Happy New Year

Had the reunion dinner at 4 plus yesterday. Pretty early i guess. But we have the whole night to rest and relax with.

My youngest sister suggested to call my primary school chinese teacher, so that she can colleact hong bao. (-.-‘”) Make me hesitated for quite a while thinking what to say in the first place. Anyway, 3 of sibilings have fixed to meet on the third day of chinese new year. Let’s see what he is going to comment. Yadada~ Yadada~

Thailand Friends

Had an eventful weekends last week, as we meet up with our Thailand friends and brought them around Singapore for shopping.

They have been to Chinatown, Little India, Funan IT Mall, Habour Front and Suntec City. The most memorable one is the Little India trip. That was like my second time to Little India, after bringing Adam 2 years ago. There is this new arcade that sells quite a number of jewellery. Bought some bangles there but the girls are shopping like crazy.

Thanks to them, i wouldn’t step into Little India in the usual days and to touch the water at the Suntec City’s fountain. Singapore ain’t that boring i guess. Heez~ But too short a stay in Singapore, we would have brought them to try Nasi Lemak, Fried Kway Teow, have some local breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you will be surprise, they don’t like Far East Plaza.

Fortune Cookie

June passed me 1 fortune cookie first thing in the morning. I have seen such in those ang mo ang mo magazines but never had one.

Took 2 bites and found a slip of paper in there. It says “Take time off to manage your personal matters.” Hahaha~ Hit bingo this time. I got so much things in my mind that i have yet complete. \(^.^)/

Being A Pets Groomer

I was thinking of becoming a pets groomer. Wonder how much do you need to pay to take up such pets groomer course? Expensive bah?

Poor Ah Pi… Shall make him the guinea pig~ Meow!

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

Today is friday! This morning is breezy! Today meant to be a happy day!

But i miss a step and tumble down the stairs like humpty dumpty. Land lying on the floor on my back. Cool right? I still know how to break fall. I hardly remember how it happen…

What a day~ (-.-‘”)

Sweeping 2005, Welcoming 2006

Goodbye to the tough 2005 and welcome the 2006.

A quick summary of my work in the respective areas:-

Been through quite tough time since my colleague went on maternity leave. But was very glad that i created quite a lot of marketing materials for the asia pacific region:-

  • Medishield Talk Posters
  • Motor Insurance Posters
  • AF Greater China Company Profile
  • AF Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2005 Materials – Powerpoint Template, Registration Form, Facts Sheet, Programme List
  • AF Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Advertisement – On Asia Insurance Review Magazine
  • AF Asia Pacific Banner
  • AF Asia Pacific Regional Brochure – This has been hanging there for more than 1 year and plus the dispute with the design house
  • AF Asia Pacific Energy Brochure
  • Christmas Cards & Ecards
  • Established a lot of proposal cover for their tenders
  • Standardize the CV design
  • Intranet Website – Though still working on the launching

Also, my company has put me in charged for 2 conferences, Regional Conference 2005 in Sentosa and Energy Conference in Kuala Lumpur. These 2 experiences are definitely enriching. It’s sometime amazing to see people form different parts of the world gather together, across mountains and oceans.

As for the new year, I hope my passion remains till the day i resigned. Simple as that.

The bond between the colleagues are stronger after 1 and a half year. Seems pretty hard to click with them like the same age of friends usually do. I would say we never go out together unless any of the colleagues resign, and we are out for the last meal. Sigh… 2 of my very own kakis, Aileen and Catherine resigned one after next. But was really glad to have others like Edel, Meow In, Joey, Angeline and William mixing around at the start of the year.

Not much of a sickness except putting on weight. But we have targetted to work hard on exercise days with the rest of the click, probably do more exercise on my own with Lester. Should be able to see the results lah~ Pray… Turn others into pigs but not me!!!

My degree is getting deeper, and my shan guang makes it worst. Should i take up contact lens or should i wear my glasses? Sob~ Sob~

Been to Thailand, first time on board a plane. I SEE CLOUDS… I find that Thailand is a very colourful and friendly country. Most importantly, it is a shopping paradise… Heez~ While Chang Mai is like Cameron Highland, a good place for good air and relaxation. Really makes you appreciate the nature.

2 significant toys which really make my life a little different, Sony Walkman MP3 and Wacom Tablet.

New Resolutions
Hmm… To pick up all the necessary software skills and mathematics again to prepare for my university. Learn more programming from Lester. Bury my head in Kinokuniya Book Stores, coz i fall in love with the books. Finished my Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, which i have 97 chapters to go. Have more time with my dog. I always think he is the only one being neglected at home and you know dog’s life span is short. Sigh~ Keep fit and healthy. Stay happy…