11st Nov 03

8:00pm Knock off time. But found my wallet lost. Frustrated! Becoz sumone says I drag the time they knock off.

8:41pm Reach Bukit Batok Police Post. Make a police report. Lost the following things: NRIC, SP Student Pass, OCBC ATM Card, Cash Card, Photocopy Card, Cash amount approximately $20 to $30 bucks, my younger sister ITE Bus Pass.

Dunno should I feel lucky or not. Coz I’m aiming a Pierre Cardin wallet tat cost ard $55 bucks or more. But I haven buy yet. Or else, I shall be using the new wallet this time round. And thought of replacing my bus pass becoz I lost it since the last elit lecture class. Sob! Sob! These 2 cause me some $$… And now… My NRIC… Veri expensive to lost 1… Can’t afford!!!

11st Nov 03 – 13th Nov 03

6:25pm Chin Wooi – Laily told me is your birthday today… i got no gift to offer, no songs to wish you. just some words for u…. have a happy birthday and may your wish comes true

09:45pm Banana – Came down to my hse to gif me birthday present. It’s a bear. But I haven open yet. My sixth sense tells me is the grey bear tat I like… And there is this attached card saying:

Yo Gal!! HAPPY BIRDDAE!!!! U r oso 19th liao… 1 yr older liao.. Cannot play play liao… Wish U ALL THE BEST IN EVERYTINK U DO!! HOPE U LIKE TAT BEAR N REM MI ALWAYS!!

11:54pm Laily – Oei, 40. Happy birthday… Erm, may all ur dreams cum true lah. Hav a gd rest, dun keep thinking of nan ren… C u…

12:01am Yi Mei – Happy birthday!

12:32am Jacky – Happy 19th Birthday. Hopes you enjoy yourself, stay happy & smile always. Take care.

01:14am Serene – Girl ah! HAPPY BDAY! Sori was late! Sweet 19 oh! :p

01:21am Johnson – Hey lolz today ur big day wor.. Just wanna say happy birthday to you! May all ur dreams come true and wish u success in everything! Take care ger!

01:58am Bernard – Ben dan.. Happy birthday, old ger liaozz, may all yur dreams come true.. Enjoy yur birthday hor

02:58am Kenny – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

04:00am Lester – Happy 19th birthday lixiang. Hehe all e best in finding your mr right and your studies. Hehe take care dude

11:02am HIM – he called and wanted to go out later in the day. But i haf work, so gotta meet out later in the nite. bless me…

14:20pm Chen Hui – happy birthday. just saw it through your site. is it belated birthday? anyway, may ur wishes be true. always b nice 2 me.

08:03pm Geok Leng – Happy birthday! May you enjoy this special day fo yours n may all your wishes come true!

09:51pm Wei Jyh – Eh.. ur bday yest ar? or today? anyway.. happy bday.. (belated…)

10:52pm Chin – Happy birthday u have grow older

12:48am Zi Jian – hey! So sorry! Haha happy belated bday! Yest nite ran out of batt couldnt msg u then work morning completely forgot sia heh so where u working?

These are some of the greetings tat I haf collected so far. Thanks ya… And I DEMAND blessings from all the people I noe…