Travelling to post-tsunami areas, are you still hit by clips seen on tv? Wonder how much reconstructions have been done~

A bit chicken out~ Bleah~

Still Seeking For Inner Peace

Couldn’t balance my body hormones, i think i flare up like even on very minute stuff. Maybe i got hell lot of time and ample sleep to mind too much. I need to get busy in school and just play with my classmates. Bo liao-ers, probably they are not. They are just adults-dun-wanna-grow-up.

Anyway, i want to dump away my stuff. That includes anything that bothers me. Patience may never be with me. Be self-fish. Love yourself.

P/S: Anyone want to learn dancing?

Nature Calls Me In A Very Unusual Way

I have this very weird body response whenever i visit places with books. Mega bookstores and libraries are great enemies to my bowel…

Times when i need to work on research in libraries or leisure browsing in bookstores, my stomach will start to churn. It’s not really a stomach upset feeling but more the urge to go toilet for BIG BUSINESS.

This routine works almost everytime so do how i handle this weird body response. I will ignore it usually, but the activity down there gets so ACTIVE that i can’t concentrate on what i am looking at. I will then surrender and visit the toilet then back to where i left off.

Maybe subconciously something left me a very bad impression of the bookstores. But i really cannot recall…

Not A Bed Of Roses

Someone just advise me that life is not a bed of roses. You won’t get to try all the things in your life.

I shall try to learn this and live with it.

Maybe I Am Sick

Sick in my mind…

What is perfect? Something that is none exisiting? Perhaps…

I’ve started to give a thought to everything in my life – or just partial. Maybe putting a value against everything to justify if it worths as much attention, as much time, to throw or to maintain.

When there is no solution, sleeping cures the worries.