Pink Day

For your info, Japanese refer pornography videos as pink tapes, just like we refer them to blue tape.

Pink Food
Pink Food
Strawberry Mashmallow
Pink Pocky
Pink Crackers
Pink Chocolate
Pink Mentos
Pink Classmate
Pink Group Photo

White Day

I skipped my purple day because I don’t have much images. Anyway, white day was a field trip day. We went Osage gallery at Old School.

Osage collaborates with artists around the world, organises themed exhibitions every now and then. The current exhibition is Inventory: New Art From Southeast Asia. Most of the artists works are installation based, some offer video projections.

I particularly like Lure by Tintin Wulia as she has an interesting way to fit her work into the gallery space. Having the sense of space is very important because your work is only complete when it is appropriately presented.

Osage Gallery
Exhibition Theme
Entering Tintin’s Installation
More Passports
Passports In A Machine

Pick Them With Joystick

Passports On The Wall
Me and Passports
Group Photo

Orangy Day

I have 2 presentations in a day: web design and designed experiences. Realise I spent too much time on one of them and neglect the latter one.

My group is doing on Disney for designed experiences and I totally don’t know what i am talking about. Tongue tied to the max! 🙁 Kader hides 5 Mickeys in the class, I only took 4 of them.

More work is piling up. Don’t really want to think.

Hidden Mickey 01Hidden Mickey 02Hidden Mickey 03Hidden Mickey 04Orange FoodOrange FoodOrange FoodClass Jumps

Red Red Day

This is my first Designed Experiences class and today’s theme is RED. We have to bring RED food and a RED thing to class. Followed by a RED performance choreographed by our classmates.

Red FoodRed ThingsTesting Handheld GPSRed Performance’s PreparationRed BallonsRed VenueRed PerformanceRed Ending