Finally! Finally finished watching the matrix marathon. I was damn kicking awake throughout the whole marathon. Hahaha~ But some… Fell asleep in the middle. And I guess I started to talk rots when it got late. Did i? Seems to get a bit siao lah… I dunno wat I had said oso…

We went to tiong bahru plaza for the movie. But before tat, we haf started our day at carrefour at suntec. We bought quite a variety of food for the steamboat. Then proceed to Lester’s hse. Well… Gotta thank Lester who lent out his place, his kitchen and utensils to make tis steamboat possible. Thank you! (u.u) Prepared our food immediately after reaching his hse. And Jacky and me managed to get the bed first before the rest rush to the room… Heez~

All of us slept and waited for the arrival of Qin and Geargina. Qin gotta us the cdr from the cdr-seller. Heavy sial~ While Geargina didn’t turn up on time. She went to salon to “do her hair”. Ai mei e ren~ So we started the steamboat first. Din finished the food tat we bought. Sob! Sob!

Geargina finally arrived at ard 8pm while the rest were already 7/8 full. So, Geargina gotta be our rubbish bin to eat up the rest. Cool~ She is another person who cannot survive wifout rice.

Last of all, crap ard Lester room before some went for the showers and bath. Me? Wash my face onli. Laily gave me my veri first birthday present – a photo album. Well… Veri nice one, jus cum in handy for my “photos”. Hahaha~ Thank you! Thank you! I gotta say I like tat veri veri much… (^.^)

We were ready and set off for tiong bahru plaza. Reached there pretty early. First frend I saw was choon heng. But din go forward to say “hi!”. The other one will be Yong Wei. Go forward and gave him a tap on the shoulder. The last familiar shadow was chee sing. Lester met his CS frendz. Well… Well… The one in stripes resembled zx, when his smile lah… Hahaha~ Laily oso agree wif me… I thought my nerves went crazy again. This convinced me tat the problem doesn’t lie in me. They were talking about ‘The Lord Of The Ring’ marathon in the December. I’ll be veri pleased if there will be one.

Toking abt the ‘Matrix Revolutions’, gotta praise the attack scenes of the Zion City. So grand, so majestic. However, rather disappointed by the one – to – one fighting scene between the Agent Smith and Neo. Kinda short of something, but I dunno wat was tat. But to say as a whole (the 3 episodes), it’s a god creation. Something ever so cool, so fantastic… Waiting to see how my younger sis comment for these 3 episodes. She haven watch any of it before.

Arrived home so “early” at ard 9am. Quick shower and wash up till 9:30am. Bed time, there I go. But was disturbed by my mum who wakes me up for breakfast. And other few times because my dad is painting the hse. I close my room door. Somehow, someone keeps opening and close it. Wanted to yell them out of my room, but I am too tired to make any noise. Rather a ‘peaceful’ sleep. Even had a nightmare. God damn goodness gracious… Such a frustrating sleep I should say…