Orangy Day

I have 2 presentations in a day: web design and designed experiences. Realise I spent too much time on one of them and neglect the latter one.

My group is doing on Disney for designed experiences and I totally don’t know what i am talking about. Tongue tied to the max! 🙁 Kader hides 5 Mickeys in the class, I only took 4 of them.

More work is piling up. Don’t really want to think.

Hidden Mickey 01Hidden Mickey 02Hidden Mickey 03Hidden Mickey 04Orange FoodOrange FoodOrange FoodClass Jumps

Red Red Day

This is my first Designed Experiences class and today’s theme is RED. We have to bring RED food and a RED thing to class. Followed by a RED performance choreographed by our classmates.

Red FoodRed ThingsTesting Handheld GPSRed Performance’s PreparationRed BallonsRed VenueRed PerformanceRed Ending

Missing Module

You are not going to believe what I’ve went through today. I receive an email from my school General Office, telling me that I’m short of 1 module to complete my degree. In all, you are not going to graduate without this missing module.

1 module shouldn’t be much of a problem. But the truth is: I have missed a month long of class, there are limited classes to attend and I have the heavy load FYP. Haiz…

I’m glad that I am accepted by one of my professor. It’s really a lending hand to the helpless me.

[P/S: I am going to be in same class as Kader again. Fun babe!]

Cuttlefish Bone Molding & Casting Extravaganza

My school has this jewellery casting workshop on Saturday. The jewellery is cast from cuttlefish bones.

Here is how we do it.

DSC09415Cuttlefish bones.

DSC09436Trim off the edges of the bones as they curl inwards.

DSC09448Cuttlefish bone has a contour. Locate the highest point and saw the bone into 2 pieces.

DSC09451Sand the bones in circular motion to achieve a fair bit of flat surface.

DSC09453Flat surface.

DSC09458Find yourself a small object to cast the mold.

DSC09462As cuttlefish bone is really soft, you can pressing your object in. If it doesn’t leave enough impression (depth), do carve a little of the material out. I’ve to slit small lines so that the molten silver can reach the tiny detailed ends.

DSC09466As I am doing a single side casting, I’ll just need to brush the other piece of bone with dry brushes to create air vents. Jewelleries with such wavy patterns  denote that they are cast from cuttlefish bones.

DSC09468Cut openings on both sides to allow molten silver to flow in. Secure the mold with masking tape.

DSC09439The torching equipments.

DSC09471Secure your mold.

DSC09442Torch the silver in ceramic bowl.

DSC09445Pour the molten silver into the mold’s opening. Keep the mold upright.

DSC09485Observe the mold through the red button. The mold is ready to take it apart only when the button turns grey.

DSC09486The button has turned grey but it’s still hot. Remove the mold and cool it in water.

DSC09495My burnt mold. Only for 1 time casting.

DSC09489Saw away the excess and button.

DSC09491My casting before restoring the shines.

DSC09492Casting back, that wavy lines by the air vents.

DSC09490My casting weighs 2.8 grams. And I’ve to pay for the material used.

DSC09496Shiny silver after a water bathe in alum (alkaline).

It isn’t an easy process actually, very much of these are assisted by the instructors who are present. Especially when designing the cast, you’ll need to plan. One of the considerations to make design feasible is to consider if the molten silver can flow into the corners and turns. After all, the molten silver is not like the runny water, it’s much thicker.

First Korean Quiz

To prepare for my first Korean quiz on Wednesday, I practise damn hard like a kid. I memorise, write and rewrite, try pronouncing them over and over again. I give myself spelling test and even download the pronunciation into my mp3 player.

IMG_0002From a lot of mistakes

IMG_0001To almost perfect

It’s seems easy after the test. There are 3 sections to the paper. First section, given the pictures, you need to match the helping words respectively. Second section, cross the odd one out. Imagine you are give 4 words describing something (apple, pear, farmer, grapes), you have to cross the odd one out from the listing. Last section comprises 2 parts: dictation and knowing the translation. For the first few questions, my teacher will read it out, you just need to write them down. Next few questions are given the English translation, you will need to write the Korean equivalent.

I shall post my result next week.

My First FYP Presentation

Being the final year, I thought i should be documenting as much as i can about my school life.

My first presentation to pitch my idea for the FYP project. I think i’ve said something wrongly, that cause some of the confusion. I should have make my more straightforward. But anyway, we had some fun out there in the audience area.

P1010057My Turn To Present

P1010029Lam, Alvin, Me & Lincoln’s Fingers

P1010031Alvin & Ponyo Ponyo

DSC09223My Hand

DSC09225Shu Hui’s Hand

DSC09218Karen’s Hand

DSC09234Shu Hui In DS

DSC09235Karen In DS

DSC09246Me In DS