These few days sibei jialiat. The moment I finished my lunch I feel like sleeping. So sometimes I do hide inside the toilet to sleep awhile.

I have a very very talkative lady boss – Jennifer. She is so much hyper than youngster like me. Laugh also very loud, talk also like bullet train, super humorous. Everytime keep telling Fanny and me where can locate the best desserts, prawn mee and all kinds of food. Like that how do I go on diet? Pengz…

The other angmo boss is Peter. He looks quite stern but funny as well. We have something like the command prompt thing in the office as well. So Fanny asked me to try on Peter’s system to checked whether did the message prompt get rebounced back. I do as she said so. I typed “Testing”. He replied “Tested”. Super funny one… Buai tahan. Then every morning I also go make coffee for the Peter. Then take this opportunity to play with the coffee-making machine. Created those foam (like you see in the cappuccino) with milk.

Then Fanny going Japan next week. Sian~ Wonder who do I eat with during lunch. Maybe Aileen and Catherine bah~ Aileen resembles my Chinese teacher in secondary school. But she very 38 one. Feel more comfortable with her especially. As for Catherine, she is giving birth the end of the October. Heez~

Later go do medical checkup. Can eat snake and go home slightly earlier. Then yesterday gave my parents a sum of money. Kinda have the responsiblity of taking care of my parents le. But this is li suo dang ran de lor. Hope my younger sisters will carry out this practice as well (coz i forsee that they wont). Zhen de hen mei you yong… (-.-‘”)

A~ Me developed all the birthdays, chalet, xmas 2003, steamboat and backpack photos. Altogether a total of 266 pix. Roughly cost me 53 bucks.

Serene got me an offer in Clementi, shop named No.1. Ask me personally if you would like to know the exact location. (^.^) Now they are having promotion for 4R photos at 20 cents each. Rather cheap. Quality wise normal. But steamboat ones look terrible. Wonder is it because i adjusted the treshold too much? All of you look so dark and discoloured. Maybe i would need to redevelop those pieces.

So excited with those pix in hand. Heez~ Need to find albums for them…

I had a heartwarming sunday with my secondary school pals. And i din expect myself to be so excited and cheered up when i meet up with them at the jurong east mrt platform. Last hang out was like half a year ago? Strange enough is though we dun see others so frequently but we always send each other sms and having our comfortable online chats. Endless chatting and catching up even on the train itself.

Reached bugis and headed straight to the guanyin temple. Pray pray then yimei got a chiam telling her to be contented. Well~ Tat shall answer her call for accepting the job. Anyway, good luck for her. Lunch at this tian tian steamboat house. It is located at the back of parco bugis, towards the suntec direction, in the shophouse. Greeted with a sunny boy at the door with great smile. He brightens up my day more. Heez~

Erm… The food wise is definitely not value for money, very little variety to choose from. But there we can order those slightly ‘high class’ ones to go with it, with no extra charges included. But still, we ended up our time with mainly fish and fishcakes stuff. Steamboat served with 2 soupbases: fish head corn soup and tom yam. And then we carry on with our endless table talking again for 2 hours.

I wont go ‘WHAT TO DO NEXT?’ with this click of friends. Everything just came smoothly after we plan the first activity. Bump into another secondary school schoolmate (choon eng) in the ladies. Well~ I heard she married a guy 11 years older and blah blah blah. To yimei, it’s still a doubt why choon eng din inform her tat she is married. The confliction of their good terms in secondary school and the news has seemed to troubled her a little. Personally, friends come and go every minute, every second. I take it veri easy.

I overheard choon eng conversation with chenhui who is waiting outside the restroom. She said “Hello, ni men yi qi chu lai de ah?” (you guys came out together?) Man~ It does mean something to me bah. It’s been a strange acquanitance tat we form the current click. 3 of us had never been in the same class. Yimei is next door, chenhui is a senior to both of us (he and his influential class). All 3 studied different electives. But just because of the sports leader and the saikang thing we did together bonded us. The frequency is definitely there. Another ‘long-run relationship’: 7 years.

Detour to the Esplande and the rooftop, another round of talking. Chenhui sharing his and jennifer story. Touching~ But people do grow frm such experiences. I always had this feeling that they haf lots to share. And i enjoy myself being their audience.I simply love it. You would rarely find the quiet side of me with my polymates. Heez~ Other then my complaints regarding tat WL’s case, i haf none to complain about.

Esplande rooftop closes at 9pm. Last stopped at Pacific Coffee for our last round of catching up. As usual, chenhui is the advisor. He keeps reminding us to open our eyes big big when we are looking for a bf. You never noe what kind of bastard is still surviving in the world. He means us good. Heez~

It strange how one cross another’s life. You could be in the same location, walking the path as one just did. But you never had the chance to bump into one another. Just some random thoughts after knowing yimei hangs ard in marina area the few saturdays when we are out for movies.

We ended our day, bid goodbye at jurong east mrt platform. It will be a long time for us to meet-up again. Meanime, take care pals especially chenui who is serving ns at the month of september. And i will miss you people.

Just finished the show ‘irobot’. I will definitely recommend others to watch it.

Wonder how life is if our daily routine are all computers and robots operated? What happen if all of them malfuction at the same time? I think this show portrays human reliance to these machines, the consequences as well. But i do see the beautiful side of year 2035. Whoa~ Advance technology. Cool cars and cool public transports. The door security entry thru scanning passes, how high tech 1 house can be, blah blah blah… And most importantly, ppl living in year 2035 call a pair of Converse 2004 shoes a retro editon. Man~ I can’t believe this.

Kenny joined us after the movie. Dinner at Taka’s B2 japanese restaurant. Have to eat less heaty food. I went for a second doctor consultation this morning. I had this respiratory pipe infection. Miserable… Cough and cough and cough. Well back to food, this restaurant serve slightly a more affordable price than those at the 4th 5th level. Nice food but we din get our water refilled even we asked for it.

After which is just walking and walking at Orchard. Last stopped at an italian cafe. Each had our smoothies drink. Marvelous drinks~ It’s onli till me and jackey walking towards the Isetan direction, then we spotted a cool drinking place with live band. This guy sang “I don’t wanna miss a thing” by aerosmith. And i’m hooked on it.

Pretty dead days lately~ My nitelife kinda shorten lots and lots. No more late TV programs, no more staying up late online, no more staying up late not sleeping for no reason…

And like the normal white-collars, i’m onli looking forward to the 2 pathetic weekends. The crave for shopping and slacking around have acumulated so much. Saturdays and sundays are holidays for me. Now i understand those white-collar who chiong at nite. Their professionalism and image at work, with the contrast of “havoc-tic” personality at pubs, the split personality thingy. Just like my weekends mood. Blah blah blah~

Nothing much to complain. Too tired to~ Just that i cough so badly lately, that i cant sleep well at nite. Then my dad chased me out of the room because i disturbed their beautiful dreams. So i may have to sleep in the living room for a few nites bah~

I got a big fat dog at home~ He becomes lazier and lazier each day.


For those who dunno him, my big fat dog is called Pipi. He dunno all those fanciful paw-paw tricks a dog should. But if u haf a drumstick, he will call you ‘lau beh’.


Other than eat, sleep and bio zha bor, he does play some ball games. Definition of ball games: No matter what balls, so long as it rolls on floor, he will chase after it. So far so good, he did chase after others’ basketball, soccer ball, kid’s soft toy ball, ping pong ball and tennis ball. And we ended up having lots of balls at home.


But these few days really cannot tahan him. He keeps barking at us just to get food he wants. We haf just replenished his favourite delicacy – papaya and fresh milk. He wasted my effort by pouring the milk in his tray. He sniffs and walk away without hafing a sip. He barks again for the papaya. I purposely cut them up and put them into the milk. I din noe he will do this: he drinks the milk den eat the papaya. Man~ I make him do extra. Haha~ Tml sure LS one~ Hahaha~ Orbi~


But still my sayang at home~ Like a cat like tat… Super pussy. Meow~ Opps!

I’m sick~

Lying in the bed for hours and i hardly can move… Fever 39 degree, cough, shivering, blocked nose and dark yellow phlegm. Doctor said i had the FLU VIRUS.

Have been covering myself with blankets, sweating all over. But the temperature goes up again. Cant eat, cant drink… Man~ I dun even haf a proper meal.

Head is spinning and my medicine makes me so drowsy. I’m gonna sleep again… Buai tahan liao~

Today go out and celebrate Geargina’s birthday… Happy 20th birthday, girl~

Happened to bump into Calvin in the same restaurant and had quite a bit to catch up. Den we eat and we eat and we eat. We had ate at 3 restaurants for the entire meet-up. Finally saw Jackey after 1 month. So tanned and slightly ‘firmer’. Haha~

Start off the topics about the weird stuff in camp. Erm~ Some are quite hair-standing. And we haf complaints frm Serene’s job. Maybe she should haf job-hopped. Guys are still talking about their NS stuff, there is no way we can interrupt. Haha~

Walk all the way down the Orchard Road, it’s so crowded. Went to the food street at the Somerset carpark. Full of people in their queue. Just endless walking until the guys KO at 10pm (official lights off time). We met this DMMT junior, Michelle. She is ever so friendly. She approached us and told us about the attachment she is starting next monday. Think everyone feels the same when u work alone bah~ She gets a little pressurizing by the job scope briefed by the company’s in-charge. But had a quite a good chat with her.

Think onli living in a big environment like school, then you can find true and close friends.