Shoyu Eggs

My attempt with shoyu eggs again with the help of the egg timer. This time round, I manage to maintain the texture, but still a little runny on the inside. I probably need another minute or two to set the eggs more.

Egg Timer from Amazon

The package says that the edge of the egg timer will change color as the water boils.

I’ve used a larger egg, 75gram.

Place the timer and the eggs into a pot of tap water. Add salt so that you can increase the water temperature and de-shell the eggs easily. I also stir the eggs around the pot. Not too sure if this really helps to contain the yolks in the centre of the egg.

Turn off the heat after black edge touches the indicator SOFT level. Let the eggs sit in the pot for a while. The black edge will continue to move to indicator MEDIUM. Then remove the eggs.

Stop the cooking process by running the eggs under tap water.

Wait till the eggs are comfortable to hold, de-shell them. Be really careful because they are still wobbly soft as compared to hard boil eggs.

Put the eggs in a smaller bowl for soaking shoyu sauce overnight. I have a few ugly peel eggs.

Prepare half a bowl of light soya sauce, some salt, sugar, 2 teaspoons of sesame oil and vinegar. Pardon the vague proportion, I usually estimate. You might want to add a little dark soya sauce for color, usually not necessary if you are using good shoyu. I recommend you to spend a little more on shoyu, the egg will taste better and the color will turn out nicer. Dilute mixture with another half bowl of water. Heat the mixture in pan till it boils.

Cool the mixture first before pouring to the eggs. You don’t want to further cook them.

Soak the eggs overnight in fridge with cling wrap. Ideally, you can get a smaller bowl so that the sauce can cover the eggs totally. Else, you’ll have to turn the eggs to ensure that they absorb the shoyu.

These are 1 day later. See that ugly peel egg!

Thaw the eggs to room temperature before serving. It will taste better. Tata~

I guess the next round I will try out a normal size egg (approximately 55 to 60g). Will update again.

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