Heez… Today is sort of a gathering wif the click: Jacky, Lester, Laily, Serene, Karen and Christopher.

We meet around 2pm at PS. Taken the Ajisen Japanese Ramen Restaurant. Me ordered the spicy miso ramen wif a side-dish fried tofu. Hmm… The soup base is nice. Not bad! So far this is my 2nd try for ramen, the veri 1st time is at Far East Plaza Level 1. That’s terribly awful. I dun enjoy what I ate. Feel like eating those left-overs. I dun recommend u guys to eat there.

Watch “Cold Mountain”. It’s quite a miracle to see the character, Inman, survived through all those difficult situations. And of course, he died in the end… Which is kinda expected. Not really bombastic or “whoa” visual effects, but the story is really touching. You have those war scenes where u see the cruel world. U haf all ur bubbies dead in front of u and stuff. War, often a journey of no return. And the “friends” whom he met on the way. U can do nothing but to believe in and trust them, working hand in hand to escape frm the soldiers. All the missing feelings of ur family members, ur love ones who went frontline.

Cried a few times throughout the movies. And of course, silently. That’s why I always choose the corner seats. Heez… Cried when Ada part wif Inman, Inman’s friends who died, the lady in the hut wif the sick baby, the reunion of Inman and Ada, the death of Inman… I think there are some more which I kinda forget. Not a bad show to catch… Can visit this site: www.coldmountainmovie.com

Din really accomplish what I actually intended – shopping trip. So I’m gonna get down to town again tml.

Haf been telling Karen and Christopher some of the silly things I did:

1) There are those handles which u grip on those SBS bus. Erm… Those that are attached to the seats ones. Last time primary school, I dunno how, folded my elbow into the in-between hole in my school bus and ultimately get it stuck in the hole. Reach the stop where I suppose to alight. But because of this, the bus is stalled for quite a long time. Bus uncle (driver) and auntie (auntie who jaga us) came and pull my elbow out. I remembered I was crying like hell. Then my elbow went swollen for days…

2) Saw my cousin playing wif the lift door. He put his hand on the lift. As the door slide opened, he still rested his hand on the door. But then lifted out the hand just before the door is fully opened. Well… Stupid me, find it interesting. One day taking a lift back home wif my family. Rested my hand on the door oso. But I forgotten to take my hand off the door before it completely slide open. So my hand is trap inside within the door. Dad is trying to pull my hands out, Mum is pushing the lift button. It takes at 30 minutes. Somemore with the help of a passer-by.

3) I used to drink strawberry milk every nite. And I pour the milk into my favorite cup (little pink one). Drink them in my bedroom. Saw the prickled heat powder (those baby powder when applied got those menthol menthol feeling one) on the dressing table. My throat wasn’t feeling well. So I was thinking, if applied on skin, I haf the cooling sensation, might as well drink it. My wind pipe and the throat will feel cool. I put quite a lot into the drink, somemore stir them. Not bad… Hahahaha~ Landed throwing up in the middle of the nite.

4) Haf u guys wondered since a puncher can punch a hole on the paper, how will it look like on the hair? My thought is that: I will look cool and special if there are holes in my hair. Something like curtain, got pattern one. I was so happy that day because my mum tied my hair up wif the ribbons I like. So I excitedly took quite a big bundles of hair, ready to be punched. Well~ I was totally shocked! I expected to see holes in my hair, but the whole strands just being cut off. I quickly throw them into the rubbish bin, cover them wif tissue papers.

I always do all the silly stuff. It’s not that I din think of the consequences, but they just dun tally wif the actual thing.