Unseen/ Unsaid

Rediscover.sg is made up of 4 NTU Year 3 students of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information: Derek Foo, Elizabeth Lee (Lizzy), Lim Song Lip and Jeremy Tan. I’ve attended their first project, Unseen/Unsaid, screening preview at CrazyWorld Cafe yesterday evening.

There is a total of 10 series films to be released every Wednesday, starting from today 11am. We are very honored to catch 5 of them. So watch this space every week!

Through fictional narratives, Unseen/ Unsaid preserve and capture some of the fading old trades and buildings in Singapore. “We want the series to be a reminder to our generation, not to assume that everything we know to be part of our Singapore today will necessarily be there tomorrow.” said Lizzy, member of Rediscover.sg. I always admire the continuous efforts of preserving national heritage. This is a collective memory as it retells what Singapore is exactly.

The team is also looking for more contributors who are interested in preserving memories of Singapore. Interested parties can contact them at their twitter: Claudia (@claudia10), Derek (@drekfoo), Lizzy (@lizzaeh), Song Lip (@limsonglip) and Jeremy (@oneloosebutton).

The 10 parts series films screening schedule is as follow:

  • 29 June 2011 – Bread & Butter
  • 06 July 2011 – Staying Home
  • 13 July 2011 – Mosaic Story
  • 20 July 2011 – Here, Temporarily
  • 27 July 2011 – Days of Our Youth
  • 03 August 2011 – Horseman
  • 10 August 2011 – Keeping Our Faith
  • 17 August 2011 – Of Keys and Melancholies
  • 24 August 2011 – All the World’s a Stage
  • 31 August 2011 – Through Thick and Thin

Unseen/ Unsaid


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Unseen/ Unsaid Screening Begins

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Unseen/Unsaid Preview

I’ve been disappearing from my virtual space for almost 10 months. Been playing damn hard to catch up with my life, university (the love and hate place) has taken away from me. There will be some changes here, this space, but it will take some time. Be nice with me. 🙂

Unseen Unsaid - Einvite

I will be attending Unseen/ Unsaid by Rediscover.sg on Tuesday. What is this? I’m excited to know too. And who are these Rediscover.sg? They are a bunch of young Singaporean dreamers who take Singapore as a theme, a subject, a medium, capturing every bits of current and soon-be-forgotten memories.

Catch a little trailer prepared by them. Do you find these traces of living familiar, close to your heart?