I always wanted a lomo toy camera, but the only inconvenience is they are all analog cameras.

Happen to chance upon Andigraf application, there are a few lomo camera types and films you can choose. I think it works great with my lousy IPhone 3G camera. I shall temporary settle for this.

When is lomo coming out with a digital one? ๐Ÿ™ (Bet some lomo enthusiasts will disagree with me.)

Wish List

I never know what wish list really meant.

I thought it works like a lucky draw: people list down what they want and kind companies will send them 1 of it if he or she is picked. So I make a few wish list on books from Amazon, hoping that they will send to me. But they never did.

And I only know the ugly truth only today. Bleah…

Life is hopeful , as always. I still want to wish for something:

  1. 6 years back I was eyeing for a Calvin Klein’s watch.
    It goes through GST 3%, 5% and 7%. More and more expensive till it costs SGD$ 365. I saved my $1 coins for this but I ended up using them for my study allowance instead.
  2. Just last week from Hong Kong, I saw Issey Miyake’s one.
    I probably need to check out the price. Never see this in Singapore at all.

Calvin Klein’s Watch
Issey Miyake’s Watch

Chen Hui & Sumei’s Wedding

It’s a long dued post. 12 years of friend and Chen Hui gets married!

I have a bit more time this round, so I’ve made him a printed guest book. I encountered some problems along the way but is lucky enough to resolve them with some great people at the printing, binding shops. Also spend on crystals from scrapbooking shop.

Chen Hui employs Live Studios to take pictures for the guests, stream them live onto the screen and each guest also gets their copy of printed photos. So cool. Do away from the conventional developed wedding photos that you sent after wedding. Lalala~

Guest Book Cover
Crystals On Guest Book
Megu Stage
More Roses
A Group Of Tourists Taking Pictures With Bride and Groom
Secondary School Group Photo
Us With Bride & Groom
Secondary School Group Photo
Finish With A Toast

Vouchers For Lovers

I’ve bought this pack of vouchers, Vouchers for Lovers, from Illuma while shopping with my university friends. These vouchers are not in terms of any monetary values but are activities you can “claim” from your lover.

The 20 vouchers include:

  1. Alone Time
  2. Big Juicy Kiss
  3. Breakfast in Bed
  4. Candlelit Bath
  5. Craving Delivery
  6. Cuddle Session
  7. Date Night
  8. Designated Driver
  9. End to Argument
  10. Errand of Choice
  11. Fantasy of Choice
  12. Foot Massage
  13. Friends Night
  14. Full-Body Massage
  15. Household Chore
  16. Make-Up Session
  17. Movie of Choice
  18. Shower for Two
  19. Sweet Forgiveness
  20. Weekend Getaway

And you gotta read into the terms and conditions, they can be quite funny.

Vouchers for Lovers
How to Redeem
Date & Occasion
Big Juicy Kiss
Craving Delivery
Designated Driver
Foot Massage
Full-Body Massage

I mean love is sometime a LOVE-HATE relationship. If you are having a down time with your love one, sometime you just need things like that to lighten the mood and realign your relationship. ๐Ÿ™‚

P/S: When are we washing car, chill out in a bar, jog in the night and climb a mountain?