Collected quite a few brochures from Watsons. Well~ Today, I shall give a short grooming tips bah~


:: Every week, treat your lips to a lip mask: mix 2 spoonfuls of milk powder with water and apply generously for extra nourishment.

:: Keep lips moist to prevent fine lines. Wera lip care products with SPF 10 or above everyday. Smooth on lip balm morning and nite.

:: If fines lines already exist, massage lips with sesame or almond oil. Blot off any excess with a tissue after 10 minutes.

:: To remove dead skin on lips, use a soft-bristled toothbrush, dipped in Vitamin E cream to gently brush away surface debris.

Eye Bags

:: Don’t drink large amount of water before going to bed – 3 hours before bedtime is a good cut-off point.

:: Limit your intake of salt, as this is another cause of water retention.

:: When applying eye-care products, gently massage in spiralling motion, being careful, not to drag delicate skin around the eyes too strongly as this may result is the appearance offine lines.

:: If you have puffiness under your eyes when you get up in the morning, apply cotton wool pads dipped in cold milk to the eye area for 10 minutes. You can achieve the same effect with cold chamoile tea or green tea or used teabags stored in fridge.

:: Unless the weather is extremely dry, do not apply a thick layer of eye cream around your eyes. Heavy eye-cream can overlaod fragile eye-skin, causing fatty lumps and flabby, droopy eyelids.

:: Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water. Drink it the first thing in the morning. This will detoxify the body and prevent the formation of bags under the eyes.

Skin Hydration

:: If you are working long periods of time in an air-conditioned room, you can place a large bowl of water beside you in order to increse the humidity.

:: Daily washing of the face leads to water loss, a fact exacerbated if you use hot water. Therefore, use warm water to clean the face instead and apply a long-lasting moisturizing product while the skin is damp.

Check this out as well~

Collected my passport early in the morning… The whole process from collecting a queueing ticket to collection of passport at counter is onli 10minutes. Applause for the efficiency of the administrators at the Immigration Hall. Bravo…

Suppose to have a party with our triage staff at downtown east. Hmm… Initially dun feel like going, but was kinda tempted. Still~ I drag my heavy legs straight back home. Think i need to stay more at home. My dad isn’t really happy with me staying out veri often. He din really say them out. But the frequency my mobile rings say it all… Ever since i haf my first mobile, i become so dependent on it. If i really can give up 1 device, i will definitely give up my mobile. It’s an irritating tracking device to me than a simple, convenient communcation device. Shit!

A lot of things i’m not happy with. Damn lot~ Started to zai ji dan li tiao gu tou (picking bones in an egg). So fed up, so fuck up~

Yipee~ Received the letter of notification to collect my passport le… Going to make a trip down to the Immigration Hall tml… Good good~

You guys check your SP email account bah… There is this email says:

“Dearest all third year students,

ICT Club has organized an Annual Dinner and Dance specially for you all, the third year students from the School of ICT (Info-Communications Technology).

Details for the event are as follows:

Venue : Traders Hotel, Singapore (A-Shangri-La Hotel)

Date : 15th May 2004 (Sat)

Time : 6.30pm – 2am

Cost : $55

Theme : Dazzling Night

Dress Code : Formal

Attach is a powerpoint with more details.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Mr Tan Chee Seong”

Well~ 15th of May… Hahaha~ How many of you will attend?

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday to u… Chan, sang you a birthday song liao…

Yesterday had a celebration for chan’s 20th birthday. Thanks for your dinner, dube! The buffet is superb. The chicken stock is nice… Hope everyone enjoyed their nite.

Take a bus back home. This is so COOL~ Plug in my earphones, sitting alone, have some quiet moments. It’s really really really enjoyable sometimes to be left alone.

Fall asleep in the mid, a caucasian man gave me a tap on my shoulder. He said: “Miss, your papers. You have dropped them on the floor.” Well~ I’m holding onto the portraits drawn by Bong. Unknowingly fall into deep sleep. But anyway, this sleeping journey on the bus is damn shiok. I can rock my head to and fro, sideways like nobody’s business. In addition, there isn’t anyone talking to me non-stop, so i can reat my brain as well as my ears. Ha~

Haf been having little little thoughts ever since monday. The power of speech is so influential, so powerful.

Our conversation has sounded my alarm. It really makes me think how much i do love HIM. Seems as though i haf many in mind. Down to earth, it’s still HIM, and onli HIM. Wo bu zai ai ta le. I should be able to speak and present myself properly in front of HIM like normal frendz do.

We shouldn’t haf even started this bu qing chu de guan xi. And i learn along my way…

Yawnz~ Super super tired and drained today. Ganna nag by my dad in the morning. Well~ For the same old good reason: cannot wake up in the morning. I dunno when i can stop all these…

Yesterday, i received a invitation from NUH. They are organising a STAFF APPRECIATION NITE. Well~ i tink they are closing the triage counter down. It’s a good news. But on the other hand, i’m going jobless… Hahaha~ Take this time to rest bah…

Later in the day, Chan is coming to my house to get his hair dyed. I’m wondering how successful can it be? U guys shall see this tml… Hahahahaha~

Wake up real early this morning to the immigration centre. Well~ Just need to get my passport done. If not, i may not be able to tat travelling document ready in time. Thank you Lester for accompanying me there so early. The process is real fast. Porceed straight to the lobby, get the a form filled up, glued ur photo, pay an amt of $60, attached the receipt to the form, drop it in a box.

Meet up wif Jacky at 2pm. Before tat, me and chan have been shopping ard, bought the tickets for RUNAWAY JURY. Got myself a techno compilation cds, 6 discs altogether. Gonna blast it at home liao. Feel so xia suai, these 2 guys are shopping kings, man… My legs get so tired easily. And i requested to sit down most of the time. Hahaha~ Pro liao lah~ I’m sure these guys have a great shopping trip today. Eyeing on this Levi’s red three quarter top. Ganna suan by Mr Jacky, “This top is low cut one.” Sian~ I haven give it a try yet, maybe i’ll get tat. Today i just dun haf the mood to strip myself in the dressing room to try out the clothes.

Happen to receive a leaflet. This is the content of it:


Everyone who feels sick must pray to God to regret their actions. Other people who do not pray to God should look up and say sorry many times. They must also help people and if they are busy they should donate money. God will clear their karma. Below are karma incurred from previous life:

Diabetes – A person who always eats more than his share of food causing people’s unhappiness and suffers ill-health.

Hepatitis, rheumatism – A person who causes damage to the digestive organs of another person util that person finds difficulty in digestion and suffers ill-health.

Kidney failure – A person who ill-treat another person until that person also had kidney failure.

High blood pressure – A person who regularly scolds another person until that person becomes sick.

Shyness – A person who often points out another person’s faults until that person becomes sensitive to criticisim and feels shy.

If these people so not reget, they will have the same sickness again in their next life.”

No offence to any particular religion groups or any individual’s belief, but all these are a total shit.

Last station is the movie at PS. I really recommend you guys to catch this. Really a good plot, plus the twist. I din really pay attention to the ending part, so kinda miss a bit. Anyway, getting the novel to read – Runaway Jury by John Grisham. This author is awsome at all his twists. But gonna apologise to this particular person, i fly ur aeroplane, din watch it wif u. But u got the book? Borrow can? I think you still haf John Grisham’s collections. Heez~

Meet up wif Xing Cai for “candle-lite” dinner at Esplande. Hmm… Had a nice chicken dish and my ice chocolate drink. Chat pretty much together. But due to my tireness, i switched off myself at times. Sitting in an open area, there is this english lady in red hot hair, big round red spec and wearing a red long dress, bringing her green chamelon like character, loitering around. This is an performance, i suppose. They just walk abt in the Esplande, entertaining the crowds. Cool~ Very innovative prefromance.

So after dinner, we had a stroll at Esplande, Fullerton and Tanjong Pagar. Too full liao. Has been crapping a lot, a lot. Getting quite tired now~ Yawn~

Had a meeting in the office wif boss today. We are currently engaging in another chinese cd-rom. Mainly because we are the ones drafting out the concepts, all of us are veri eager.

The rest of the colleagues are being “summoned” into the office for the discussion. Tat supervisior, the way she speaks… Cannot make it. She REALLY has communication problem, she dunno how to present herself. First thing, the speed she is talking is not appropriate. Too fast liao… Just like when someone is burning furious, you’ll sense tat he strides a bigger step and at faster pace. Same concept. She is trying to show her disatisfaction by talking REAL FAST. Secondly, her face… Dun understand why she has this act pro face? She makes us feel as if we are the fresh birds in the market, dunno anything. Basically, we behave like a FOOL in front of boss. Thirdly, she is so reluctant to accept other ideas. No matter how hard you interrupted, she will start “Yar lar… You got ur point. But…” Forever full of excuses to overthrow your ideas. To sum up all the 3 things i have mentioned, SHE IS SO ANNOYING.

More problems come in when she starts to pin point on what others say. She has made the open discussion atmosphere so bad tat i tink we are hafing an arguement. The 4 interns in the office laugh out instead. We laugh at her stupidity. The way she fights back for something isn’t important at all, makes us laugh. SO, SHE REALLY NEVER EVEN USE HER BUTT TO THINK… A leapord wont change its spots. Predicted~

Looking at the situation, and after much calculation, SHE REALLY CHANGE FOR GOOD FOR 3 DAYS ONLI LEH… ONLI FOR 3 FUCKING DAYS~ One end crying to somebody, trying to seek for attention. Pitiness~ Now? Tat same old slut…

Went Newton for dinner. I have been enjoying good food, good people, and good environment. Cool~ Laily relates a scenario which occured in Newton. She spotted XIAO QIANG crawling somewhere near our seat. She chose not to make a din. Hahahahaha~ I’m damn relief she din make a din. Coz i will run for my life~ But on the other hand, it will be not much better if i discover it myself… Had a after-dinner chat wif the rest of the click in town. Some left early. Really miss the days we are students, with not much worries, then go gai gai everynow and then. Beautiful~ (^.^)

Free SMS for M1 and Singtel subscriber

Dear All,

I just got a message from friend teaching me how to reload my hand phone every month for free. Engineered by a group of rebel programmers. Now I am going to share this to all for you. Please follow the instructions as stated below before you start it: Applicable for SINGTEL & M1 user only and is done illegally of course.

You can only do this every 24th & 25th of the month as the network system is under upgrade.

1.) Dial “1415007” using your h/phone and wait for 5 sec

2.) After 5 sec, you will hear some funny noise (like sound from TV when the station is finish)

3.) Once the noise stop, immediately dial 9 151 follow by your phone number

4.) A recorded message “please insert your pin number” will follow

5.) Punch in the pin number “011785 45227 00734” and wait for the operator finish repeating the above pin number.

6.) After the pin number has been repeat, dial “0405-for M1, 404-for SINGTEL”

7.) You will hear a message “for air time top-up press 1723” you just have to follow the instruction

8.) After you follow the instruction, the noisy sound will re-appear for about 5 sec

9.) Once the noise stop, dial “4455147” follow by “146”

10.) After about 5 sec, dial “1918” after 3 second dial “4451”

11.) After you done that, punch in the serial number “0117 4452271145527” you will hear dial tone.

12.) Once the dialing tone stop, dial “55524785933” you will hear “please key in your password”

13.) The password is ” ****2+253+7891*+546322 ” wait for the message “your password accepted”

14.) You will hear ” please insert your emey number ” now you have to be fast to dial your own handphone number

15.) You will hear a dialing tone, when the call is answer, dial “1566” and you will hear “re-confirm emey number”

16.) Once you hear that message, dial “6011556 2245334 follow by your handphone number

17.) After a while, you will hear a message “your pin number is accepted” you have to dial “1007”

18.) After you done that you will hear “your emey number is accepted”

19.) Continue dial “4566” you will hear “your password is accepted”

20.) Once the second message finish, immediately dial your own handphone number

21.) Now you will receive a message saying………..



It’s been a long time i ever slowed down my pace and take a good look at my neighbourhood. I used to look at the sky in the kitchen. Still remember the sky is ever so blue, the clouds are ever snow-white. So beautiful~

Happen to saw this grown-up ah beng downstair. Well~ I used to hang out alot at my park, and he is tat teenage ah beng in our neighbourhood. He is veri popular among gals at our time. Just becoz he is the most handsome one in his gang. Everyone notice him. A lady is tagging along at his side. Erm… A pregnant young lady. Should be his wife bah~ Sigh… Ppl jus change too fast and too much. By then when u actually notice, they are no longer the little boy or little gal u last knew.

Of course, some change for the better, but some change for the worst. A person who used to be ur badminton partner, guai guai one, and now, not really an ah beng, but hang out in pubs, clubs, ktvs, spending money like nobody bizness… It just make u feel uneasy… Things tat u talk abt, they are no longer the same. To cover ur embarrassment and to keep the conversation rolling, u keep asking “how are u doing?”, “how’s ur school?”. All it reminds me is WE ARE NO LONGER AS CLOSE AS BEFORE…