Live Life To The Fullest

Working in a familiar environment means several things:

  1. You don’t get people bullying you.
  2. You basically get things right the first time you do them.
  3. Comfortable environment until you know what are the rules to break and what you can’t.
  4. I get to go slightly late each day, but no one made a noise.
  5. MSN messenger is the king~ Who cares if it is illegal?
  6. I spotted and learn from my mistake from the older collaterals done by me. Yucks…
  7. You still see the sick people who never change their working style.
  8. These people and company remind you why you wanted to quit 2 years ago.

But i thought the nicest thing about going to work is to have $$$. I get to meet my beloved friends even more because they are equally bored at work. Hahaha~ Like on Wednesday, I met Bong and Serene at Sushi Teh Holland Village. It is only fixed up like in the afternoon. Friday another impromptu. We drag ourselves awake and chatted to 3am at CCK, despite Suqin KO and wake up in the middle. Then, my dad send all of us home. Just need to catch up with the time lost with friends. We are going to meet soon again right? Heez~

I missed a number of activities: diving, the freeze thingy at Taka and roller blading at runway. Hmm… Try harder next time bah. I need to relearn swimming in this holiday.