Bakerzin’s Strawberry Shortcake

Still in search for the best strawberry shortcake, this time we’ve tried one from Bakerzin.

Definitely better than River Gauche’s one. Bakerzin’s strawberry shortcake has more of the creamy taste. The usual combination of cream spreads (pardon my terminology, may not be the best), strawberries and sponge cake, the cake is soft and the cream is light. Not a lot of strawberries underlying between the cakes though and after several spoonful bites, you just feel as though it’s just another similar one.

IMG_9358Bakerzin Box

IMG_9359Bakerzin’s Strawberry Shortcake

IMG_9360Bakerzin’s Strawberry Shortcake (Cross Section)

At the same time, Bakerzin is having a monthly promotion with their blueberry cheesecake, 50% off regular price. Promotion ends this October 2009. So, we bought another extra cake.

I am not used to eating really soft cheesecake, Bakerzin’s one seems to taste so. Be warned: I’ve chilled it before consumption. It has a very thin and insignificant crust base, so the salty-ness from the crust is missing. Somehow I like the blend of salty and sweet in cheesecake which subconsciously reduces the “jerlad-ness” from the cheese.

I think so far Lester’s mum recipe is still makes the best cheesecake. If want you really some sweetness, especially when you are making a plain cheesecake, you may consider putting small amount of white chocolate. It just make the taste thicker and fuller.

IMG_9367Bakerzin’s Blueberry Cheesecake

Rive Gauche’s Strawberry Shortcake

I just want a simple strawberry shortcake for my birthday. This is the first one I’ve tried from Rive Gauche at Basement 1 Takashima.

As many know, strawberry shortcake comprises the most easy to find ingredients. But if pastries shop can make this cake different, that is something.

My slice of strawberry shortcake costs me $5. Nothing special and the strawberry isn’t lovely red. Worth it? Nope~~~

IMG_8561River Gauche Patisserie

IMG_8563Dry ice inside. But I think it has vaporized, I don’t see anything.

IMG_8559Strawberry Shortcake Top

IMG_8558Strawberry Shortcake Side