. Funny lor… Yucks… Hair stand… Anyway, NYP will be a bygone. Hahaha~ Move on, man!

Have been a lot of chats abt the backpacking thing… Excited… Anyway, my dad (the king) agrees, so i dun haf much problem… Main thing is to save up now…

You have this friend since elementary and after college the both of you never talk to each other or call each other anymore. But she is someone really special to you, and you’re someone very special to her too..

5 years later you receive a phone call from her…

“Hi Michelle, I’ll visit you” she said.

“Hi, Leah, when?” you asked her.

“Just wait for me” she replied….

It seems weird but you prepared for her coming anyway. One rainy night you heard a knock on the door. And you’re surprised to see that it’s your friend, Leah. Losing touch for 5 yrs. is long so the both of you talked about everything. The both of you even went to your room upstairs. Suddenly there’s a blackout So the 2 of you talked in candle light. Then the phone rang…..

“I’ll just get the phone downstairs” you said since there’s no phone upstairs.

“No…. don’t get it, we’re in the middle of our girl talk” she said.

“It might be important,” you said.

“Okay if you say so, but promise me you’ll be back..” she said.

So you promised her a million times that you’ll be back.

Then you ran downstairs to answer the phone…

“Hello,” you said.

“Hi, is this Michelle?” the person in the other line asked.

“Yeah,” you said wondering who is it…

“I called on behalf of Leah’s family, they had a tragic accident and her parents are in the hospital right now…” he continued.

“And Leah?” you asked forgetting that Leah is upstairs.

“She died..” he said, then he hanged up.

You slowly put the phone down and looked at the long stairs…

WOULD YOU GO BACK? As you promised…

Suffer frm some BLUES thingy. Sudden dull and moody feeling.

I haf been so afraid to go to the toilet lately. Haf been thinking abt Vivian’s encounter. I haf actually posted it in the ITP Complaints blog. But all of it wasn’t reflected. Even the comment din work out. So this is what happened:

Anyway, Vivian received a call frm sumone. She din picked up. So it’s a missed call. The missed call record shows “Frm HELL” or sumthing like tat… Not numbers, but words… So she called to check for voice messages. And there a lady said in cantonese “Sorry ah~ I’m not able to contact u becoz i lost my head. When i find mine, i shall contact u again!”

So i haf been thinking abt head flying around in my office toilet. I’m jus afraid to open my cubicle’s door after my bizness, and there, a head floating in the mid-air. Den i scare the lights flicks. Plus plus we always hear a “thup! thup!” water drip sound at the first cubicle. Plus plus water runs profusely frm the tap… Doors banging open and close… Kaoz~

Erm… U noe? U got so many horror movies’ scenes in ur mind. Even nothing really happened, u jus freak out.

Jacky Yang Jia Jie~ Me gonna chop u up… Humph~

Today went to TP for WSC competition briefing. Erm… Very stressful. We need to draw lots to decide on our sitting area. I’m lucky! Sit at last row, corner seat. Phew~ And Serene is jus 1 seat away frm me…

A… Ganna dian by this NYP guy frm this briefing. Sian… Long time no this “thub!thub!” feeling. Legs haf been shaking abit… I haf been imgaine too much. But this is something that excites me today! His back view and his hair resembles GOH CHEE WEI – some one whom i noe of 2 years back during work. Front?! Not really handsome, but appealing lor… Ai yar… I tink it just becoz it resembles CHEE WEI. Well~ I haf actually too much to say, too much to relate, but i shall keep it short here. Anyway, it’s OVERJOYED!

On the way back home, talk abt lots of stuff… Haf been thinking back abt yr 1 first sem. Ppl are so fresh and curious abt each other. Seems to haf a lot of happy moments, mixing ard, talking crap, etc… Some haf left a BLACK STAIN in me. And i’m disgusted with. Not to pin-point on any incident or ppl, but they change my perspective. They left such a great impact on me, and i feel dirty, polluted. I haf reminded myself, bygones are bygones.

Going for a tour after attachment. A few arrangements are going on. 2 plans are drawn out. 1: Go Pulau Redang and others for a week. 2: Backpack in malaysia for 3 weeks… Hahaha~ Excited yoz! But need to save up now yor…

Sad ah~ I tink i’m under lots of stress and pressure. Dunno frm where. But these are sum of the symptoms u will find in me:

1) Feel damn wear off and tired at the beginning of the day.

2) Breathe loudly and heavily when asleep. I dun really mind u call tat snoring. Haha~

3) Sleep almost instantaneous when i’m in bed. And basically, i sleep anywhere, any time.

4) I will start to do my sleep talking and sleep walking stunts.

Just like wat i stated in point 4, i was lying around on my living room’s sofa yesterday nite. But the next morning i’m in my own room. But i dun remember a single heck tat i walk in myself.

While my sis has been telling me, last nite, i carried a pillow wif me to her room. I woke her up in the middle of the nite, talk abt school related stuff in mandarin, den ended the conversation wif a wide ‘Hee~ Hee~’ smile.

This isn’t the first time… Gosh…

Went shopping wif Yi Mei in the town. Din really get buy what i wanna to… Onli manage to get myself a pair of pants for $10. Cheap lobang lor…

Today is Peng’s last day in NUH. He came earlier today, manage to see him. Sit down and take a sip of drink and chatted for a while. He ganna football in his eyes. So he came earlier to work to the A&E; department. Funny lar…

Well~ Peng is a self-confident person. You can often find bright lights glowing in him. So gotta some good advices from him. Real good ones. At least feel less pessimitic for the future. Slightly noe what are more important now. Guess it’s time to sit down and set goals bah…

Btw, just post something to discuss on. Given a choice, you will like to be a devoted lover or a flirtatious one?

Heez… Today is sort of a gathering wif the click: Jacky, Lester, Laily, Serene, Karen and Christopher.

We meet around 2pm at PS. Taken the Ajisen Japanese Ramen Restaurant. Me ordered the spicy miso ramen wif a side-dish fried tofu. Hmm… The soup base is nice. Not bad! So far this is my 2nd try for ramen, the veri 1st time is at Far East Plaza Level 1. That’s terribly awful. I dun enjoy what I ate. Feel like eating those left-overs. I dun recommend u guys to eat there.

Watch “Cold Mountain”. It’s quite a miracle to see the character, Inman, survived through all those difficult situations. And of course, he died in the end… Which is kinda expected. Not really bombastic or “whoa” visual effects, but the story is really touching. You have those war scenes where u see the cruel world. U haf all ur bubbies dead in front of u and stuff. War, often a journey of no return. And the “friends” whom he met on the way. U can do nothing but to believe in and trust them, working hand in hand to escape frm the soldiers. All the missing feelings of ur family members, ur love ones who went frontline.

Cried a few times throughout the movies. And of course, silently. That’s why I always choose the corner seats. Heez… Cried when Ada part wif Inman, Inman’s friends who died, the lady in the hut wif the sick baby, the reunion of Inman and Ada, the death of Inman… I think there are some more which I kinda forget. Not a bad show to catch… Can visit this site:

Din really accomplish what I actually intended – shopping trip. So I’m gonna get down to town again tml.

Haf been telling Karen and Christopher some of the silly things I did:

1) There are those handles which u grip on those SBS bus. Erm… Those that are attached to the seats ones. Last time primary school, I dunno how, folded my elbow into the in-between hole in my school bus and ultimately get it stuck in the hole. Reach the stop where I suppose to alight. But because of this, the bus is stalled for quite a long time. Bus uncle (driver) and auntie (auntie who jaga us) came and pull my elbow out. I remembered I was crying like hell. Then my elbow went swollen for days…

2) Saw my cousin playing wif the lift door. He put his hand on the lift. As the door slide opened, he still rested his hand on the door. But then lifted out the hand just before the door is fully opened. Well… Stupid me, find it interesting. One day taking a lift back home wif my family. Rested my hand on the door oso. But I forgotten to take my hand off the door before it completely slide open. So my hand is trap inside within the door. Dad is trying to pull my hands out, Mum is pushing the lift button. It takes at 30 minutes. Somemore with the help of a passer-by.

3) I used to drink strawberry milk every nite. And I pour the milk into my favorite cup (little pink one). Drink them in my bedroom. Saw the prickled heat powder (those baby powder when applied got those menthol menthol feeling one) on the dressing table. My throat wasn’t feeling well. So I was thinking, if applied on skin, I haf the cooling sensation, might as well drink it. My wind pipe and the throat will feel cool. I put quite a lot into the drink, somemore stir them. Not bad… Hahahaha~ Landed throwing up in the middle of the nite.

4) Haf u guys wondered since a puncher can punch a hole on the paper, how will it look like on the hair? My thought is that: I will look cool and special if there are holes in my hair. Something like curtain, got pattern one. I was so happy that day because my mum tied my hair up wif the ribbons I like. So I excitedly took quite a big bundles of hair, ready to be punched. Well~ I was totally shocked! I expected to see holes in my hair, but the whole strands just being cut off. I quickly throw them into the rubbish bin, cover them wif tissue papers.

I always do all the silly stuff. It’s not that I din think of the consequences, but they just dun tally wif the actual thing.

冷锋过境 – 5566



看着远方 宣告了放弃



反复的唱 永远在一起

冷风过境 吹乱心情 露出了伤心

我有 多么伤多么痛 你不会相信

冷风过境 吹动记忆 心无法痊愈

等待 多么苦多么难 你忘了约定



不再勉强 擦掉了过去


你给过我的信仰 共同分享


冷风过境吹乱心情 露出了伤心

我有 多么伤多么痛 你不会相信

冷风过境 吹动记忆 心无法痊愈

等待 有多苦有多难 梦何时会醒

Boyfriend – 5566

I’m sorry for me buggin’ you

Sorry for being such a fool

God knows I’ve tried but I can’t let go

I’m crazy ’bout you know who

I’m sorry for me needing you

Sorry girl that you don’t feel it too

I get the point, should be a man about it

I’ve never been good at that – no no

Forgive me for being me

I’ve tried to let go

I know you got a boyfriend-another man

Another guy by your side

Someone who hopefully treats you right

But you don’t know how much I wish that I was

Your boyfriend – that other guy

The only one who’s allowed

In your room to lay in your arms at night

Now you don’t know how much I wish that I was your boyfriend

I’m sorry for me wanting you

Sorry for not playing by the rules

But what would you do if you were in my shoes

Feeling lost and blue

I’m sorry for me lovin’ you

Sorry for being such a fool

God knows I’ve tried but I can’t let go

I’m crazy ’bout you know who

Another man is by your side

I hope he treats you right

I wish I was the only one

To lay in your arms at night

Well you can’t blame a guy for tryin’

Now what else can I do

And how I wish that my prayers, thoughts and dreams

Would become reality

Without Your Love – 5566

盛夏的午后 漫无目地的走

火红的星球 怎么温暖不了我

你走了以后 只留下寒冬

回忆的天空 再看不见彩虹

雨下的太多 怎么打进我的心头

渐渐淹没我 逃不开伤痛

我躲在你给的体温 散尽后你却不加温

我痴痴等 痴痴的冷

刻在胸膛上的吻痕 深刻却找不到永恒

心碎陪我哭到无声 我痴痴等 只能痴痴冷

缤纷的周末 黑色才属于我

拥挤的人群 怎么留我在角落

想你的笑容像拥有宇宙 带给我快乐 只因为有你

谁能替代你来拼凑 我散落一地的美梦


without your love without your love

我难过 – 5566

那一年默默无言 只能选择离开

无邪的笑容已经 不再精彩

你害怕结局所以 拼命伤害

说是我挡住你的 美好未来

你坚决 不希望我等待


如今你 受了伤回来


我难过的是 放弃你 放弃爱

放弃的梦被打碎 忍住悲衮

我以为 是成全


我难过的是 忘了你 忘了爱

尽全力忘记我们 真心相爱

也忘了告诉你 失去的不能重来

挑拨 – 5566

你看起来不太开心 谁困扰了你


有多严重 你和他之间


我看起来也不太好 我当然知道


你不了解 我和你之间

只是爱上了不爱我 却又在乎(他)的人

应该挑拨你和他 我想这是最好的时机

只是当你哭着说你还爱他 不忍离开他


应该劝你离开他 可是我怎么也做不到

因为当你笑着说 我最好了 是你知心朋友



Huh look here girl

Look straight into this heart right here

This is how much I love ya

Like the moon vever smile without the shinning stars

But but I ain’t no peacemaker

Wanna be your love,wanna be your lover

So, all around the clock, girl(all around the world)

I’ll still be waiting for you, right here

The Way – Clay Aiken

There’s something bout the way you look tonight

There’s something bout the way that i can’t take my eyes off you

There’s something bout the way your lips invite

Maybe its the way that i get nervous when your around

And I want you to be mine

And if u need a reason why

It’s in the way that you move me

And the way that you tease me

The way that I want you tonight

It’s in the way that you hold me

And the way that you know me

When I can’t find the right words to say

You feel it in the way

(You feel it in the way)

There’s something bout how you stay on my mind

There’s something bout the way that I whisper your name when I’m asleep

Maybe its the look you get in your eyes

Oh baby its the way that makes me feel to see you smile

And the reasons they may change but what i’m feeling stays the same.

I can’t put my fingers on just what it is that makes me love you, you baby

So don’t ask me to describe

I get all choked up inside

Just thinking about the way

Don’t Wanna Try – Frankie J

Don’t wanna try don’t wanna try (try try)

Don’t wanna try no more

Don’t wanna try don’t wanna try don’t wanna try

I can’t believe u had the nerve to say the things u said

They hurt so bad that they ended our relationship

I can’t believe it ..4 years go down the drain

Oh how i wish things would of happened so differently

I try’d to save it so many times but you still couldn’t see

U kept insistin’ and resistin’ that u would not fall again

And now u tryin’ to tell me that ur sorry

And ur tryin’ to come back home

Ur tellin’ me u really need me crying beggin both knees are on the floor

But baby i

Don’t wanna try don’t wanna try don’t wanna try no more

U keep insisting when u know our love is out the door

Don’t wanna try don’t wanna try cuz all we do is fight and say the things

I hurt u bad to when we both begin to cry

Don’t wanna try don’t wanna try i ’bout just had enough its been a rough road

Baby just let it go

Don’t wanna try don’t wanna try don’t wanna try no more

Tell me whats the use of holdin’ on when all we do is hurt our love

U and i had many conversations on the telephone

Talks about one day we having a place of our own

Wake up in the morning and have breakfast ready on the table

But all of that just seems so far away from me

Had to wake up face reality

It all just seem to good to be true after all you put me through

And now u tryin’ to tell me that ur sorry

And u tryin’ to come back home

U tellin’ me that u really need me crying beggin both knees are on the floor

But baby i

Don’t wanna try dont wanna try dont wanna try no more

U keep insisting when u know our love is out the door

Don’t wanna try dont wanna try cuz all we do is fight and say the things

I hurt u bad to when we both begin to cry

Dont wanna try don’t wanna try i bout just had enough its been a rough road

Baby just let it go

Don’t wanna try don’t wanna try don’t wanna try no more

Tell me whats the use of holdin’ on when all we do is hurt our love

These few days a bit ‘guai’ wif me. I dunno why also. Not really a mood swing. Maybe because of my… *Ahem* Period… Hahahaha~

Well~ Veri quiet me. Veri impatient. Thinking quite a lot. In the end making myself so stress up, as though i’m really hafing mood swing.

Disappointment! It’s always the same thing that happen, though not the same situations but the same ‘concept’ thingy. Ppl haf been coming in and out. “IN” as in real close, “OUT” as in i lost interest in them and they lost interest in me and den “HI-BYE”.

Den i reflected on my own personalities. Should i talk less and listen more? Becoz ppl cannot stand my straight-forwardness, my direct response? Or is it my heck-care attitude? I’m not responsive enuff? I’m too cold? Or is it i look as if i will mood swing any minute? Is my time so insignificant to others tat they can spend mine as well, for me?

I’m pretty troubled. I haf a mixture of feelings. When i smile, i noe i dun mean to smile whole-heartedly. When i’m talking, i’m actually trying to balance out the number of sentences i say each day, just to make sure i dun hear thing like “a… y so quiet?”

Not that all faults lie in the others. I admit quite a number of times it lies in me.

But back to sumthing cheerful, i’m looking forward to the shopping trips… Maybe i can get all my energy recharged, my emotions tidied up.