It Just Pissed Me Off

I get really pissed off when my colleague paste memo pads on my computer screen, inside my drawer, on my keyboard or on some documents and put them in my in-tray. At times, i received her emails instead. And all these will spoilt my mood for the day.

Is it me or is she being rude?

I can’t deny, the feeling of being rebellious is there. Just like Lester who likes to ask me to get my bum off the seat and get things done quickly, the more he does so, the more i want to sit in front of my TV and do things as slow as possible. And my dad, the more he wants to wake me up from the bed, the more i want to sleep and toss around on my bed.

My mood is a determine factor for tasks to be accomplished. I believe all these “pushing factors” will affect the nature of myself. So, to reverse such process, i’ve gotta do the way i want the things to be done right? Selfish, i know~ The feeling of being pushed and pressuried is no good.

Threshold Of Tolerance

I’ve got a scolding by my dad because of a STUPID AUNTIE!!! I have enough nonsense in the office, and i always think my very own home is the best hideout. But instead, i get more nonsense.

The amount of hatred, impatience, dissatisfaction, irritation, anger and sadness has piled up both from work and from home. It may sound exaggerating but I hate every single thing around me. I dun care whether is it selfish to put myself in the first place, but I need all attentions desperately.

Can you guys please pay attention to what I say? Can you guys please understand how I feel? Can you guys please think what I think?


Get to know coroflot since poly times. It’s something like an online portfolio and job agents together in one. I’ve have created my account years back, but it’s an empty shell till now. Here’s my account. Still quite empty though, i’ve been figuring what to put in. Nothing special, nothing i’m proud of and say “This one is nice”. Getting worried how far have i been building my portfolio.

Yesterday Lester’s mum touched down Singapore from Japan. The families were there to fetch them. Received this cute panda puppet that goes ‘meh~’. And my doggy has been eyeing it. I mean eyeing to be his toy. Hahaha~

Star Wars: Episode III

It’s another long weekend, Vesake Day. Was busy for the week. Wednesday had a last minute call-up by Bong to meet Robert. He will be leaving us on the friday to Brunei for a year. Take care pal. Thursday and Friday are havoctic. Guests from Thailand and Hong Kong came to our office to learn some accounting softwares. Man~ I fall asleep in their lesson. But i was given good food at the last day, Lei Garden at CHIJMES. Heez~

Lester booked out on Saturday morning. We went breakfast at Tanglin Halt. Dinner time to Suntec and catch Star Wars Episode III. Bump into Bernard and his gf. It was kinda funny, i stared at him when i saw him, never even say a “hi”. Too shou liao~ But his gf looks fierce sial. Opps~ We almost can’t find the car in Marina. A lot of changes…

I’m not a fanatic fans of Star Wars series and dun understand a single heck about it. Initial impression is something like Matrix, need to think and think and think. Therefore, i’m so reluctant to catch it. Come to think of it, it was a pretty straight forward movie. Just that they screened Episode 4, 5, 6 then 1, 2, 3. Interesting~ And i like Master Yoda. “Very cute, he is.”

Sunday meet up with Chen Hui and Yi Mei. We had steamboat at Marina. The usual crap and gossips, complaining about our work and SAF. Talk about a few of the juniors we usually met: Pearline, Dawn, Gean, Angeline, Benedict. Another kopi session at West Coast MacDonald. Unbelieveable, another 3 months had passed. Took some photos with them, will post them up when they send me. Hahaha~ Chen Hui will be leaving to Taiwan for his SISPEC training. Take care pal~

Lester has extracted my blog’s content and fit them into his blog template. Feel free to use that to browse as well,

And Joseph just sang suddenly at the staircase. All of us laughed. Hahaha~







Generation Gap

Younger generation: I tell you also dunno one lah~
Older generation: You never even try to tell me, how am i going to understand?

Sounds familiar?

Generation gap has always been a problem. It has been there all the time, from your family to your elder colleagues in the office. Inevitably, communication will break down at some parts, messages are not well brought across.

People at my generation dun like to talk things out, everything keep within themselves. However, we are brought up in a way, knowing that talking may not change any situation, talking too much may cause flares and tensions between 2 parties. So we choose to bury things underneath, and always say “wo de ming hao ku” (my life is miserable). Hahaha~

We always think the elders are so inflexible, like that means like that. However, we are constantly looking for an efficient route. What I think? These are improvements. What they thought? We have not work the hard way through, therefore we dun understand the rationale behind all these “inefficiency”.

Sometimes, we are classified as reckless or impulsive while the elders are very cautious. Seriously, we are more adventurous. It’s okay to reach the dead end after much effort but somehow just can’t tolerate cautiousness. On the other hand, the elders have been through it, they could be kind enuff, volunteering to share their experience so we won’t waste our time. But we insisted “Try! Try Try!”

Perhaps the old beliefs of being kind, being courteous, what’s family values still remain. But the complications of the world and the advance in technology drift people apart and make people think that the road is not always straight and left right turns. Just like me, not that i dun voice up my views and emotions. But i no longer need to talk to a physical person, instead, the technology does the saying for me… …

In Working Order

Hard work never killed anybody but why take a chance on being the first?

There are a lot of ways to manage your work stress, one of them is to try and leave at a reasonable hour and not feel guilty about it. The other is to not sweat too much over details that you can’t control.

Burnout is excessive mental or emotional exhaustion on the job, resulting in an inablility to do tasks you were once competent at. Burnout is a warning signal. If left unheeded and unchecked, it could lead to serious depression or anxiety.

The warning signs of a crisis:

  • Getting sick more frequently. Illnesses that are common in this instance include headaches, peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, common cold and heart palpitations
  • Feeling sad
  • Smoking and drinking more than usual
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual problems
  • Easily irritable
  • Loss of confidence
  • Becoming cynical
  • Feeling of self-doubt
  • Lack of motivation, new ideas

“We should not look at burnout as personal weakness,” says Prof Fones. “It is the collective responsibility of the individual, the company and society. It is not really anybody’s fault.” He also added, perfectionists and people with high expectations are more prone to burnout. So are Mr Nice Guy types who do not know how to say “no” and end up taking on too many tasks.

Working women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than men. This could be due to their bearing a greater load both at home and at work.

Samsung X460C

Just upgraded my phone to Samsung X460C, and downgraded my plan to Suntalk 150, $25.20 per month. My Nokia 6610 in already in quite a bad shape. But now, gotta start all over again like a novice user. Took me ages to compose one stupid sms. Argh~

Had another nightmare this morning. This time i dream of a group of us, in our secondary school age, going for a camp. Huge school of us are separated into groups. We have to get to the assigned host and stay in their house.

The buidling i can vividly remember, is an old tower. Every 1 flight of stairs you take, you gotta backwards 2. Took us ages to reach. I belong to a group of 4 or 5, with 1 very close male friend, Max. It was a very old lady, with white hair all over, not tied, not combed. She briefs us on some of her house rule and we are taken to the guest room to sleep.

Several wooden planks lined up side by side, 5 of us ready to turn in. I told Max, “I’m really really scare. I don’t feel secure at all staying here.” He replied, “Never mind, I’m just beside you.”

Blanket has covered up to my eyes, barely can see. But i can feel. I feel another person’s presence, someone just beside my male friend. Then, my male friend did not even make a sound, but i feel teeth biting on his neck, and accidentally touches my arms. The old lady turns into a wolf-like monster tearing up my friend. I dare not move.

Somebody on the other side of me worked up and asked, “Old lady, what ae you still doing here? And where’s Max?” Old lady replied, “Oh~ Max has went to the toilet. I’m here to check if all of you are asleep.” I jumped up spontaneously, “You liar! You ate up my friend.” Everybody starts scrambling out from their bed as the old lady transforms into the monster.

Can’t really remember how we kill her, or perhaps, how she kills us. Kinda complicated. Anyway, was kinda tense up again.

I would have scored quite a bit if the schools allow us to write compositions like this.