Secondary School Class Gathering

Kinda excited to meet my secondary school friends in the coming month. And there is a list of people in my mind, i’m eager to meet up with.

Hmm… I’m eager and yet rather worried. Have to look good and glamorous in front of these classmates right? Perhaps, i watched too many TV series drama liao. In a gathering, rich and wealthy tai-tai will show off their latest piece of jewelry while the man talk big in their businesses. Hahaha~

Anyway, shall do exercise to tone up, apply pimple cream every nite in case of any outbreak, take extra extra care for my daily cleansing procedures, skip dinner, start preparing clothes and accessories to wear liao. Hahaha~ Dun spread the words out if you happen to be my secondary school classmates reading all the crap i’ve just mentioned.

Anyway, see you guys… (^_^)

And yesterday is my dad’s birthday. Bought him a Crocodile’s shirt for him. When i hand over the gifts, he almost forgot today is his big big day. Hahaha~ Happy Birthday, dad~