Star Wars: Episode III

It’s another long weekend, Vesake Day. Was busy for the week. Wednesday had a last minute call-up by Bong to meet Robert. He will be leaving us on the friday to Brunei for a year. Take care pal. Thursday and Friday are havoctic. Guests from Thailand and Hong Kong came to our office to learn some accounting softwares. Man~ I fall asleep in their lesson. But i was given good food at the last day, Lei Garden at CHIJMES. Heez~

Lester booked out on Saturday morning. We went breakfast at Tanglin Halt. Dinner time to Suntec and catch Star Wars Episode III. Bump into Bernard and his gf. It was kinda funny, i stared at him when i saw him, never even say a “hi”. Too shou liao~ But his gf looks fierce sial. Opps~ We almost can’t find the car in Marina. A lot of changes…

I’m not a fanatic fans of Star Wars series and dun understand a single heck about it. Initial impression is something like Matrix, need to think and think and think. Therefore, i’m so reluctant to catch it. Come to think of it, it was a pretty straight forward movie. Just that they screened Episode 4, 5, 6 then 1, 2, 3. Interesting~ And i like Master Yoda. “Very cute, he is.”

Sunday meet up with Chen Hui and Yi Mei. We had steamboat at Marina. The usual crap and gossips, complaining about our work and SAF. Talk about a few of the juniors we usually met: Pearline, Dawn, Gean, Angeline, Benedict. Another kopi session at West Coast MacDonald. Unbelieveable, another 3 months had passed. Took some photos with them, will post them up when they send me. Hahaha~ Chen Hui will be leaving to Taiwan for his SISPEC training. Take care pal~

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And Joseph just sang suddenly at the staircase. All of us laughed. Hahaha~