Vouchers For Lovers

I’ve bought this pack of vouchers, Vouchers for Lovers, from Illuma while shopping with my university friends. These vouchers are not in terms of any monetary values but are activities you can “claim” from your lover.

The 20 vouchers include:

  1. Alone Time
  2. Big Juicy Kiss
  3. Breakfast in Bed
  4. Candlelit Bath
  5. Craving Delivery
  6. Cuddle Session
  7. Date Night
  8. Designated Driver
  9. End to Argument
  10. Errand of Choice
  11. Fantasy of Choice
  12. Foot Massage
  13. Friends Night
  14. Full-Body Massage
  15. Household Chore
  16. Make-Up Session
  17. Movie of Choice
  18. Shower for Two
  19. Sweet Forgiveness
  20. Weekend Getaway

And you gotta read into the terms and conditions, they can be quite funny.

Vouchers for Lovers
How to Redeem
Date & Occasion
Big Juicy Kiss
Craving Delivery
Designated Driver
Foot Massage
Full-Body Massage

I mean love is sometime a LOVE-HATE relationship. If you are having a down time with your love one, sometime you just need things like that to lighten the mood and realign your relationship. 🙂

P/S: When are we washing car, chill out in a bar, jog in the night and climb a mountain?

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  1. Hi I would like to know where you got the vouchers! i have been looking around i saw it in australia before but i cant find it. you got it in illuma which level ?which shop?
    do you know the exact location of it? how much u got it.

    I really appreciate your help kindly reply to my email plzzz…. thanks

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