First Korean Quiz

To prepare for my first Korean quiz on Wednesday, I practise damn hard like a kid. I memorise, write and rewrite, try pronouncing them over and over again. I give myself spelling test and even download the pronunciation into my mp3 player.

IMG_0002From a lot of mistakes

IMG_0001To almost perfect

It’s seems easy after the test. There are 3 sections to the paper. First section, given the pictures, you need to match the helping words respectively. Second section, cross the odd one out. Imagine you are give 4 words describing something (apple, pear, farmer, grapes), you have to cross the odd one out from the listing. Last section comprises 2 parts: dictation and knowing the translation. For the first few questions, my teacher will read it out, you just need to write them down. Next few questions are given the English translation, you will need to write the Korean equivalent.

I shall post my result next week.