Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

A random meet up with my girlfriends at this Nonya restaurant, Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant.

It is an à la carte buffet, with lunch starting from 11 am to 3pm and dinner from 6pm to 10pm. The waitress will pass you a slip of paper with the dishes names in all text to tick on. You probably need some patience to go through the list because most of the dishes name are in Malay. Get help if you can’t figure out what they are.

We came a little late, because I overslept, so we only call for 1 round of food. Portion i guess is determine by the number of people seated in the table. Blurp~~~

Will I come back? Yes. I think this place is not crowded, food is generally quite good and worthy for the amount of meats and curry we have. It is ideal for big eaters too. For people who still want to keep the dishes oriental yet adding spices in the cooking, you should try Nonya food.

Most of the food have been tampered.Meatball soup.We didn’t know we ordered another salted vegetable soup because menu has no picture.Sambal Prawns.Otah. Ate half of them liao.Eggs with long beans and chinchalok.Chicken curry.Satay babi… Yee~ Only Bong and Qin ate.Salad.Curry zhab cai.Ngo hiongs. The left over.Durian puree. Ok only.Refreshing chin chow.Chendol chendol.