Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday to u… Chan, sang you a birthday song liao…

Yesterday had a celebration for chan’s 20th birthday. Thanks for your dinner, dube! The buffet is superb. The chicken stock is nice… Hope everyone enjoyed their nite.

Take a bus back home. This is so COOL~ Plug in my earphones, sitting alone, have some quiet moments. It’s really really really enjoyable sometimes to be left alone.

Fall asleep in the mid, a caucasian man gave me a tap on my shoulder. He said: “Miss, your papers. You have dropped them on the floor.” Well~ I’m holding onto the portraits drawn by Bong. Unknowingly fall into deep sleep. But anyway, this sleeping journey on the bus is damn shiok. I can rock my head to and fro, sideways like nobody’s business. In addition, there isn’t anyone talking to me non-stop, so i can reat my brain as well as my ears. Ha~