Glico Festive Gift Packs

In the recent few Chinese New Years,  Glico launches Pocky Chocolate and Strawberry in a festive gift pack. This year, they offer you with more choices.

You can now buy the all-time favourites, Collon and Pretz, in a festive pack too.

The festive packs tell an old Chinese folk tales, the Nian monster, in a series.

Collon festive pack is the first episode: Nian monster invading the village, forcing the villagers to run for their life with their valuables. Pretz festive pack is the second episode: Villagers realised that Nian monster is afraid of loud noises. So they raise the Pretz sticks to beat the drums for noise, chasing Nian away. Pocky festive pack is the finale: Celebrating the coming peaceful year.

Glico Collon Gift PackGlico Pretz Gift PackGlico Pocky Gift Pack

This year’s Chinese New Year coincides with the western Valentine Day. Another reason to give a gift? Probably.

Glico gives you Almond Crush and Almond Crush Bitter to sweeten up your family, friends or love ones’ day. Calories and weight control? Maybe another day…

Glico Valentine Almond Crush Gift Pack

But what I really want to say: ALL THESE ARE DESIGNED BY ME. Hahaha~ Support huh. Check out First Food Pte Ltd for more products and updates.

So, I Didn’t Know

Browsing the interior design, always admiring the clean, simple and large amount of space given. Seriously, I don’t know it is a Scandinavian style that I fall in love with.

Scandinavian style combines the neutral colors of the Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish landscape. The long winters and lack of natural light in Scandinavia created a need for sleek and airy interiors that made the most of the available sunlight…”

Found a mind blowing site, The Cool Hunter. Encompasses strong visuals and colors. Why am I just studying graphics? This site is a really cool shit!

Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

A random meet up with my girlfriends at this Nonya restaurant, Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant.

It is an à la carte buffet, with lunch starting from 11 am to 3pm and dinner from 6pm to 10pm. The waitress will pass you a slip of paper with the dishes names in all text to tick on. You probably need some patience to go through the list because most of the dishes name are in Malay. Get help if you can’t figure out what they are.

We came a little late, because I overslept, so we only call for 1 round of food. Portion i guess is determine by the number of people seated in the table. Blurp~~~

Will I come back? Yes. I think this place is not crowded, food is generally quite good and worthy for the amount of meats and curry we have. It is ideal for big eaters too. For people who still want to keep the dishes oriental yet adding spices in the cooking, you should try Nonya food.

Most of the food have been tampered.Meatball soup.We didn’t know we ordered another salted vegetable soup because menu has no picture.Sambal Prawns.Otah. Ate half of them liao.Eggs with long beans and chinchalok.Chicken curry.Satay babi… Yee~ Only Bong and Qin ate.Salad.Curry zhab cai.Ngo hiongs. The left over.Durian puree. Ok only.Refreshing chin chow.Chendol chendol.

The Everlasting New Year Resolution

I just realise what I really wish for (subconsciously) in every New Year is to stay beautiful, youth, slim and slender always. I am indeed shallow.

This is especially true after seeing some good old friends not maintaining their look well after their few years of slavery at work. Not an easy task? Probably…

But this is like our prime age. I don’t want to look back at my pictures, see myself (at my prime age) in a haggard stage.

So, let our achievements in career do some justice. Be it botox, laser, slimming center or personal effort: I want my beauty!

2010 New Year

Spent our first day in 2010 at Alvin and Jie Ling’s house. I kinda like their house, very near to Choa Chu Kang MRT and it is big!

Steamboat time! The hosts do all the choppings and cuttings, chasing me and the guests out of their kitchen.

The rest of the time, we are glued to their Starhub TV channels, Iron Man, Power Sunday and 麻辣天后宫. Talala~

IMG_3507Going to start.IMG_3508SoupIMG_3527Funny eh?IMG_3520Girls in the house. We all have some kind of red, i realise.IMG_3525Ah beis in the jail.

My new year resolution is to 减肥.

(^_^) I am going to eat some chocolate now~