Japanese Miso

On and off I will search for food blogs, keep them archive in my bookmark.

I chance upon Just Hungry and follow Makiko for quite sometime. She writes about Japanese food and cooking in English, an extra effort she takes in making people understand about Japanese’s cuisine.  In many of her posts, she provides step-by-step instructions and pictures. Most importantly, what she teaches are usually achievable at home!

She has recently posted an article about miso. I think it’s useful because I’ve been eating a lot of ramen recently. There is once, I am stuck with miso choices at Men-ya Kaiko ramen store. I remember clearly the menu does not describe much about the tastes in their different miso. I bet I need to understand this special soy bean thingy a bit more.

So enjoy.

Missing Shih Tzu Found

Missing Wang Wang is found at Ten Mile Junction’s Sheng Siong yesterday. One kind staff found him and bring him home.

When the owners go stick posters today, the manager tells them about this familiar dog. Heng heng~

Anyway, it just remind me that my dog has nearly gone missing too. My door is locked, my mum is not aware that he is not at home. I see him stupidly standing outside my neighbour’s house after my class.

Dogs like to 离家出走. Maybe he wants to go gai gai~

Lost Shih Tzu

Hi there,

My girlfriend has lost her dog, name Wang Wang or Money, at Teck Whye to Bukit Panjang estate. He is last seen at 8pm at 12 Phoenix Garden Singapore 668280.

We have search the estate, but no where to be found. So if you happen to stay around this area and found him, kindly drop a comment here.

Wang WangWang Wang

Name: Wang Wang (aka Money)
Breed: Shih Tzu (White with light brown patches)
Last seen: About 8pm at Phoenix Road.

Are You Being Served? Mission Outcome

The outcome of my Are You Being Served? Mission has been posted on the Are You Being Served? website, check out Lester & Li Xiang: Sound service!

Here is a snippet of the post:

We approached one of the staff, nearer to us, and ask him to take the product down for us. He is wearing an orange color t-shirt which is significantly different from the rest of the staff there (they wore black) and he do not bear a name tag but just the word “Promoter” so we assumed he might be a part time staff working on the weekends.

Judging from his reply stated on top, he is not very sure of the product himself either. To make matter worst, he has problem communicating with us. He seems to have problem understanding our English and his replies in English to us are often very short.

Check out Lester & Li Xiang: Sound service for the full glory details!

Handmade Brooches

Wanted to do this for quite some time. For self indulgence only.

DSC09522Added brooch backing to Saturday’s silver casting.

DSC09515Added brooch backing to an existing badge thingy that I’ve bought from a bazzar.

DSC09514Sew my own ribbon, accessories is from an old earring.

DSC09518Beads and buttons from a purse and diamond in the centre from my old earring.

Bakerzin’s Strawberry Shortcake

Still in search for the best strawberry shortcake, this time we’ve tried one from Bakerzin.

Definitely better than River Gauche’s one. Bakerzin’s strawberry shortcake has more of the creamy taste. The usual combination of cream spreads (pardon my terminology, may not be the best), strawberries and sponge cake, the cake is soft and the cream is light. Not a lot of strawberries underlying between the cakes though and after several spoonful bites, you just feel as though it’s just another similar one.

IMG_9358Bakerzin Box

IMG_9359Bakerzin’s Strawberry Shortcake

IMG_9360Bakerzin’s Strawberry Shortcake (Cross Section)

At the same time, Bakerzin is having a monthly promotion with their blueberry cheesecake, 50% off regular price. Promotion ends this October 2009. So, we bought another extra cake.

I am not used to eating really soft cheesecake, Bakerzin’s one seems to taste so. Be warned: I’ve chilled it before consumption. It has a very thin and insignificant crust base, so the salty-ness from the crust is missing. Somehow I like the blend of salty and sweet in cheesecake which subconsciously reduces the “jerlad-ness” from the cheese.

I think so far Lester’s mum recipe is still makes the best cheesecake. If want you really some sweetness, especially when you are making a plain cheesecake, you may consider putting small amount of white chocolate. It just make the taste thicker and fuller.

IMG_9367Bakerzin’s Blueberry Cheesecake