Wish List

I never know what wish list really meant.

I thought it works like a lucky draw: people list down what they want and kind companies will send them 1 of it if he or she is picked. So I make a few wish list on books from Amazon, hoping that they will send to me. But they never did.

And I only know the ugly truth only today. Bleah…

Life is hopeful , as always. I still want to wish for something:

  1. 6 years back I was eyeing for a Calvin Klein’s watch.
    It goes through GST 3%, 5% and 7%. More and more expensive till it costs SGD$ 365. I saved my $1 coins for this but I ended up using them for my study allowance instead.
  2. Just last week from Hong Kong, I saw Issey Miyake’s one.
    I probably need to check out the price. Never see this in Singapore at all.

Calvin Klein’s Watch
Issey Miyake’s Watch