Just finished the show ‘irobot’. I will definitely recommend others to watch it.

Wonder how life is if our daily routine are all computers and robots operated? What happen if all of them malfuction at the same time? I think this show portrays human reliance to these machines, the consequences as well. But i do see the beautiful side of year 2035. Whoa~ Advance technology. Cool cars and cool public transports. The door security entry thru scanning passes, how high tech 1 house can be, blah blah blah… And most importantly, ppl living in year 2035 call a pair of Converse 2004 shoes a retro editon. Man~ I can’t believe this.

Kenny joined us after the movie. Dinner at Taka’s B2 japanese restaurant. Have to eat less heaty food. I went for a second doctor consultation this morning. I had this respiratory pipe infection. Miserable… Cough and cough and cough. Well back to food, this restaurant serve slightly a more affordable price than those at the 4th 5th level. Nice food but we din get our water refilled even we asked for it.

After which is just walking and walking at Orchard. Last stopped at an italian cafe. Each had our smoothies drink. Marvelous drinks~ It’s onli till me and jackey walking towards the Isetan direction, then we spotted a cool drinking place with live band. This guy sang “I don’t wanna miss a thing” by aerosmith. And i’m hooked on it.