Liew Shan Wen

Started msging Shan Wen to know if he could make it to this coming gathering. But too bad, he has his training on Saturday as well.

Gotta chat abit and know that he is currently serving NS, in 3 Guards. His ORD date will be end of next year. Pretty long eh… The usual crappy him, but it always makes me feel good to get back together with your good old friend, and i really mean GOOD FRIENDS.

Anyway, looking forward to this friday. A break for me…

Diary Vs Past Relationships

I ever heard this in a local talk show: “If you dun want your current boyfriend / girlfriend to know about your past relationships, dun write diaries.” While in my point of view, it’s no longer true on the analog form.

With the advance in technology, diary is not something in a book that you locked up in your drawer. A blog is a form of diary entry. A blog which marks all the memories down can be as sweet, but as hurtful. When the mist of love slowly disappear, these memories could just be something which you never want to recall.

Blog has become such an interactive communication channel, not just a showcase of events. And often, the couples leave traces of laughters and joy in comments dialogue. Inevitably, it may be such a thorn in others’ eyes. Everyone would like to be special and unique in 1 way or another. Nobody likes to follow some other’s foot path, especially the ‘ex’…

And somehow i realise, women are still not forgiving as what they always pretending to be. And simply as bo liao as they can be…

I-S Magazine Looking For Junior Designer

Asia City Publishing, the company behind I-S Magazine and Where Singapore, is looking for candidates for the following position:


  • Diploma in Design Communications or equivalent
  • Strong interest and/or experience in newspaper and magazine layout
  • At least 1 year’s publishing or design experience
  • Good knowledge of MAC / Indesign software (Quark Express, Freehand and Photoshop)
  • Creative and able to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • A team player
  • I’m so damn interested… (-.-‘”)

    Deuter Hip Pack

    Had a fulling lunch with my colleagues back in the office yesterday. Came to this ulu ulu Korean restaurant. I won’t say it’s not good, but kinda expensive. Prices not value for the food we eat.

    Had been craving for Fillet-O-Fish since sunday. So we decided to have Fillet-O-Fish for dinner at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Wanted to buy 10. Heez~ Coz i really really really love Fillet-O-Fish. But decided to buy one for each, and had other finger food after that.

    Was shopping around the Plaza and Lester was eyeing for a small orange pouch. And me, spotted this orange Deuter’s hip pack. It has solid cushion supports, a number of compartments. Not too sure is there a capacity to a pouch like backpack, but it is considerably big. Shall bring that along for this coming Thailand trip and future backpacking.

    Reached home before 10pm. And i was busy trying out some clothes for some events. I have my 2 sisters and Lester as the judge panels. But i really doubt their comments. (-.-‘”) Hmm…

    Kuishin – Bo

    To celebrate our 8th month anniversary and pay rise, we have made a reservation at Kuishin – Bo, Japanese buffet restaurant for lunch.

    “The spread is good” Lester said. Quite a number of variety, sushi, hand-rolls, sashimi, teppanyaki, paper steamboat, garlic rice, beef stew rice, miso soup, ramen, udon, tempura, chawanmushi, curry rice, soft shell crab, cold and deep-fried tofu, yakitori, soba, cakes, tarts, ice cream and free-flow of drinks. Yum yum…

    Unknowingly ate too full, couldn’t walk at all. So we head straight back to Lester’s house. Slept throughout the evening, both of us din have any dinner. Slack through the nite, and watched Spiderman 1 and Resident Evil 1.

    MNG having sale, up to 50%. Got myself a three-quarter sleeve blouse. Heez~

    Organ Donation Pledge Form

    On my journey to Raffles MRT station, i passed by the underground Raffles Link. There are 2 ang-mos dressed like an flight attendant, holding signboards and shouted: “Welcome to London!” This is one of the promotion tactics by British Airways. Innovative eh?

    Celebrated Lester’s grandmother birthday at Marina Long Beach with the family. Happy birthday~ Heez~

    Stay at home the whole day, a secondary school aged boy deliever a letter for me. It’s my organ donation pledge form. Can’t bother to explain to my parents. But my mum don’t agree me to donate my organs after my death.

    I know the adults are pretty sensitive to such issues, especially they like to relate all these to customs and religious related practices. However, it makes me rather irritated and gets me on my nerves.

    At my age of 21, i can be responsible to myself, my life. But to my parents, or to any parents, we are still a little kid.

    Love Song Dedication At Class 95FM

    A last minute thought, to dedicate song for Lester over class 95fm on monday. Happily waiting and keeping track for the time it will be aired. I specially made a request: “*i hope my dedication can be aired around 9:30pm, because i’ll be in his car and i wanted a surprise for him.”

    Nope… My dedication wasn’t chosen, but for a very good reason.

    The deejay replied me in an email yesterday, saying:
    “Hullo there Lay Hiang,

    Sorrie cldn’t read out your dedication yesterday (monday)…was away on an overseas assignment!

    So…tell you what..I’ll be reading your dedication on Wednesday (22/6) night alrighty? Will try my best to time it around 9.30pm!

    Stay tuned!


    But the problem is, we are watching Channel U’s Superstar last nite. !@#$%^&* (-.-‘”)


    [First Verse]




    [Second Verse]


    Came across this song a few years back, in one of the Kokoro’s flash animation series which i think is meaningful.

    Secondary School Class Gathering

    Kinda excited to meet my secondary school friends in the coming month. And there is a list of people in my mind, i’m eager to meet up with.

    Hmm… I’m eager and yet rather worried. Have to look good and glamorous in front of these classmates right? Perhaps, i watched too many TV series drama liao. In a gathering, rich and wealthy tai-tai will show off their latest piece of jewelry while the man talk big in their businesses. Hahaha~

    Anyway, shall do exercise to tone up, apply pimple cream every nite in case of any outbreak, take extra extra care for my daily cleansing procedures, skip dinner, start preparing clothes and accessories to wear liao. Hahaha~ Dun spread the words out if you happen to be my secondary school classmates reading all the crap i’ve just mentioned.

    Anyway, see you guys… (^_^)

    And yesterday is my dad’s birthday. Bought him a Crocodile’s shirt for him. When i hand over the gifts, he almost forgot today is his big big day. Hahaha~ Happy Birthday, dad~

    Batman Begins

    Meet up with Xing Cai for dinner, duck noodles, in the neighborhood coffee shop. Can’t stand the scene when he starts cleaning his sweats from the forehead with his hands. “Tissue please~” i said. Getting a little particular about hygienes recently. Had a chill-out at West Mall’s coffee bean. Talk about his current job in Ritz-Carlton, and his embarrassing situation at his ex-girlfriend’s 21st birthday party. We left around 9:30pm while he meet another girl. Humph~

    Catch Batman Begins in Plaza Singapura in the noon. A long movie to me. Visual, plots, sound effect, scenes set-up, characters, thumb up. Shall be waiting for it’s sequel with the joker. Heez~ Today is a no transport day, so we walked. Bought a Bata’s black sequins sandals for $14.95, an additional $5 off if i buy it earlier in the week at Great World City. Took a bus back to Lester’s house and i fall asleep on the journey back. Yawnz~

    Wake up only at 3pm. It’s rather late to have breakfast, neither was it brunch nor lunch. Craving for Marche, we had our lunch + dinner at Suntec. Had cream of mushroom soup, rosti, stir-fried vegetable, chicken breast with black pepper sauce, teppanyaki chicken and beef and caramel banana waffles with ice-cream. What a feast~

    And somebody dunno how to clean his mouth even at his age of 21 years old. Duh… Remember what my mister told me this morning, “Look at the dustbin. The amount of tissue you used is…” Well… This is what i call cleanliness. Living with me isn’t gonna be easy. Hahaha~

    Went back home and pack my room alone for 3hrs. Duh~ The amount of dust collected is yucks. And my face tingles quite a bit after all the spring cleaning. Something must have resides on my skin.