Dental Visit

Today i’m on leave. So relax~ While on my way to Orchard, the image of the ‘O’ level result releasing day pops in my mind. Roughly remember the scenario, Mrs Soh is sitting in front of all the students with our result. While somebody is talking in the background, and that someone is our principle Miss Tay, i ask Mrs Soh to peek at my english result. She flipped through her papers, hand-signed and say it’s B4. All pressure release at that moment. Phew~

Today went to clean teeth. Sparkling clean… (^_^) But the dental suggests me to go dunno fill up some grooves. And suggested lester to put on bracers. Man~ I dunno bracers cost $3500 to $4000. Somemore can pay installment. Hmm… Quite cool~


Everyone has…

An invisible spot that doesn’t allow any trespasser,
A margin that doesn’t allow any to cross,
A history that doesn’t allow any to rack up,
Some words that mustn’t be muttered,
Some actions that are classified under “Forbidden ”.

Business World

Business is a world where you express in bombastic english, beat around the bush and make people fall into traps, ultimately “see you in court”…


Me Thinking

Me at my age am thinking: time is not enough for me.

Me at my age am thinking: sleep is not enough for me.

Me at my age am thinking: friends are just adequate for me to la kopi with.

Me at my age am thinking: life has just hit my first quarter milestone.

Me at my age am thinking: studying could be better than working.

Me at my age am thinking: exercise is so much important to stay in shape rather than stay healthy.

Me at my age am thinking: jewelry, handbags, shoes, clothing, cardigan, glasses are all so fascinating and tempting.

Me at my age am thinking: when is my Friday coming?

Me at my age am thinking: knowledge is never ending.

Me at my age am thinking: cockroaches are still as disgusting.

Me at my age am thinking: it’s been a long time I talk to my doggie. Meow meow come~

Me at my age am thinking: what I would do if I can turn back time?

Me at my age am thinking: $$$. Hahaha~

My Blood Boils Every Single Day

[layhiang] said to [FANNY] at 10:42:52:AM
lynda just called. i’m mad about what she said. i ask her why din she call yesterday at least if she cant send the work? she told me she was on mc. then i told her, she should call back the office and tell the recep to relay the messge to us that she will not be coming in. i ask why din she do it so? she replys ‘it all cock up’
den she even told me that the artwork was done yesterday and ask if i did ask from them the artowrk. which i actually did called up yesterday, eventually knew that both jane and lynda are not in. i even ask the recep whether did he knows anyone (as in the artist) who is incharged of our project so that i can talk to. just too bad that the recep dun know.

too overboard. she even asks what time did i called the office? and say i should call in the morning and they will tell me her status.

i waited till ard 7:40pm for the artwork to be sent and their phonecalls. i get nothing. peter wanted to review those artowrk and finalise it on his trip so that he can give me permission to go ahead with the production alreadi. now, we gotta wait till he is back from the trip and the other side is going to complain about us dragging the dateline.

[FANNY] said to [layhiang] at 10:50:24:AM
don’t worry, once I tidy up my backlog, i will speak to jen and then jane. i really don’t think its gonna to help becos that’s their attitudes but i will let Jane knows that we are disappointed with their services. ensure they give you what you want by today and put in black & white (ie write an email and cc me and jane). will bring this up next week.

New Office

Have been settling in the new office for a week. Everyting is fine. New furnitures and sitting arrangement is rather pleasant, just that i have little flies irritating me and my colleagues in the office. We have a larger female population in the company, therefore, we turn gents into ladies and let the men use the executives toilet. It’s obscene to see uriners in the toilet. Can’t get used to the sight. Pui~ Other than that, we are working in a shopping and food paradise. Many areas to go to during lunch. Endless window shopping. I’m tempted to buy my accessories, shoes, clothes…

Last sunday went to sentosa with Bong and we tried on a new beach, the Siloso Beach. Happy unpacking our stuff and onli to notice that Kenny, his gf, Fiona, Lynn and their secondary school pals are just beside us. What an coincidence~ Remember staying up there till quite late, after 7pm, before we set off back home.

Seriously, nothing much happen in this week. Getting lesser and lesser content to fill up the blog. Wonder am i having much like a routine life or i just can’t bother to write?

Just subscribed to CLEO magazine. Hope i can find thrills there…

House of Fury

Watched House of Fury at Jurong Point on Friday. It’s a comedy cum action kind of movie. Directed by Stephen Fong, fights are chorograph by this Yuan something something one. Cast includes many famous ones: Stephen Fong, Twins, Wang Qu Sheng and Daniel Wu. Funny movie but not at all a lame show. Fights and actions are incredible, something different.

Went facial with Lester’s mum at Jurong East. She has vouchers for free treatment so she asked me along. Had this essential oil customise facial. Okay only lah… Not much different.

Sunday went to Sentosa, Palawan Beach. We pray that it will not rain. Forgot to bring the picnic mat along, no choice have to squeeze in 1 small towel. Saw this china man in yellow swimming trunks. Erm… Not really swimming trunks, but it’s bright yellow underwear! It is very obscene after he came out from the water. You see through the butt. Luckily din wear spec, can’t really see the front. Opps~