Birthday Celebration

Stay over at Lester’s house to do up my illustration. Work late till 3:50am. Yawn~ Wait till around 6:45am, his mum set off and send me back home and send him to Jurong East swimming complex.

Meet up again at noon to go Sitex to get my LCD screen. Next will be a whole new tower. Hmm… Looking forward to it.

Had a belated birhday celebration at The Ricetable, Suntec City. Hmm… 14 turned up including me.

At the end of the day, i was too tired and fall into deep sleep in the car.

Thank you for bringing the Adobe Creative Suite so early for me today. Because i really forgotten. Sorry for all the trouble.

Back To Work

First day of my work back from such a long break is dreading. Hmm… Basically dragging myself out of the bed. A little pissed off because my table is untidy. People just stack stuff up on my table, flipped my in-tray and my drawer. Our company doesn’t practise human rights. It is continuous spying, finger-pointing, bootlicking and being calculative. Though i close one eye and ear, but such dramas repeatively happen, every seconds…

This world i live in is freaking cold…

Very busy and tied up with my work. So this week past like a wheeee… Very much dunno how to organise my time, dunno how to put a ‘NO’ to whatever i don’t like. Things just pile up and up my neck.

The Incredibles

Saturday’s orchard is always so crowded. Many came down town to shop for christmas gifts. Time really flies. Christmas is around the corner again…

Have been dehydrated from the trip. So i suggested to buy 1 big carton of orange juice to drink. My bladder does not hold a lot, been running in and out the toilet a lot of times. Craving for the Taiwan Xiao Chi at Far East Plaza. Man~ This branch always have a very long queue. Bump into Zhong Xing at Civic Plaza’s underpass. He seems late for some kind of appointment. Dinner at Taka’s basement 2’s italian restaurant, Pasta Cafe. Food is served fast and the portion is big.

Watched The Incredibles at Marina Square. Before the movie starts, they film a short animation clip by Pixar. Very cute sheep. Recommend others to watched The Incredibles as well. It’s not only about the animation, the characters are cute, the plot is also not bad.

The most memorable moment of the day is rushing to toilet after movie. It took us a big round to get to the nearest toilet. Almost cannot tahan liao.

Lester came to my house on Sunday. Had late lunch at the coffeeshop. Went shopping at Westmall, bump into Bernard and his girlfriend. Still his usual self, not much changes. Discover there is quite a bit of new shops coming into Westmall. Finally~ Been hunting for a new mobile. Dunno what to get yet. Perhaps still can wait.

Going back to work tomorrow. Sian~ Will be looking forward to weekends again. Heez~

I’m Back

People… I’m back from my holiday.

I’m now totally dark, waiting for my skin to peel again. Shall update you guys about the journey again.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me. Thank you for all your blessed sms-es and some even phonecalls. Thanks you. You people made my day.

Will be leaving Singapore tonight to malaysia with Bong again. We shall be shopping in KL and later to Pangkor Beach for sun and water.

Shall keep you people update again. See ya when i’m back.


Finally~ We are going to have a long weekend break from work. Great~ I’m going to malaysia with Laily. Shall be back on next saturday.

Lester and me had duck noodles at coffeeshop before going to midnight show, Taxi, at Marina. Erm… Not as funny as what you’ll see in the preview. But at certain points, you can really have a great laugh. Haha~

As for today, slacking the whole day at orchard’s street. Hmm… Dun feel much of the festive season in the streets. Lunch at Takashimaya B2 japanese restaurant, Jiyu Gaoka Kiku Zushi Restaurant. Ordered lots and lots of food. Got Unagi Bento, Curry Udon, Kimchi Soup, Tempura, Fried Tofu. Full… Everywhere is packed with people.

Shark Tale

It’s been a long time we meet out as a click – though still not the full click. Anyway, the more the merrier. Johnson just finished his field camp in Tekong. Oh my god~ He has a lot of mosqitoe bites, on his hands and neck. Jackey’s hair grow longer again. Ah bong fairer again.

We catch Shark Tale at Marina Square. Nice show indeed. We have very lively characters and strong vocal casts. Cool~ But you just feel that the movie is too short. Catch a light snack at Secret Receipe before heading back home.

After sending all of them back, Lester showed me where his camp is. It doesn’t look like one, rather a modern school. Later, we tried our way to Jurong Hill again. The other time we din went all the way up because the road is not lited, kinda uncertain where we go to. I’ve got early birthday presents from him. Thank you sweetie~

I’m looking forward to the coming saturday to malaysia again. Yes!!! After my backpack trip, i realised Singapore’s living pace is too tense and fast. With all the tall urban structures all surrounding me, i hardly can breathe.

Freaky Thursday

I decided to guai guai take porridge for yesterday’s lunch. Bought white porridge and packet the ingredient separately, dine-in in the office pantry. Took a few spoonfuls and was too disgusted to find a marrgot inside the porridge. Yucks… I tried all my might to puck everything out to the sink. Unbearable~

I started to pick up the bottle of nuts is sitting on the pantry table. About to pop 1 into my mouth and my colleague stopped me. The nuts are EXPIRED. No wonder i fall sick after that “nuts-eating” day. Duh~ Till then, Fanny told me a lot of our “dearest colleagues” brought food that are on the verge of expiring to the office for sharing. Kao~ So inhuman…

I also tam jia lah… Everything on the table i just grab and eat. Duh~ I won’t dare to next time round.

Dinner with Xing Cai at Suntec’s N.Y.D.C.. He had his last paper and time for him to celebrate. Slack around at the fountain of wealth and esplande before heading home. The food was not right again for today. Baked rice’s standards dropped, and the mushroom chowder at esplande tastes ashy. Arghh… No good food for the whole day. By the time we finished all our craps, we have missed all our last buses and got to take a cab home. Totally tired and drained by then.

My Health Rings Its Alarm

I’m sick today. Sore throat and flu. It could be due to the nuts that i ate yesterday. Ben dan~

Took leave to the neighbourhood doctor. I thought it was the normal consultation and diagnostic procedure. But he started to feel my neck area and asked a lot of questions.

Doctor: Do you feel that your neak area is exceptionally swelling than normal people? Do you feel that it is lumpy at times?

Me: Nope…

Doctor: Maybe you are used to it. Now, swallow your saliva.

(I did what he asked me to a few times…)

Me: It is because my wind pipe is infected?

Doctor: Nope… I think your neck is really bigger than the normal people. Erm… Did you tremble a lot?

Me: Erm… Yes i did. Expecially my hands.

Doctor: Put your hands straight up, open your hands.

(There we started to look at the hands. Little shivering and trembling.)

Doctor: Do you feel your heart beats very fast?

Me: Nope… (But actually i think it does sometimes even at those normal occassions.)

Doctor: How’s was your appetite? Normal? Eat very little? Or eat a lot?

Me: Normal… (Think back… What is normal to me is not normal to him. But to give it a deep thought, i do eat a lot.)

Doctor: Stand on the weighing machine.

Doctor: Hmm… You do gain some weight from the previous record.

Me: But my figures only fluctuates between these number and nothing higher.

(Later, he took my pulse and blood pressure. Everything is normal.)

Doctor: You swallow your saliva again…

So many questions asked and most of them hit ‘Bingo’. He told me some of the questions asked fall within the condition and some doesn’t. But if all fits, then my metabolism is too high. As for behavior wise, i will feel very gan jiong most of the times.

“How does it affects my heath?” I asked. What the doctor say was, I may tend to eat a lot and then still lost weight in the end. If condition gets worst, i will feel very weak, trip and fall very easily. Bascially, he was saying it is not normal, the body shan’t work this way.

He recommends me to take a blood test for this. If tests reflect positive result, i may need to do ultrascan in my neck area.

Well~ Well~ Well~ Maybe it isn’t that bad as described. Eat a lot still will slim down, not bad leh. Hahaha~