Social Engineering

When Lester brought up this term, Social Engineering, i was looking at him with a big question mark. I have checked through online, in computer security, social engineering is a term that describes a non-technical kind of intrusion that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking other people to break normal security procedures. But i’ll need this skill not on hacking, but to lie my way through to those difficult people.

Yes~ I face problem with that stupid design house again. I’ll keep mum about it. Pray hard that i’ll be the winning side.

My father’s van gana an accident by an oncoming car traveling at high speed. He was working in one of the bungalow house and has parked his car in front of the house. The reckless and careless driver hit him from the back of his car, the speed that he is traveling cause his car to move and hit on the car in front of him.

But the good thing about it, i’ve got a car to sit every morning. He left his car in the workshop and drove back of their rental cars. Haha~

Finding Trouble

Kinda have a dispute at home and everybody went silent. My youngest sister went into the room, my dad turns his visions to the TV, my mum continues her chores in the kitchen, and my second sister prepare to make a call out.

Was it really me? Am i that mean to point out each weakness and put them behind the bars? I hate it when they claim that the credits all belong to them.

The Island

This is a shopping day for we girls. Meet up with Serene and Laily to Orchard. Basically, we only spend our afternoon at Far East Plaza. Talk cock plus suaning throughout and entertained the shop-assistant who sell jeans and jacket to us. Me and Bong took neoprints before Serene arrived.

I got myself a jean shoulder jacket, a causal long pants, a black top and a pair of hipster jeans. Conclusion, I really need to go on diet… Heez~ All the fei rou leaking out. Hahaha~ Serene was trying to recall my waist size back in poly times. K… That is motivating for me to work towards my past figures. Did tried on this pink top, 1 and only one left. Fits alright but if it is a little bit longer and little bit looser, it will be perfect.

As our legs couldn’t take us any further, we rested at Isetan’s McCafe. Talk and gossiping. Heez~ We parted in front of Isetan’s shopping mall. And i walk all the way to the back of Takashimaya’s bus stop to catch my bus. I forgot about the road detour, the block thing announced by LTA. My bus stop is actually being removed. Determine to take a bus home, i walk all the way to Somerset. Sweating all the way. Kaoz~

Had breakfast with Lester at Tiong Bahru Market. Fish soup, yum yum… Heez~

Entertainment of the week, movie… Watched The Island at Great World City. The counter boy circled our tickets and said it’s R21. Trying to recall whether did i bring my wallet along, i stumbled for a while, i don’t think this movie is R21.

The Island is a great blockbuster. It’s about clones getting to know that they are not a human, and all the truth about “years before contaminations”, “the lottery to The Island” and ‘”the survivors that they claimed to be found in the contaminated zones”. Throughout the movie, you will be amazed by the plot and the whole scene settings, some jokes between the characters. Recommend this movie lots…

Was browsing through some blogs, and read on to what she wrote. I found traces of me at times (perhaps it’s all the dressing thingy and outlook), somebody who is mostly to like what i like. But we are now at such a relationship for years, i can’t even bother to say a ‘hi’. May happiness be with her. May extra extra extra happiness be with me. *Evil grin*

Invitation To Beijing’s Graphic Designer

I received an email like this yesterday:

Dear Low Lay Hiang,

I have come across your resume and portfolios on coroflot website. I am interested to see if you will be interested in a job opening in Beijing, China as a graphic designer.

We are a small to medium size, established Advertising and Design Firm in Beijing run by Hong Kong management personnel. We are looking to open a sister company and looking for an experienced graphic/interactive designer to cope with our business expansion immediately. Our core business includes Corporate Identity, Advertising, Mulit-media, PR & Marketing consulting mainly for foreign companies which are looking to come to China.

Should you are interested, please send me more of your works or a personal website for review. Fluerent English is required. Basic Chinese is preferred.

Best regards,
Sylvia Tam

My reply is as below:

Hi Sylvia,

Thank you for your recognition for my work. I’m rather tempted with your offer. But sorry to say, i am still committed to my current job, and will not discontinue within the short term.

Would like to thank you once again for your invitation. Will hope to work together again in future.

Lay Hiang

And in my spam mail, i have another invitation also through coroflot:

Hi Lay Hiang,
got your contact from the web coroflot. We are currently looking for any fresh grad/or experience designer to come onboard our design team, no working experience required but attitude counts. We have an immediate vacancy so do give me a buzz should you be interested.

Have a great day:)

Warmest Regards,
Raymond Tay | Art Director

Actually, i am very TEMPTED… Hahaha~ But i started to be inferior about my work again. Nothing impressive.

End Day

Switching between different channels, I finally settled on one. It just caught my attention and i would like to find out what it is all about.

Telecasted on Channel News Asia at late night yesterday, a BBC production titled End Day. This is a documentary combined with wild imagination if the Earth is strike by the most deadly natural disasters and diseases. What will happen to us in the 24 hours?

There are deadly flu virus spreading, freak storm attacking the cities, the black hole that sucks everything in and etc.

I reflected: what will happen to us in the next 24 hours?

Steamboat At My House

Had a belated birthday celebration for Geargina at my house. Wake up early in the morning to the market to buy the food. Wait till Lester is here, zwe make another trip down to the NTUC supermarket for another round of food. Vacuumed and cleaned up the house to make sure everything is neat and clean.

My mum started to prepare some of the food after 3pm and done by 4pm near 5pm. Manage to catch a short nap before smses coming in to ask me where is my house. Shortly, Serene, Geargina, Suqin, Jackey and Laily came. A total of 7 people altogether. Thank god~ My Ah Pi is still quite friendly that night. If not, I can’t gurantee who’s finger will be bite off. Opps~

Suppose to get move our butts to Carrefour or Bukit Batok Bassar Malam, but was however too late. Ended up playing Monopoly after 10pm till as late as 1:30pm. Hahaha~ It was fun. We trade our properties among each other. Jackey got the very expensive zone of properties, Geargina gets all the 4 train stations, Suqin trying to buy all the lands in the same color zone. Hmm… We only decided to call it a day when nobody is interested in trading their cards.

We went to the newly revamp Marina Square. There are still quite a number of shops not occupied yet. Marina Square kinda look younger. A lot of boutiques, restaurants, etc. These will definitely add colors and youth to the whole complex.

We had also been to the Esplanade, there are three stages having music band performances sequentially. Only manage to stay for a while and listen to a couple of songs by this Singapore band, Serenaid. Not bad I would say. But after listening to three songs in a row, they some how sounds the same. Opps~ Maybe I’m not musically trained.

Spend the rest of my day basically sleeping. Wasn’t feeling that well. Have been LS-ing for the past 1 week, slightly feverish. Yucks…


My company has a lot of restructuring. Nicole has just been appointed, William will commenced work near August. Richard is coming in during the December. And only today, i get to know that Saro from the Singapore office is being promoted and will be shifting from Singapore office to Regional.

Work load increase, i foresee… The thought of leaving is still hanging there. Just looking for something to spite me, so that i’m courage-able enough to tender my resignation. I got it all typed half a year ago. See?! Actually, my mind is set long time ago. “Before you asked what the company can give you, think what can you give the company” tagline doesn’t work for me and my company. Shitty company.

Fantastic 4

Suppose to wake up at 7:30am to get ready to Lester’s house. We had a date with ‘A Lot Like Love’. But “my alarm” only managed to wake me up at 8:30am. Had MacDonald’s breakfast before the start of the movie. The cinema is empty, only 4 couples scattered in the seats.

A Lot Like Love is pretty touching, but onl the last quarter of the movie is touching. The rest is pretty lengthy and narrative. Yawnz~ Can’t possibly make me sit still in my seat. I folded my legs, lying side ways, all sort of patterns to make myself feel comfortable.

After which, Lester brought his data link for his nokia phone to redeem his 50 bucks back. Yar… He got himself a new phone. !@#$%^&* I played with his new toy, K750i, and i kinda like it, had this temptation to buy. Took a short nap before meeting out with my secondary school friends.

As usual, everybody is late. But Rui Xiang and co manage to reach 1 minute after my arrival. We proceed to the steamboat venue. Shortly, Xiao C, Ding Lun, Sze Li, Jolin and her boyfriend all turned up. We also enjoyed free SAF’s planes formations above our heads and fireworks. Cool~

Due to the time constraint I had, we splited into 2 groups after dinner. Sorry about that… Hope we can catch up again. Heez~ Had some talk with Xiao C and Ding Lun at Tiong Bahru Plaza’s Coffeebean. A lot of recap. But time just flies that fast.

Watched Fantastic 4 at Great World City. Cool… Very funny movie. Most likely to have sequels. Will be looking forward to them.

Celebrated Lester’s mum birthday at Kushin-Bo. Hmm… This time round we eat much lesser. But somehow I won’t visit there again in this short period of time. This is the habitual thing bah. The first time you try all food, and subsequently, you only look for food that is good and food that you wanna eat.

Reformatted my computer because I cannot login to the internet. Stupid problem. I find it disturbing when I need to do all the IT stuff at home. I din use them, but they did. And basically, I can’t leave there more than a week. They will start grumbling.

Lester meet me for lunch at Hans. Heez~ Lovely…

Terry messaged me regarding some web hierarchy thing. Managed to talk a little on the phone after my lunch.

I’m reflecting on the trade that I’m working in: prospects, incomes, my precious work pieces. Yup~ I’m feeling tired of working AGAIN. It’s kinda sucky that you practically work with no passion. But I sense some motivation today. I like that feeling, but I guess it will end after I go home.

War Of The Worlds

Caught War of the Worlds at Plaza Singapura. I would say the suspense, thrill and climax is there. But the ending was kinda snip short. It’s another watch-and-forget blockbuster movie. Nachos combo selling at the cinema’s food counter has a new packaging. Less hassle free, dun need to worry about any spillage.

Stroll down Orchard Road and bought quite a bit of lingerie. Many are on promotional sale. Was kinda inspired and motivated after shopping. Graphics may not be all you see on the websites, brochures, cards, and other IT related materials. It can be on the women’s lingerie. Heez~

Not only teenagers will buy those cute cute lingerie, but young ladies from 20 to 30 years above also do. Hmm… If i have such a chance, i would like to try being a lingerie designer as well. Sounds cool eh? Then i can wear what i draw. Hahaha~

We are supposed to have dinner at Taka’s pasta counter. But due to upgrading and renovation, the stall is closed temporary. Kinda miss the pasta now. Linguine + Hoki Fish + Thai Basil sauce. Temporary we will settled on The Sketches at Parco Bugis. Slurp~

Woke up quite late in the noon. Play with my ah pi before leaving to Laily’s new house. Hmm… Not that bad as she mentioned, but slightly smaller than her old flats. And by the way, she is now leaving at 26th floor lor. Damn high. Slack my day there bfore i head home. Hahaha~

Had a meeting with Beaufort Hotel’s senior sales manager. This year office conference will be hosting in Sentosa. And i got my room there too. Heez~ Quite a number of big shots will be here, so i shall be rather busy as well. Somemore, i can go to the Spa Botanica to have my spa treatment. Of course, this is chargeable to my own account. Well… Can’t afford it. Hahaha~

And we will be celebrating Geargina’s 21st birthday the next saturday. Hope to see you guys soon.
PS: Bring Zhi Ming along as well.


Catherine showed me 1 of the bohemia tops in eBay yesterday. Rather colorful, but it looks good. However, it is slightly costly or on par with the selling price in any boutique shop. Or perhaps, just unwilling to pay the extra bit for the shipping. And the currency is in pounds.

Instead, i look through the jewellery section and eyed for this bracelet. It is kinda special. Love it at the first sight. So i bidded it. Dunno will i get it or not. The bid closes yesterday. But till now, i did not receive any confirmation whether i am honoured enuff to own it. Worst still, the history bid reflects zero.

Drop the seller an email. Hope she can reply to me asap. *Pray pray*

Today is Lester’s mum lunar birthday. Happy birthday!!! Heez~