The Island

This is a shopping day for we girls. Meet up with Serene and Laily to Orchard. Basically, we only spend our afternoon at Far East Plaza. Talk cock plus suaning throughout and entertained the shop-assistant who sell jeans and jacket to us. Me and Bong took neoprints before Serene arrived.

I got myself a jean shoulder jacket, a causal long pants, a black top and a pair of hipster jeans. Conclusion, I really need to go on diet… Heez~ All the fei rou leaking out. Hahaha~ Serene was trying to recall my waist size back in poly times. K… That is motivating for me to work towards my past figures. Did tried on this pink top, 1 and only one left. Fits alright but if it is a little bit longer and little bit looser, it will be perfect.

As our legs couldn’t take us any further, we rested at Isetan’s McCafe. Talk and gossiping. Heez~ We parted in front of Isetan’s shopping mall. And i walk all the way to the back of Takashimaya’s bus stop to catch my bus. I forgot about the road detour, the block thing announced by LTA. My bus stop is actually being removed. Determine to take a bus home, i walk all the way to Somerset. Sweating all the way. Kaoz~

Had breakfast with Lester at Tiong Bahru Market. Fish soup, yum yum… Heez~

Entertainment of the week, movie… Watched The Island at Great World City. The counter boy circled our tickets and said it’s R21. Trying to recall whether did i bring my wallet along, i stumbled for a while, i don’t think this movie is R21.

The Island is a great blockbuster. It’s about clones getting to know that they are not a human, and all the truth about “years before contaminations”, “the lottery to The Island” and ‘”the survivors that they claimed to be found in the contaminated zones”. Throughout the movie, you will be amazed by the plot and the whole scene settings, some jokes between the characters. Recommend this movie lots…

Was browsing through some blogs, and read on to what she wrote. I found traces of me at times (perhaps it’s all the dressing thingy and outlook), somebody who is mostly to like what i like. But we are now at such a relationship for years, i can’t even bother to say a ‘hi’. May happiness be with her. May extra extra extra happiness be with me. *Evil grin*