Heez~ Long time neber enjoy the peace… A peaceful long sleep. Woke up at ard 11am. Remember the first thing I did was ‘smile’. Smile because I haf enuff sleep… Pulling my blanket up, wanting to sleep more. Then spend the rest of my day packing my room. I throw lots of stuff… Lots of papers and 1 doll… Manage to dig out some of the photos, and this is the compilation of me… All me…

Join my sec sch classmates in pasir ris park for bbq. I was there veri late, ard 8 plus. There isn’t much food left, but is enuff for me to stuff my stomach for that little moment. Pretty short gathering but I think it is pleasant. A lot din make it to cum tis time. Some rare faces appeared. Hahaha~ On our way back, we alighted at clementi for supper again. Tat’s fulling then.

Erm… I ask abt ‘Paul’ (Seng Gang) frm my sec sch mate. My frend is frm the same course as he. So jus KPO lor… Whoa… Din noe he is so catchy. Ppl frm IT dept called him ‘cao sissy’, I called him ‘Seng Gang’ and ppl frm BUSINESS called him ‘Sister’. Wat leow… He is damn popular leh!

And in one of the conversation, I heard tat Choon Eng (sec sch frend) has already give birth. Goodness gracious… I onli noe she is married but din noe abt the pregnancy part. Pretty shocking. But the news is yet to be confirmed. Hai… Jus wondering wat she is doing… Erm… Not careful sial…

A… These few days haf been covering people’s shift, doing full shifts. I’m totally drained out le. Now left empty nutshell walking here and there. Soul still sleeping in my bedroom, dun seem to wake up. Sigh~ But i really wish to haf more sleep, at the same time, more money…

His birthday is drawing near, and i’m starting to feel afraid. Afraid of our time cannot coincide well to go out. Go out liao do wat and stuff… And i really hope tat day i won’t haf those wild thinkings going on, whether is it ridiculous ones or being too concern of wat he will be saying. And by the way, I’m taking my day off frm work specially jus for HIM. Jus negotiated wif my shift leader today. Well~ She agreed! So gonna ‘enjoy’ my day wif him.

Whether i’ll take up the courage to ask the question, well~ It really depends on me. Still caught in the dilemma whether to leave things uncleared, untold or cleared up the tangles and move on. Din really wanna think much actually. Sorry but to say, ‘Some Guys Are JERKS!!!’ Now then i realised, sweet-talk won’t last. U jus get tired of hearing… Maybe because u expected them.

I have been also crazily thinking abt the bungee jumping thingy going on in Singapore. I really like to try. But 1 ride is pretty ‘ex’.

Got a little pinchy feel in me yesterday. A… Jealously rose actually… Hai~ Shld haf been more devoted to one party… Hahaha~ Me need sum side-track to keep my life entertained. My life is far too plain…

Damn real fuck up today… The visitor of the hospital just screw up my day. Wat the hell is tis… But i’m gonna forget about tis…

Well… Ganna being question by 2 person today whether am i a smoker… Do i look like one? I doubt so… Wat leow… The veri first time i noe i’m classified under ‘chiongster’ is in year 2000 dec. My working collegue plianly pointed tis issue out to me. a few here and there frm the poly frendz oso. Now?! 3 working staff, 1 say me chiongster, 2 say me smoker. Do i look tat bad? As in tat extreme?

But watever they say, i noe i’m good in my heart… Hahaha~

You guys din go to the wrong place… But i haf redirect my URL to tis blogger address… Revamping in process…

Revamp start date: 18-11-03

Revamp end date: See when the supervisior commenced the working dates

Supervisor: Lay Hiang

Details: Surpervisor intend to sleep first. Wake up alreadi, eat first.

Got time? Watch tv first. Nite time again? Sleep again lah…

Investors and the financial backers: Wait long long lor…

On sunday, went out wif my sec sch frendz, 2 of them actually. Meet out for a chat and eat… I can’t imagine i haf never meet up wif them for the entire 6 mths. It’s long for me and i’m missing them damn lot.

Stupid us! Go to PS and found out that there wasn’t any Seoul Garden. So quickly change the venue to Taka, Level 5 – my favourite Seoul Garden. Heez~ As usual, eat and talk and talk. Guess my expression was real serious or sian tat my frend commented tat i’m tired or stuff lah… Basically, i jus din laugh tat much as the usual. Chen Hui! You din make me laugh leh… Ur jokes tui bu le… Kinda miss all those BIG laughs. Used to laugh until i sound like ‘hei gu’ (asthma), but tat sunday is rather a quiet one. Lots of talk actually.

And we even brought up our issues about hiking. Hmm… My schedule is rather packed currently. Still thinking when would i haf a time to get myself EXPOSED to the sun. Those skin under the clothes is rather yellow. Erm… It’s YELLOW! Rather sicky color. And long time neber where nice nice liao… Sian… Got all those bare-backs, low-cuts, spagetti-strips lying quietly in my wardrobe. Heez~ Haf been wearing tee-shirts all the time. I’m getting mad… Perhaps go for a swim, a jog, a gym, a blading, a badminton match wif sis outside, somedays, sometimes…

As for today… Heez~ I saw CYNTHIA… I frightented her of coz. Toking mei da mei xiao wif her. Think zx will miss her like i do. Hahahaha~ Same old her! Hair longer lor. But untidy sial. I haf been thinking abt Cynthia the whole day oso. And her sudden apperance, frightened me either. Shock!

Rather happy day. Get even closer to some of the staff again. Jus happy. I like to play ard, mix ard. So…. Pretty pleased tat they treat me like how i treat them. Easily contented person.

Lastly, haf been writing my personal diary veri often now. It’s like almost everyday. Hmm… Jus appreciated my life as it is now… Oh yar… I wanted to use one of my 3 birthday wishes. Basically, i want more sleep…zzzZZZ

Heez~ Thanks all to my pals! Thank you for your time, accompany and presents…

well… Basically, haf my make-up celebration for my birthday… Go where? Marina square Kenny Roger. The food portion there is real big… Many dun enjoy the food. Hahaha~ I feel too fulling. Then the staff there veri irritating. Kepp clearing our dishes when we ar estill happily chatting. Isn’t tat a hint of chasing us off??? Clever us! Find the comment feedback form on the table. Well… I still remember wat i wrote in the form:

1) There is veri little variety of food

2) The staff keep clearing the dishes when we are not done

3) The form is poorly design. No ‘poor’ option for the customer to fill in.

Sia lan rite? Hahaha~ In the end, Jacky suggest to put Johnson’s name. Blahhh~ Took photos at the STAIRS again… THE STORY SHALL REPEATS. Go esplanade as usual, rooftop. Unfortunately, it started to drizzles. We rushes our way to Suntec City n.y.d.c. – which stands for new york dining cafe… Hmm…

My favourite is still my drink. Lemon sobet thingy. Can’t remember the exact name actually. And erm… Another favourite! The grey elephant sitting at the latch of the display. Hug it, play wif its nose, its hands… Cool! And on and off we are into topics like ghost and SP’s haunted areas… Goosepimples~~ My pals bought me an oreo cheese cake. Nice and yummy!

Kinda gotta apologize if i neglect any one of them. Coz yesterday’s grp seems a lot bigger than the usual days. Dunno is illusion or there are really a lot of people… Hahaha~ But i do noe i din haf enuf individual chats wif all. Really!

Did mention something about relationship wif Gear on the way back. Whoa… Everyone has their own problem. And her’s is like a pile of problems lor… Finally learn something from her… Sometimes you need to sit down and think: is this time round LOVE or LUST?!

And we both believe tat we will treasure the ones whom we love most rather than those who love us… It’s the feelings, u see? And we both find a veri strange mindset. Why guys like to grab hold of a girlfriend before they going into ns? Isn’t tat selfish? Is not we gals will run away or stuff or temptations and other issues. But do u see tat when u get chances to come back home, of coz ns men wanna to stay at home and rest. So, wat we gals do? Accompany u at home watch tv ah? First few times is still fine. Long term wise… I dun think this works out! Dun understand! Dun understand! Just dun understand! I’m pretty selfish actually. I need my own space and time. I need some time to slack on my bed, watch my favourite tv show, eat my mum’s cookings, play wif my dog and sleep… So someone wanna me to do all those companing stuff? Forget about it! Im a typical career woman, career first.

Dunno who can toleerate me…Hahaha~

Today is my third day of work, but it seems as if i haf worked for a week. Get veri close to the staff there. We are toking crap every now and then. Hahaha~

Jacky joined me in the afternoon shift, mian lobby. I try to pretend i dunno him, gif him handshakes, introducing myself. Hahaha~ But exposed lah… Sob! Sob! But pleasant to haf someone i noe around.

I’m located at one counter closest to the thermal scan. So i stare straight at the screen. Suddenly, a word pad window pops up saying:

“Hello! Lay Hiang!

How’s ur day!!!

Wo ai nie!!!”

Tat’s my shift leadrer, nura who plays such this pranks on me. I jus turn my head and shouted “ni no ‘e’…” Hahaha~ We laugh and laugh. Then she started to call me ‘Billy Bong’ (from the sitcom, Living Wif Lydia). Stupid nura! At least i find them adorable now… Hahaha~

Greatest present for the day! The security officer found my wallet. I was contacted by my agent, Lawerence, about it… Ooow hoo! (^.^)

Go school for NSC training. Haf a nice and relax training. Received call from Lawerence and HIM. Go to the nuh security office to collect my wallet. Check out where exactly it is found. They say it is found somewhere in the main lobby, where i work, on the floor. Hmm… Found by security. Today’s work veri smooth. Really get on hand wif the Inpatient Queue, get the hand of it liao. But ganna a nasty doctor. My faith… Today, every staff tell me abt the wallet case. Telling me tat tis started happening 2 to 3 mths ago. At first start frm handphone, then to wallet. All lost but neber been found. Well… I’m real lucky. Kinda feel gulity pointing fingers at the staff for not concerning. Thinking back, they are actually rushing back to take the last shuttle bus to bona vista. So cannot blame them. Sorry…

Knock off slightly late. Rush back home to pick up my glasses and jacket. Watch movie wif HIM… Matrix revolution again. But nice lor… First 20 minutes he put his hand on my lap, my leg oso numb liao… Sian… Then i shifted a bit, at least tis brought me to a ‘normal position’. Yar… He gave me a cartoon toy flower. Hahaha~ Were eating a lot in the cinema – popcorns and drinks. He send me home. On the way… Hahaha~ Grab my hands becoz gt bicycle cuming, make way, make way… But i quickly shove my hands away… So tat i dun think wild again… Sorry gotta apologise to Laily! I neber raise up the question! Dunno why?! Haiz… I noe u will scold me… Still gt one chance, his birthday… He gt no bus home… Walk home lor… Veri near onli!

My 2nd sis waited for me at west mall wif joseph and yue zhen. I din picked up their phone… Din feel any vibrations. So they eat up my onli slice of ice cream cake. (T.T) Rush home is becoz i wanna eat my mee sua before 12am… 1 bowel of mee sua wif 2 hard-boiled eggs. Full!!! My sister gave me a hat tat i aimed for a long time. Fulfilled!

Presents collected so far:

* Photo album

* Grey bear

* Toy Flower

* Hat

11st Nov 03

8:00pm Knock off time. But found my wallet lost. Frustrated! Becoz sumone says I drag the time they knock off.

8:41pm Reach Bukit Batok Police Post. Make a police report. Lost the following things: NRIC, SP Student Pass, OCBC ATM Card, Cash Card, Photocopy Card, Cash amount approximately $20 to $30 bucks, my younger sister ITE Bus Pass.

Dunno should I feel lucky or not. Coz I’m aiming a Pierre Cardin wallet tat cost ard $55 bucks or more. But I haven buy yet. Or else, I shall be using the new wallet this time round. And thought of replacing my bus pass becoz I lost it since the last elit lecture class. Sob! Sob! These 2 cause me some $$… And now… My NRIC… Veri expensive to lost 1… Can’t afford!!!

11st Nov 03 – 13th Nov 03

6:25pm Chin Wooi – Laily told me is your birthday today… i got no gift to offer, no songs to wish you. just some words for u…. have a happy birthday and may your wish comes true

09:45pm Banana – Came down to my hse to gif me birthday present. It’s a bear. But I haven open yet. My sixth sense tells me is the grey bear tat I like… And there is this attached card saying:

Yo Gal!! HAPPY BIRDDAE!!!! U r oso 19th liao… 1 yr older liao.. Cannot play play liao… Wish U ALL THE BEST IN EVERYTINK U DO!! HOPE U LIKE TAT BEAR N REM MI ALWAYS!!

11:54pm Laily – Oei, 40. Happy birthday… Erm, may all ur dreams cum true lah. Hav a gd rest, dun keep thinking of nan ren… C u…

12:01am Yi Mei – Happy birthday!

12:32am Jacky – Happy 19th Birthday. Hopes you enjoy yourself, stay happy & smile always. Take care.

01:14am Serene – Girl ah! HAPPY BDAY! Sori was late! Sweet 19 oh! :p

01:21am Johnson – Hey lolz today ur big day wor.. Just wanna say happy birthday to you! May all ur dreams come true and wish u success in everything! Take care ger!

01:58am Bernard – Ben dan.. Happy birthday, old ger liaozz, may all yur dreams come true.. Enjoy yur birthday hor

02:58am Kenny – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

04:00am Lester – Happy 19th birthday lixiang. Hehe all e best in finding your mr right and your studies. Hehe take care dude

11:02am HIM – he called and wanted to go out later in the day. But i haf work, so gotta meet out later in the nite. bless me…

14:20pm Chen Hui – happy birthday. just saw it through your site. is it belated birthday? anyway, may ur wishes be true. always b nice 2 me.

08:03pm Geok Leng – Happy birthday! May you enjoy this special day fo yours n may all your wishes come true!

09:51pm Wei Jyh – Eh.. ur bday yest ar? or today? anyway.. happy bday.. (belated…)

10:52pm Chin – Happy birthday u have grow older

12:48am Zi Jian – hey! So sorry! Haha happy belated bday! Yest nite ran out of batt couldnt msg u then work morning completely forgot sia heh so where u working?

These are some of the greetings tat I haf collected so far. Thanks ya… And I DEMAND blessings from all the people I noe…

Finally! Finally finished watching the matrix marathon. I was damn kicking awake throughout the whole marathon. Hahaha~ But some… Fell asleep in the middle. And I guess I started to talk rots when it got late. Did i? Seems to get a bit siao lah… I dunno wat I had said oso…

We went to tiong bahru plaza for the movie. But before tat, we haf started our day at carrefour at suntec. We bought quite a variety of food for the steamboat. Then proceed to Lester’s hse. Well… Gotta thank Lester who lent out his place, his kitchen and utensils to make tis steamboat possible. Thank you! (u.u) Prepared our food immediately after reaching his hse. And Jacky and me managed to get the bed first before the rest rush to the room… Heez~

All of us slept and waited for the arrival of Qin and Geargina. Qin gotta us the cdr from the cdr-seller. Heavy sial~ While Geargina didn’t turn up on time. She went to salon to “do her hair”. Ai mei e ren~ So we started the steamboat first. Din finished the food tat we bought. Sob! Sob!

Geargina finally arrived at ard 8pm while the rest were already 7/8 full. So, Geargina gotta be our rubbish bin to eat up the rest. Cool~ She is another person who cannot survive wifout rice.

Last of all, crap ard Lester room before some went for the showers and bath. Me? Wash my face onli. Laily gave me my veri first birthday present – a photo album. Well… Veri nice one, jus cum in handy for my “photos”. Hahaha~ Thank you! Thank you! I gotta say I like tat veri veri much… (^.^)

We were ready and set off for tiong bahru plaza. Reached there pretty early. First frend I saw was choon heng. But din go forward to say “hi!”. The other one will be Yong Wei. Go forward and gave him a tap on the shoulder. The last familiar shadow was chee sing. Lester met his CS frendz. Well… Well… The one in stripes resembled zx, when his smile lah… Hahaha~ Laily oso agree wif me… I thought my nerves went crazy again. This convinced me tat the problem doesn’t lie in me. They were talking about ‘The Lord Of The Ring’ marathon in the December. I’ll be veri pleased if there will be one.

Toking abt the ‘Matrix Revolutions’, gotta praise the attack scenes of the Zion City. So grand, so majestic. However, rather disappointed by the one – to – one fighting scene between the Agent Smith and Neo. Kinda short of something, but I dunno wat was tat. But to say as a whole (the 3 episodes), it’s a god creation. Something ever so cool, so fantastic… Waiting to see how my younger sis comment for these 3 episodes. She haven watch any of it before.

Arrived home so “early” at ard 9am. Quick shower and wash up till 9:30am. Bed time, there I go. But was disturbed by my mum who wakes me up for breakfast. And other few times because my dad is painting the hse. I close my room door. Somehow, someone keeps opening and close it. Wanted to yell them out of my room, but I am too tired to make any noise. Rather a ‘peaceful’ sleep. Even had a nightmare. God damn goodness gracious… Such a frustrating sleep I should say…